Guy Gardner (DC Comics) with the blue jeans, leather jacket and cowboy boots

Guy Gardner

(Universe AZ version)

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


This character exists in Universe AZ, a super-hero setting designed by contributor Azrael for their tabletop role-playing games campaign.

This setting merges various published universes (including DC and Marvel) to build a detailed timeline and continuity.

Thus, you could consider it a fan fiction version of Guy.


  • Real Name: Guy Joseph Gardner.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Mace Gardner (Nightflick, Brother, Undead), Rolly Gardner (Father, Deceased), Peggy Louise Gardner (Mother, Deceased), Joseph (Clone).
  • Group Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps.
  • Base Of Operations: Warriors Bar, Rannpoint Station.
  • Height: 6’0” Weight: 184 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Red


Powers and Abilities

Guy has no powers himself but he wields a Qwardian Power Ring capable of feats limited only by his will.


Just An Average Guy

Guy Gardner was born in Baltimore Maryland, which is now the home of fellow GL Alan Scott and probationary GL Kid Lantern, in 1951.

His childhood was anything but idyllic as he had an abusive, alcoholic father who would beat him regularly (something he shares with Wally West). Guy’s mother would turn a blind eye towards her husband’s abusive behavior most likely out of self-preservation.

His father’s only soft spot was for his older son, Mace. The hero of his school, Mace won many trophies in athletics, particularly (American style) football.

Guy’s only escape and only hero at this point in his life was General Glory, a comic book character whose exploits were (loosely) based on Captain America. He was so enthralled with the General that he habitually had his hair cut in the distinctive bowl cut of General Glory’s sidekick, Ernie.


When the abuse continued into Guy’s early teens, despite Guy being picked as a starter for his school football team, he decided that nothing he ever did would ever be good enough to please his father and he began trying instead to embarrass him by embarking on a life of petty crime.

On one particularly eventful day he made some lewd remarks to a girl during a fire drill at school, stole a car from a parking lot in Rosedale, and barely managed to escape police pursuit. Later at Scotty’s restaurant, the girl’s boyfriend, Joey Stomp, and a couple of his pals beat up Guy, sending him to the emergency ward.

This didn’t change anything for Guy who would repeatedly get in trouble with the law and be taken to juvenile hall. Guy eventually dropped out of high school and left home at 16 [1967].

All of that changed one week after his eighteenth birthday [69]. Guy was caught trying to steal a car, and he would be dealt with as an adult. Instead of taking him to the City Jail however, the arresting officers, took him to the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (his former school) football field. There his brother Mace (now a police officer) was waiting.

Getting Out of Dodge

Guy had screwed up one too many times for Mace. A wisecrack from Guy was answered by a couple of hard hits from Mace. Guy assumed Mace enjoyed hitting him as his father did, but things were different, Mace told Guy to straighten out and get a job.

Mace even gave him some money to start out. He [Mace] was giving Guy a second chance. The arrest never went on the books but Guy was warned that this was the only time it would happen.

Guy got a number of jobs. He soon received his high school equivalency and was able to pay his way to college. He chose to attend the University of Michigan (possibly simply for the distance from his home) enrolling in 1970 and successfully trying out for the Football team (UoM Wolverines).

During his second year at UoM his mother died of lung cancer, despite advances in medicine over the last few decades, Guy soon severed all contact with his father.

Green Lantern Guy Gardner flying on white background

One of his best friends at college was John Henry Irons who would later become the hero known as Steel (III). Guy had something of an adversarial relationship with John’s roommate Tony (Stark). He also absolutely loathed his own roommate, Abner Jenkins, who would later become the villain Beetle and still later the hero Mach One. Interestingly Abner is also from Baltimore.

In his senior year, 1974, he and Irons were starters for the Wolverines, and Guy was the player who scored the game-winning touchdown in the championship game that year, hauling down a 60 yard pass from Irons. Guy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, majoring in Education with a minor in Psychology.

Guy would go home a hero, though no one would meet him at the airport. His brother Mace had been shot five times by a large caliber handgun, and a bullet severed his spine. The worst of the news was still to come.

Nothing Left

The police department’s Internal Affairs Division had been investigating Mace Gardner for shaking down drug peddlers. They had turned up evidence that Mace had been taking in several thousand dollars a week. They determined that the pushers decided they wanted to get rid of Mace and had shot him and left him for dead.

