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Holly Robinson

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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


Ms. Robinson is a Catwoman supporting cast character. She appeared in the landmark Batman: Year One in 1987, but her role therein was negligible.

It was significantly developed in 1989, in Mindy Newell’s Her Sister’s Keeper. This story was an important step in developing the modern Catwoman, and revisits some Year One events from Catwoman’s point of view.

Holly became a full-featured character during the Brubaker run on Catwoman. This profile was done during that run, circa 2002/2003. Of course, it is now rather old and doesn’t cover important subsequent development.

In the expanded, Brubaker take, Holly has arguably become Catwoman’s best friend and her aide.



  • Real Name: Holly Robinson.
  • Other Aliases: “Holly Go-Nightly”. This street handle is a pun on Audrey Hepburn’s character in classic 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Davey (brother).
  • Group Affiliation: Partner of Catwoman.
  • Base Of Operations: Gotham’s East End.
  • Height: 5’3 ½” Weight: 115 lbs. Age: About 16
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Variable, usually blonde or red.

Powers and Abilities

Until recently, Holly was just a street kid, an ex-junkie and streetwalker. However, Selina Kyle recently decided to give her a killer gift. Namely, several weeks of intensive training with the legendary heavyweight prizefighter and formidable martial artist Ted Grant.

Holly demonstrated great motivation and a certain talent during her training. She’s now a pretty redoubtable and athletic streetfighter. Grant’s care also made her much more centred and confident than she ever was before.

Having lived on the streets for years, Holly is highly connected throughout the East End of Gotham. She’s also pretty good at social engineering.



Holly was raised with her brother Davey in a broken home. Their parents fought all the time. The kids eventually ran away, although they quickly lost contact with each other. At about 12 or 13, Holly found herself on the street. She began turning tricks, working as a junior prostitute.

She was spotted by another prostitute, Selina Kyle, who made her her protégée. Kyle made sure nothing too bad was happening to Robinson, as kids were more likely to attract violent pervs.

Her sister’s keeper

Living in Selina’s apartment, Holly was present during the events that led to Selina’s transformation into Catwoman. The lass also stabbed Bruce Wayne in the thigh as he was patrolling undercover, some time before he became the Batman.

However, whilst Selina was away, Holly was badly beaten by a police captain with well-hidden sexual neuroses. Batman narrowly prevented Catwoman from killing the crooked cop. The two costumed adventurers then arranged for Holly to go to the convent with Sister Magdalene. Magdalene was Selina’s sister, with whom she had recently renewed contact.

(At this point, the previous continuity has Holly ageing to majority, marrying, moving to New Jersey. She is then murdered, with Catwoman avenging her. None of those events are currently in continuity. It was implied that they had been retconned  off-panel  during Zero Hour ).

Leaving the sisters

Holly and Magdalene were best friends. But after about two years Holly left the convent and hit the streets again. This time, the youth became addicted to heroin. She eventually managed to quit when she fell in love with Karon, a slightly older girl who became her girlfriend.

Holly had quit for six months when, lacking a place to sleep, she remembered about an old hideout of Selina. By a freak coincidence, Selina (who though Holly was dead, although in unrevealed circumstances) came back to Gotham the same day. They ran into each other in the flat.

They renewed their friendship, and Selina offered Holly a job. To become her eyes and ears on the streets, since Catwoman had redefined herself as a sort of guardian for the East End of Gotham.

East End girls

This is how Holly witnessed three corrupt cops working for Black Mask murder an undercover cop she had been trailing. She was herself shot in the shoulder, and Catwoman rescued her in the nick of time.

The crooked cops had Holly become the prime suspect for the undercover man’s murder. But Catwoman eventually struck a deal with Detective Crispus Allen, who had the charges dropped when she gave him the corrupt cops.

Holly was also reunited with Maggie Kyle – formerly Sister Margaret. After a crisis of faith, she had left the convent, married, and moved to Gotham. Holly nagged Selina long enough for the Kyle sisters to have a reunion.

But things soon went very, very, very ugly when Black Mask resolved to destroy Selina Kyle. Maggie was tortured and horribly traumatised. Holly was targeted for death and nearly run over by a car. Catwoman ally Slam Bradley body-blocked the kid out of the way at the last second, but was badly wounded by the impact with the car. Holly was left in shock by the attack.

Black Mask never lets go

Another attempt at kidnapping Ms. Robinson worked shortly after. She was hounded down and beaten by a large band of street urchins from Alley Town. However, Catwoman saved her friend from torture. During this fight, Holly was forced to fatally shoot a woman named Sylvia to save Selina’s life. She then watched Selina let Black Mask drop to his death.

