Ultimate Human Torch (Ultimate Marvel Comics)

Human Torch

(Ultimate version)


So yes, this is a profile for the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) of the Fantastic Four. However, this is specifically for the version featured in the Ultimate Comics imprint of Marvel, which depicted a separate version of Earth. This alternate reality existed from 2000 to 2015.

It wasn’t a bad attempt at modernising the F4 — certainly better than the Heroes Reborn one ! — though it eventually lost steam. For more context about this version of the team, we do suggest that you first read our Ultimate Fantastic Four team profile.



  • Real Name: Johnny Storm.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Franklin Storm (father), Mary Storm (mother), Susan Storm (sister).
  • Group Affiliation: Fantastic Four.
  • Base Of Operations: Baxter Building, New York.
  • Height: 5’10″ Weight: 160lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond

Powers and Abilities

Johnny’s external surface, including his skin, nails, hair, and eyes, is covered with a microscopic layer of transparent fireproofing plates. This makes him fully immune to fire damage. His cells generate plasma jets through clean nuclear fusion, allowing Johnny to emit flame from part or all of his skin, and even to fly.

His flame emission allows him to cover himself with a sheath of flame, which protects him from a certain amount of damage, and which allows him to fly. He can also control flame outside himself, though this has yet to be explained.

Johnny powers this fusion internally. So if he does not consume enough energy to generate new protective cells regularly, he runs the risk of literally burning himself up. This happened when the team travelled to the N-Zone, an older universe with less of the ambient energy that he feeds on.

He gradually got weaker, until he fell into a coma, and his skin turned grey and dried. He was returned to his native dimension before he could die, and soon recovered, shedding the dried surface skin.



(See the Fantastic Four (Ultimate Universe) entry for a general history of the team.)

Johnny was the youngest child of renowned scientists Franklin and Mary Storm. Howbeit, he failed to inherit the genius they shared with his older sister, Sue. Educated through public schooling, Johnny attended high school at P.S. 440, and spent his formative years at the Baxter Building labs.

Despite having access to its high-tech resources, he resisted taking advantage of this opportunity to learn.

When Johnny was still young his mother left them to work on a top-secret project. His father told Sue and Johnny their mother had died in a car crash, even staging a funeral.

Human Torch

Attending Reed Richards’ experiment in Nevada, Johnny was one of those affected when it went awry. Waking up in France, he discovered he could burst into flame with no harm to himself. Taken to the Baxter Building, he was initially freaked out at his abilities until he gained a measure of control over them. Then they became amazing, and he revelled in them.

Ultimate Human Torch catching fire for the first time

Alone among the four, Johnny dreamed of using his powers to be a superhero like the Ultimates. His father, however, insisted he finish high school, and coerced him into attending.

An unfortunate incident with him accidentally flaming on put an end to this, and he switched to home tutoring.


While out on the town, Johnny witnessed a young girl being chased by a strange looking couple with powers. Coming to her aid he was knocked out, but was rescued by the girl and her huge dog. Taking him back to the Baxter Building, she introduced herself as Crystal, and her dog as Lockjaw.

Ultimate Human Torch flaming on

He learned she was a princess of a hidden city of super-powered beings called the Inhumans, and that she was fleeing a forced marriage. She was abducted from the Baxter Building by Inhuman royal guards, and the FF used the teleporting Lockjaw to follow them to Attilan.

With their presence discovered by humanity, the Inhumans destroyed Attilan and left, Crystal voluntarily accompanying them


Following the break up of the team Johnny didn’t want to stay at the Baxter Building. He was taken in by Peter Parker’s aunt, May, becoming part of the extended household that included Gwen Stacy and Bobby Drake (Iceman). To avoid drawing attention on them, his hair was dyed and he took the name Johnny Parker.

Following Peter’s death Johnny stuck with Bobby when mutants were hunted. He became part of the new X-Men, hiding in the sewers under Manhattan.


Impulsive and brash, Johnny rarely stops to think about what he’s doing. He rushes wherever his instincts lead him. During his time with the Fantastic Four he loved the attention being a super hero brought, happily showing off with his powers at every opportunity.

This lost its lustre by the time the team broke up. While he still enjoys the heroics he likes having time away from the limelight.


“I’m nuking little alien guys with big guns ! I don’t know who they are or where they came from or why I’m in Las Vegas ! ROCK !”

Ben: “I was gonna play football.”
Johnny: “Big deal. Couple of months ago you walked up to an underground monster thing and punched its lights out. You telling me that scoring a few goals and winding up at 30 with a bum leg and no front teeth is gonna be more of a rush ? You’re a superhero, Ben. Run with it a while.”

Reed: “You’re trying to make alcohol with something designed to create subatomic particles ?”
Johnny: “We kinda thought that maybe it’d be… quicker ?”

Johnny: “Reed, Reed – Thor’s getting us a keg !”
Reed: “Mr. Stark and I are going to reconfigure a star drive.”
Johnny: “Dude… keg !”
Reed: “Dude. Star drive.”
Johnny: “You’re sick, Reed.”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Human Torch

Dex: 05 Str: 02 Bod: 04 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 03 Wil: 03 Min: 03 Occupation: Super-Hero
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 011 HP: 035

Energy Absorption: 07, Flame Animation: 07, Flame Being: 07, Flame Control: 08, Flame Immunity: 15, Flame Project: 13, Flight: 05, Force Field: 05

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Energy Absorption only works on fire (-2).
  • Flame Being may be used partially (-1).
  • Flight and Force Field are Dependant on Flame Being (-1).

None demonstrated.

None demonstrated.

Fantastic Four (High), Spider-Man (Low), Iceman (High), Kitty Pryde (High), the X-Men (Low).

Public ID, Fatal Vulnerability (When deprived of ambient energy {such as in the N-Zone}, but he only takes 1 AP of damage every hour).

By Gareth Lewis.

Source of Character: Marvel Comics, Ultimate universe (up to UFF #26).

Helper(s): History adapted from Official Handbook of the Marvel Ultimate Universe.