The police department hushed the matter, not wanting the press involved, but Mace was off of the force. A short time later, Mace apparently drowned himself in the river. Guy’s father didn’t have much to live for after Mace’s death. His alcoholism consumed him, and he died soon after.

Guy was drafted by Cleveland to play in the pros but injured his knee in mini-camp. Enraged by his accident, Gardner lost control and tore up the weight room. Realizing he had to channel his aggression or become just like his father he decided to help others who had destroyed their own lives and became a social worker counseling prisoners at a California prison [1975].

One of the first clients Gardner had there was Simon Williams, who was serving time on the embezzlement charges that led him to Baron Zemo’s attention.

Gardner recognized Williams’s misplaced anger as resembling his own and at the time felt he had failed when he was unable to get Simon to give up his anger at Stark (who, coincidentally, Gardner also remembered with some antipathy from their days together at UoM).

However, Williams recalled some of Gardner’s advice as he was making the critical choice to turn on the Masters of Evil, and in later years let Gardner know the difference he had made in Simon’s life.

In Brightest Day

Abin Sur of Ungara, a member of the fabled Green Lantern Corps was mortally wounded in a battle with the creature known as Legion. The Green Lantern crash landed in the Sierra Madres mountain range [1976]. His ring fulfilled its last function: to find a worthy successor.

The emerald energies circled the planet, selecting numerous candidates, narrowing the possibilities by distance, to test pilot Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner.

Due to his slight proximity to the crash site, Hal Jordan was chosen. Prior to his induction to the Green Lantern Corps, Jordan had been involved in an automobile accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. His new life with the Corps made him more sensitive to the responsibilities of his actions. He plead guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 90 days in a state correctional facility [early 77].

While in the prison, Jordan was wrongly suspected of the murder of his cell mate, Jordan’s caseworker was Guy Gardner. The staff would have been surprised to learn about Jordan’s dual life. By day he was one of hundreds of prisoners, by night he was across the galaxy undergoing “Advanced Training” from a Green Lantern named Sinestro with a ring-created hologram in his cell.

Unfortunately, at least one of the prisoners would find out about Jordan’s power ring.

Gardner was able to make a convincing enough argument that it was decided not to place Jordan into solitary confinement until the investigation was completed. Gardner disapproved of Jordan’s new cell mate, “Gentleman” Willie, a “revolving door” criminal.

When Jordan defended Willie from another convict, one that Jordan had put away as Green Lantern, The convict recognized him and realized he could use the power of Jordan’s ring, if he got a hold of it, and planned to use it to stage a mass breakout.

The convicts started a prison-wide riot and Guy Gardner was taken hostage. Their plan had one flaw: Jordan had not been in the prison for two days. Jordan’s absence from his cell was due to an uprising on Sinestro’s homeworld of Korugar. Armed with Khundish weaponry, the populace had driven off the oppressive Sinestro.

Sinestro then convinced Jordan to join him in hiding from the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro planned to use the prison as a refuge from pursuit. The two arrived in the midst of the riot.

One of the inmates held Gardner as a hostage for Hal’s ring. Although the inmate gained the power ring, it was only for a moment. He was easily beaten by Sinestro. The stress had become too much for Gardner, who attacked the defeated prisoner before being pulled off of him by Jordan.

Sinestro wished to wipe the humans’ memories when they were interrupted by a trio of robots wearing modified GL uniforms (virtually identical to Gardner’s later uniform).

Calling themselves The Fists of The Guardians (They were created at the instigation of the minority faction of Guardians that later gave Guy a ring after he emerged from his coma which is why the uniform is a match. The concept would later be scrapped when the Fists were reprogrammed by the Manhunters, which lead to the minority faction’s departure from Oa.)

They placed Sinestro and Jordan under arrest and took them to Oa, the Guardians’ home world, for investigation of the anti-Green Lantern uprising on the planet Korugar.


After the riot Guy decided not to continue as a prison social worker as he believed the job brought out his aggressive nature. He was also somewhat despondent that Simon Williams had used this opportunity to escape the prison, an apparently-irrational choice that convinced Guy his counseling of Simon had been ineffective.

In actuality, Baron Zemo had used the chaos of the riot to free Williams without attracting the direct attention of the authorities upon himself.