All this violence and death devastated Holly, and she was traumatised over having killed Sylvia. Seeing how Maggie’s mind had been destroyed made everything worse. Holly became depressive, suicidal, and nightmares-ridden. She also pushed away her both Selina and her girlfriend Karon, and experienced anxiety attacks when seeing street urchins from Alley Town.

Unable to reach out to her, Karon found narcotics Holly had stolen so she could commit suicide. Terribly distraught, Karon played her only card left and went to Selina. She explained that Holly would kill herself sooner or later, and convinced Catwoman to reach out to her former protégée.

Selina and Holly mended bridges. They had a heavy cathartic moment over the mental scars triggered by Black Mask’s attack, likely saving Holly’s life.

Better Ted than dead

Selina then took her best friend on a long summer road trip, to help Holly unclutter her mind and get over the trauma. She organised several surprises for her. The first was taking her to an isolated farm she owned. This Catwoman hideout was an extremely quiet place far from everything, which she occasionally used to lay low and recuperate.

Ted “Wildcat” Grant was also staying at the farm – Selina had asked him to train Holly. For three weeks, he gave the lass an intensive, exhausting but extremely motivating course in English boxing. He also taught her a form of kick boxing adapted to street fighting, and ran her through heavy physical conditioning and athletics training.

Holly emerged considerably stronger and more confident, in no small parts due to Grant’s gifts as a teacher.

The road trip crossed through Keystone and Opal, and eventually ended in St. Roch. There, Selina took Holly to her long-lost brother, Davey Robinson. Catwoman had had Slam Bradley track him down during the previous weeks. Holly was mentally whole again ; they came back to Gotham.

Warriors, come out and play !

Once in Gotham, Holly went to confront the Alley Town kids. They formerly took their orders from Sylvia, but were now leader-less. Holly told them about Sylvia, then told them she was recruiting them all to work for Catwoman. As per this street gang’s rules, this meant she had to take on all those who refused to follow.

Ms. Robinson outfought every single kid who wanted to challenge her leadership. Having been beaten by a girl, they didn’t insist further.

Holly took the leadership and moved into Sylvia’s big house. She also convinced Karon to move in with her. The couple thus became the bosses (and, in a way, the mums) of the Alley Town street urchins. This network of irregulars now served as Catwoman’s ears and eyes through the East End, much like Holly herself once did.

Catwoman, Jr.

Recently, when Catwoman disappeared for a while and was feared dead, Holly took to wearing the costume herself. That was to maintain the illusion that Catwoman was still around and controlling the East End. When Selina came back, Holly chose not to tell her. She discretely put the costume back in place before Catwoman could notice it missing.


The second illo is when Holly start breaking down after having killed Sylvia. The girl with the glasses in the next-to-last shot is Karon.


When she was 13 Holly was a whiny, insecure kid desperately grasping at Selina. Three years later, she had quite changed. She was still battered and insecure, but could act surprisingly like a well-adjusted teenager despite all the horrors surrounding her.

When she became Catwoman’s sidekick, she was quite happy. She no longer needed to turn tricks, and it was pretty exciting, overall.

Although several incidents were quite horrible and left her badly shaken, her road trip with Selina and Ted Grant’s extraordinary gifts as a teacher helped Holly heal her trauma. It also granted her a lot of confidence in herself.

Wounded by whole

After the road trip Holly had become a bubbly, funny, observant, strong teenager with a great love life, serious responsibilities and a role to play in Catwoman’s extraordinary adventures.

Having been through many horrors and still living a life of danger and crime-fighting, she enjoys simple pleasures to the fullest. She can be childishly enthusiastic about the best things, such as her friendship with the likes of Selina or Slam Bradley.

Holly tends to be a bit prideful, wanting to do things by herself and not live in the shadow of Selina. She’s also superstitious, wasting time on e-mail chain letters and the like.


(Writing to her lover about Selina) : “Did I tell you I have the best best friend in the world ?”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 04 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Seeking Justice
Int: 03 Wil: 03 Min: 03 Occupation: East End Irregular
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 012 HP: 010

Acrobatics: 04, Animal handling (Felines): 03, Artist (Actress): 03, Martial artist: 04, Thief (Stealth): 03, Vehicles (Land): 02, Weaponry (Firearms, knives): 02

Area Knowledge (Gotham City East End), Familiarity (Hotwiring cars), Rich Friend (Selina Kyle).

Street (High), Catwoman (High), Slam Bradley (High), Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Low), Alley Town street urchins (High).

MPI (recovering junkie).

Pre-Ted Holly

Before she was trained by Ted Grant, all of Holly’s stats were 02, except her mental stats which were all a 03.

She also didn’t have any Acrobatics or Martial Artist, and only had 5 HPs.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Catwoman v2 comics.