Guy Gardner in space with a yellow ring

Life went on for both Gardner and Jordan. In 1977 Guy became a Phys-Ed teacher at a high school in Coast City. The job brought out the best in him, as he was teaching sports to special education kids. Meanwhile Jordan was helping to found the JLA, later in the year Jordan would be summoned back to Oa for further training.

While he was there he learned from the Guardians that Guy had also been deemed worthy to be a Green Lantern. The Guardians had played back the final moments of Abin Sur’s life that were recorded in his (now Jordan’s) ring and found that several people on Earth had been found worthy.

Since Hal had met Guy it was decided that Guy was to be Jordan’s alternate, as such Hal was dispatched to Earth to recruit him.

Gardner had taken his students on a two month cross country field trip. A few miles outside of Coast City, their bus ride was cut short by an earthquake measuring eight points on the Richter scale. The students got off the bus, but one child, Suzy Delancy, was trapped on the ruins of a canyon bridge.

The young girl was scared, and Gardner could not coax her back to safety. He bravely stepped to the edge to pull her back.

His weight was too much for the damaged bridge. The school bus lurched forward, striking Guy in the back. Guy and Suzy would have died but for the timely action of Hal Jordan. Guy was brought to a nearby hospital. His otherwise perfect health was credited for his survival but he would still be bedridden for months.

As a result the Guardians designated another alternate for Jordan. He would train a young Detroit architect by the name of John Stewart.

Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me

It was a few months before Gardner was able to get out of bed. When he was able to he returned to Baltimore although his doctors had wanted him to stay for more therapy. It would be a while longer before he was fully recovered. Visiting a carnival, he met a fortune teller named Kari Limbo.

She told Gardner he would be heir to grandeur involving the color green, she also talked about his brother. Kari told Guy that he (Guy) posessed an iron will, strong moral ethics, and a deep line of fate. Although he stated that he did not believe in fate and fortune, he did ask Limbo out on a date.

The two quickly fell in love. After the carnival had moved on, Guy would travel to meet her on weekends. The two lovers were soon planning their future together. Spending an afternoon in the park, Guy was ready to propose to Kari. On what could have been one of the happiest days of their lives, visions of the future came to them.

In 1978 a trio of heroes appeared after being thrown through a time rift by the super villain known as Extant from somewhere else in the timeline. The three came from different time periods, Vision was pulled from the past, Steel was a future version of John Henry Irons, and there was an armor-clad Guy Gardner from an alternate timeline.

The existence of two Guy Gardners in the same time frame caused them both considerable pain. The future Guy Gardner’s body morphed uncontrollably, and he struck at those around him. This in turn was seen by Coast City’s resident protector, GL Hal Jordan.

He did not recognize the alternate Gardner, believing him to be responsible for the strange peril Coast City was facing which was actually due to something else entirely. The fight was short-lived, as the time rift pulled the three interlopers back into the time stream. With the coming of winter, Kari Limbo returned to the shop she owned in St. Louis, Guy went with her.

Gardner and Limbo were surprised to be visited by Green Lantern. He revealed his identity as Hal Jordan and told Guy how he had almost been chosen by Abin Sur. He asked Guy to fill in for him while he went to Oa for repairs on his Power Ring since the second choice for his alternate, John Stewart, had been reassigned to full duty and given a sector of his own to patrol.

Jordan believed the ring had been damaged in a fight with the Crumbler. Hal gave Guy a Power Ring (presumably the spare had given to Oliver for safekeeping) and told Guy to use his battery which was in his apartment.

On Oa, the Guardians discovered the defect was not with the ring, it was the power battery which had been damaged. Jordan was issued another power battery and warned of possible time distortions from the damaged battery. It was dangerous and should be destroyed upon reaching Earth. Meanwhile Guy Gardner was enjoying the life of Green Lantern.

On a night patrol, he came across the floating eye of Professor Ojo and managed to destroy it. He was proud of his accomplishment and returned to Hal’s apartment to recharge the power ring in private. Returning to Earth, Hal raced to his apartment since his ring indicated that as Guy’s location.

Hal tore down the bedroom wall to reach Guy before he touched the battery, but it was too late. In a blinding flash, Gardner was torn apart by arcs of emerald energy. There was nothing left.

Dead ?

Though it appeared Guy had been completely annihilated, he had actually been thrown into another dimension by the blast. The confusion and damage caused by the exploding battery was only compounded by abuse he received in the dimensions beyond Earth. He could manage glimpses into the real world where he saw Jordan and Kari Limbo falling in love.

On the day of their wedding in 1979, Kari had a vision that someone dear to her was in agony. In a trance, she drew a symbol in the dust that Hal learned represented a dimension beyond the Earth’s, the Phantom Zone. Though it pained her to do so Kari called off the wedding.

Investigating further, Superman was pulled into the zone by a tendril of green energy. Arriving in the Phantom Zone to help Superman, Hal was attacked by power ring generated objects. He was soon face to face with his attacker, Guy Gardner. The alternate Green Lantern wanted Jordan’s death.

He had seen into the real world and watched as Jordan had “stolen” Kari Limbo from him. Guy was used by the wraithlike prisoners of the zone to fight Jordan and Superman. The two heroes were being overwhelmed when Guy suddenly vanished.

Gardner was pulled out of the zone to Qward by Sinestro as a way to hurt Jordan. He was manipulated by Sinestro into thinking that Jordan and Limbo had planned his death in the power battery explosion. His rage grew towards his fellow Green Lantern. Gardner was used as a puppet by Sinestro, his power ring controlled by the villain.

Though Jordan finally did rescue Guy, it was almost too late. Gardner’s brain had been severely damaged and he was left in a persistent coma. The diagnosis for his recovery was far from optimistic. Guy was brought to Mercy Memorial Hospital. Guy remained in a vegetative state for several years.

Deep in his coma, Gardner could still feel the inner call of the Green Lantern Corps to battle against one of their deadliest foes, Krona the renegade Guardian in 1980. The battle would be fought and won in the stars, far from Earth. Yet even this was merely a small taste of the disaster that awaited the Green Lantern Corps.

Many months after the battle with Krona, Hal Jordan resigned from the Green Lantern Corps. He hoped to live the rest of his days as a normal human. The responsibility of Space Sector 2814 was given to John Stewart.

Jordan visited Guy in Mercy Memorial Hospital, wishing the former ring wielder the very best. He pledged to visit Gardner often, as he felt they had a kinship in their experiences as Green Lanterns.

Meanwhile, in the deepest reaches of time and space, matters beyond Earth were coming to a head. The outcome of these events would once more change Guy Gardner’s life. During the beginning of the Crisis in 1985, the splinter group of the Guardians that had designed the Fists decided that a more proactive approach was necessary to counter the growing threat from Qward.

They began to power a secondary Main Battery with their own energy. These six Guardians planned the creation of a small, new Green Lantern Corps. They would use selected individuals to destroy the Anti-Monitor and return order to the stars.

Whatever their guilt for the actions of an ancestor was, they would guard the universe, not until the end “but” until there is no end. They chose Guy Gardner as the first of this new Corps. In the space of days, they brought Gardner from the depths of his coma. Guy awoke for the first time in years.

The Crisis

On Oa, the monitor of Universal Anomalies detected a new power, capable of destroying whole worlds. On Earth, the first effects of the growing Crisis were being felt. Guy Gardner, in an almost
psychotic mental state, left the hospital, determined to find the power he had so long been denied.

The Guardians attempted to warn the Green Lantern Corps of the threat of the Anti-Monitor. They were struck down by a blast from the Central Power Battery. The Anti-Monitor had turned the power of the Central Power Battery against them, working through it’s counterpart on Qward, imprisoning fifteen of them in a stasis beam from which they could not be freed.

On Earth, Guy Gardner started desecrating the burial site of Abin Sur, the predecessor of Hal Jordan, looking for the power ring. He was interrupted by Hal Jordan, who had driven up to Abin Sur’s grave to pay his respects, as he did regularly. The two were blinded by the emerald glow signifying the arrival of a Guardian.

He had come in the hour of the universe’s gravest crisis to recruit Guy into the new Corps the splinter group was building. Gardner was given a customized uniform (Matching that of the Fist of the Guardians robots). Guy was also beginning to show a warped new personality.

After the Crisis had passed the Guardians summoned all the surviving members of the Green Lantern Corps and announced they were leaving for a new universe with their mates, the Zamarons. The Corps was given independence from their sector assignments, they could now patrol the universe as they saw fit. Apros and K’ryssma of the Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard were to protect the last Guardian, Appa Ali Apsa, on Maltus. Hal Jordan and John Stewart were assigned to Earth, the prophesied birthplace of the next race of Guardians.

After the Crisis the minority faction of Guardians had disappeared, along with their new Main Power Battery, it would be several years before their new Corps, called the Darkstars, would appear, and when they did they would wield Red rings. Staying with the GLC Guy was told that, as he had been selected by an Oan, the Guardians would let Guy keep his power ring, provided he met one requirement.

He would have to undergo training on the Guardians’ home world, Maltus. He would work with the Honor Guard and Appa Ali Apsa while rebuilding the world, which was ravaged in the Crisis. He reluctantly agreed, however he soon proved to be almost more trouble than he was worth, complaining about his duties, continually attempting to run away, etc.

Eventually the Corps allowed him to return to Earth where he embarked on his crime-fighting career in earnest (1987).

Finally a Hero

It is unfortunate however that his unbalanced personality caused his actions to be erratic, his behavior brutish, and his personal hygiene atrocious. Still when the chips were down you could always count on Guy to be there laying his life on the line time and again (why else would the JLA keep him around?).

For the next few years Guy protected the Earth and gloried in the power given to him by the ring. He was even accepted into the JLA in 1988, where he formed a friendship with John Walker (then Captain America), though this may have been helped along by John’s own mental damage at the time. He also fell in love with his teammate Icemaiden, though his behavior continually wrecked his chances for a relationship.

All that might have never changed except that Appa Ali Apsa had slipped into insanity and he finally used his powers to grab a number of cities from across the universe and deposited all of them on Oa. Appa’s actions caused the Guardians to return from whatever dimension they had traveled to and after dealing with Appa they decided to stay.

Later conducting a review of Guy’s actions they decided to strip him of his ring (1990). The Guardians also assigned John Stewart to watch over the various cities now on Oa and to maintain the systems needed to provide a livable environment for the cities as Oa had been a largely dead world for many thousands of years.

Left powerless for the first time since he awoke from his coma and with his mind still in shambles Guy tried to continue as a hero but had no success, and was in fact forced to retreat repeatedly.

Finally, forced to hitchhike and ranting to himself, Guy realized that the best way to regain his power was to obtain a Qwardian power ring. After quickly (for Guy) considering and rejecting the thought of going to Qward to obtain a ring he remembered that Sinestro’s ring, which had been confiscated by the Corps before his last trial, was still locked in a vault on Oa.

However that seemed to be the end of his ideas since he couldn’t think of any way to actually get to Oa, he had no ship, his last blow up when Jordan took his ring had barred his access to the League’s headquarters, and there were no commercial flights to Oa at this point in history.

Guy decided that to regain his power he might have to do some questionable things so making his way home he dug out a few items that he had confiscated from villains, things made with advanced or extraterrestrial technology, and went to see an alien black-marketer that he had run across a few times (more or less a superpowered criminal informant) named R‘kin (a Skrull deserter with stunted shape-shifting).

Using the tech that he had and some rather impressive bluffs and intimidation tactics Guy was able to make a deal with R‘kin to obtain a ship. Unfortunately for Guy he didn’t know that R‘kin was very tired of being pushed around by Guy and had decided to double-cross him. The ship R‘kin was supposedly selling to Guy actually belonged to a smuggler from Shi’ar space that was making a delivery to R‘kin.

Through a convoluted series of events Guy was able to come out on top for the first time in a long while and after delivering R‘kin and the smuggler to the JLA, as a nose thumbing, he left Earth and began his trip to Oa.

Realizing a few hours later that the Guardians wouldn’t just let him take Sinestro’s ring he made a side trip and with a little creativity he was able to convince Lobo that the Guardians had insulted the manhood of the “Main Man” and had sent him off to Oa to teach them a lesson.

With Lobo as a distraction he felt sure that he would be able to get to the vault and the ring, and indeed that proved to be the case.

Unknown to Guy he only got the ring because the Guardians decided to let him have it, they were unaware of it’s malevolent programming, but were aware that a great threat was coming and felt Guy might be an asset.


After he got the ring he found that he couldn’t access it’s translator function since it could only communicate in Korugarian but he decided that was a small price to pay for having his power back. He also discovered that charging the ring was somewhat problematic since he needed to expose it to GL’s and their rings or batteries to charge, still he would suffer from occasional power losses.

In 1992 the Darkstars made their presence known in the universe, although adversarial with the GLC they worked towards the same general ends.

The truly interesting part was that unknown to Guy the ring was actually fully capable of understanding him and had its own Qwardian battery to charge with. The reason that it seemed to have power outages and lack the ability to communicate with him was that Sinestro had programmed it to act on it’s own in a manner counter to the purposes of anyone wielding it except for him and to keep it’s battery hidden but with it.

In 1994 there were several events that affected Guy directly, first the Manhunters cloned him, resulting in the twisted villain known only as Joseph. Later in the year the Qwardian Lantern Corp, aka the Weaponeers, alongside the Starkillers (anti-matter Darkstars), and the Star Sapphires, attacked Oa.

The Oans sent out a call for help, a call answered by the Darkstars and the Blue Lantern Corps (anti-matter Star Sapphires). The fighting lasted for weeks and would come to be called the Lantern War. Ultimately the fight was lost, the Oan Battery was destroyed and nearly all GLs lost power, many died, and only one Guardian survived (Ganthet).

Hal Jordan was captured by Weaponeers and taken to the Anti-matter universe, he was believed to have been killed.

After the fall of Oa the Weaponeers and their allies turned their attention to the Darkstars and the BLC, who were forced into defensive positions around their own central Batteries. Only the intervention of Quasar (Mar-Vell) and other heroes (including Guy) was able to turn the tide. Despite this members of the Weaponeers and Starkillers remained on the loose for years.

During the conflict Guy’s evil clone Joseph obtained a Blue Power Ring after killing a BL. In the aftermath John Stewart discovered that he had internalized the power of the ring. John then met with Ganthet who was astonished to discover this about John.

Ganthet quickly calmed and decided that this must be what the prophecy of New Guardians coming from Earth had meant. John then told him about Jade, who had been born with similar powers, and whose father was also a GL.

John and Ganthet travelled to Earth where they spoke to Jade. Jade joined them, John then asked the people, and heroes, of Earth for help to save the Mosaic. This lead to the formation of Justice League Oa, meanwhile Ganthet recruited young Kyle Raynor to wear the single ring he and John had made.

Finally John, Jade, and Ganthet returned to Oa to build a new central battery. Ultimately the Corps would be restored, John, Alan, and Jade would be declared the first of the New Guardians, and in early 2000 Hal Jordan would escape from Qward.

But I Feel Much Better Now

As Guy continued to use the ring his personality became even more erratic because his ring was whispering in his mind to increase his instability, still he continued to operate as a hero and was at Superman’s side when he faced Doomsday in the final days of 1999. In the aftermath of the battle and following his disgrace after backing an imitator as the real Superman Guy decided to leave Earth (end of 2000).

After wandering aimlessly for a few weeks Guy happened to be passing through Coluan space and witnessed an attack on the planet by a Skrullian attack force led by the Super-Skrull. Guy interceded and performed valiantly in the defense of the planet but suffered severe injuries when his ring had a “power outage”. He was rescued by the Coluan defenders and taken to the planets surface for medical treatment.

Once there all the injuries he had suffered were repaired in short order including the damage he had suffered to his brain years before. The people treating Guy also discovered a foreign Alpha-wave pattern projecting itself into his mind and determined that it came from his ring.

Investigating this they discovered the facts about the ring working against Guy and were able to reprogram it to work for him the way it was expected to (by Guy). Meaning that he had full access to all of its functions and it revealed its battery to him.

Since his recovery on Colu Guy has proven to be a new man, with the best elements of his personality restored and his instability cured he has re-dedicated himself to protecting the universe. In the years since he has been restored to membership in the Green Lantern Corps but with the permission of the Guardian, Ganthet, he continues to use his Qwardian ring.

Although Guy has no memories from the years he spent in a coma his ring recorded his memories after he started using it so those memories have been restored to him. He is ashamed of the way he acted during that time and this is the reason that he has decided to not to return to Earth.

In 2007 Guy learned that an extra-dimensional counterpart of Kal El had attacked Earth and the GLC and had killed several lanterns, as well as Icemaiden. Feeling a level of rage that he hadn’t experienced in many years Guy joined Hal’s group of Lanterns in pursuing this “Sovereign”.

Finding that the Sovereign had allied himself with Joseph simply increased his determination to end the threat.

Though the two villains escaped into a galaxy that was off-limits to the GLC (The Viltrumite Galaxy) Guy refused to give up the chase. Leaving his new home on Rannpoint Station Guy joined forces with Vartox of Valeron. Vartox, a Viltrumite hybrid who had turned against their empire, and several new allies formed a team that Guy half-jokingly refers to as the Justice League Interstellar.

Guy is determined to bring Joseph and Tora’s killer to justice and is more that willing to tear down the entire Viltrumite Empire to do so. He and his allies have taken up residence in the Coalition of Planets and are working towards bringing down the empire.


Guy Gardner is a fit, fairly tall, redheaded human. He wears sturdy leather and denim clothing when not in action and his old GL uniform when “working”. He has changed his hairstyle from his old “bowl-cut” to a crew-cut style.


The Guy Gardner of today is a caring brave man who would sacrifice his life without a second thought to save the lowliest peasant on the most backwater planet. He is adored by the children on Rannpoint station and, when he lived there, spent much of his off-time with them, teaching them a variety of things like games, and basic mathematics.


“You implyin’ that I’m some kinda copy of that wimp Jordan ? Why I’m
gonna break you in 16 pieces for that !”

Ontag: “So tell me about her Guy.”
Guy: “I… she… I never met anyone like her and all I did was act like a jerk. I never showed her how I really felt and now there is no way I can.”
Ontag: “Sounds like you loved her.”
Guy: “Yeah, I guess maybe I did. Ah Tora why’d you have to go and die.”
Ontag: “Didn’t you tell me that your ring used to affect your mind ? Sounds to me like it wasn’t your fault how things went.”
Guy: “That isn’t much comfort.”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Guy Gardner

Dex: 07 Str: 04 Bod: 05/12 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 08 Wil: 10 Min: 06 Occupation: Green Lantern
Inf: 08 Aur: 08 Spi: 08 Resources {or Wealth}: 006
Init: 027 HP: 100

Systemic Antidote: 00

Bonuses and Limitations:
Systemic Antidote is only usable to convert any foodstuffs Guy ingests into a perfectly balanced nutritional diet. As a side effect he is unable to get drunk, or high, in most cases. The power is always on, but contingent on the presence of his ring.

Acrobatics: 04, Charisma (Intimidation): 04, Martial Artist: 06, Military Science: 04, Vehicles: 05, Weaponry: 06

Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Extensive HQ (Warriors Bar), Familiarity (Psychology), Scholar (Athletics), Slowed Aging.

Green Lantern Corps (High), Justice League Oa (High), Flash III (High), Justice League America (High), Hal Jordan (Low), Captain America I (Low), Steel III (High), Colu (Low), Adam Strange (Low), Ontag (High), Vartox (High).

Exile: Voluntary (Earth, Guy feels that he has irreparably damaged his reputation on Earth and has decided to live on a space station near the planet Rann), Public Identity, Nemesis (Joseph).


  • QWARDIAN POWER RING [BODY 10 /BODY/ 12 INT 10 Comprehend Languages: 20, Flight: 40, Force Manipulation: 20, Invulnerability: 18, Life Sense: 40, Omni-Power: 10, Recall: 20, Regeneration: 04, Sealed Systems: 16, Skin Armor: 04, Spirit Travel: 50, Drawbacks – Attack Vulnerability (-4cs vs. Green objects or energy), Bonuses and Limitations:
    • The ring’s Body is equal to its wearers Will while it is worn but drops to 4 when taken off.
    • The ring’s APs of Force Manipulation are equal to twice its wearer’s Will.
    • The ring’s APs of Omni-Power are equal to the wearer’s Will.
    • The wearers Body is 12 while wearing the ring.
    • Each active AP of Skin Armor decreases both Force Manipulation and Omni-Power by one AP as long as it is active.
    • Life Sense can only be used to detect Green and Qwardian Lanterns.
    • The ring must be recharged every week (17 APs).]
  • Power Battery: [BODY 25, Energy Absorption: 18, Invisibility: 15, R#02].

Design Notes

After much thought I have changed part of how Power Rings operate in my setting. In line with several list discussions a PRs Force Manipulation and Omni-Power are now Double Linked (FM) & Linked (OP) to the wearers Will. Accordingly Gardner’s Will is now 10 instead of 20. Otherwise the ring still uses my modified 3rd edition setup rather than the setup used for the Iconic Hal Jordan writeup.

By Azrael.

Source of Character: DC Comics.

Helper(s): Roy Cowan, Frank Murdock, Peter S Piispanen, Chris Cottingham.

Writeup completed on the 28th of July, 2011.