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(Andrea Thomas) (Filmation version)


Isis (named after the ancient Egyptian goddess) is primarily known as the heroine of a 1975-1977 super-hero TV show. Her segment, The Secrets of Isis, was packaged with the Shazam! segment starring this version of Captain Marvel (Billy Batson).

This profile is primarily about her comic book appearances – she had her own 8-issue Isis series in 1976-78. And you know, I never realized how lamentable some of these stories were until I reread them…


  • Real Name: Andrea Thomas.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Viola Thomas (widowed mother).
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: Mid-City in Northern California.


Powers and Abilities

Kanab told Hatshepsut that the amulet would give her power over “all the forces of nature.” The caption in issue #1 says that “she can control minds, animals—nature itself!”

In Shazam! #25, she recalls finding a scroll which read, “With this you shall have the powers of the goddess Isis : powers of the forces of nature, and of the animals ; powers of the mystic regions of the mind !”

The scroll that Andrea recalls finding in Isis #1 says “With this you shall have the powers of the goddess Isis : powers over the forces of nature and of the animals ; powers of the mystical regions of the mind.”

In Isis #4 and #8, a caption reads, “…and the royal sorcerer said, ’You will soar as the falcon soars, run with the speed of gazelles, and command the elements of earth and sky…‘”

Isis only has power over natural forces and can not, for example, affect plastic. Isis, whether as Andrea or Isis, has access to the knowledge of either form. Thus, both forms have Scientist *and* Occultist.



For the sake of completeness, here is a list of what rhyming couplets she uses (not counting Alter Ego changes or the old Zephyr wind lines) :

  • “Currents of air, take my hand, and carry me to the ravaged land.”
  • “Mighty winds that moan and roar, take these serpents to distant shores— And then with one great crash of force, Pull them to the river’s source!”
  • “Hear me, breeze! This mess erase. Put those windows back in place!”
  • “Forces of nature, heed my behest! Put this tormented soul to rest!”
  • “Gravity, reduce your might, Make my landing feather light.”
  • “Oh fire, aid our freedom dash, Turn the door bolt into ash!”
  • “Atoms of iron, this situation mend ; Cause those swords to twist and bend!”
  • “Winds that blow from east and west, aid me in this vital quest!”
  • “Breezes, lift them to solid ground, and set them down safe and sound.”
  • “O ground beneath us all, bury the tumbling wall!”
  • “Timber which was once a tree, Rise and set the young girl free!”
  • “O trees that grow to shade us all, grow taller now and stop the fall!”
  • “O little discs of shining gold, Act to knock the robbers cold!”
  • “Lamppost stand back straight and tall! Loose your grasp and free them all!”
  • “Miss your target, flash of light! You cannot match my amulet’s might !”
  • “Gravity, let your pull be slowed ! Set gently down this precious load!”
  • “Oh blaze that burns and flames and flashes, Reduce yourself to cooling ashes!”
  • “Ancient stones, hear my plea, Travel to where Scarab be!”
  • “Where nothing grew before, save grass, Let there be oaks of mighty mass!”
  • “Scarab’s violent sorcery, hit harmlessly upon the tree!”
  • “Oaks that grew as I did ask, Vanish now! You’ve done your task!”
  • “Pyramid hovering in the air, Descend to become Scarab’s lair!”
  • “Pyramid and prisoner, fly away! Return to Egypt, there to stay!”
  • “Water in the fountain, hear what I say! Rise up now—rise and spray!”
  • “Blustery wind, please come on strong—And push those bricks back where they belong!”
  • “Carrier of flame, shoot forth your fire, And let those flames rise higher and higher!”
  • “Winds that blow over seas and lands, deliver those children into my hands!”
  • “Waters of this lake, like waters of the sea, Rise, twist about, and bring my friend to me!”
  • “Darkened cloud, now heed my call…vanish that the hail will cease to fall!”
  • “Fire that burns, flames that reach high, Cease thy crackling, and promptly die!”
  • “Rains from the heavens, hear my call—Heed my words and cease to fall!”
  • “Rocks and silt, fill that crack…And send the waters spilling back!”
  • “Water ’neath the busy street, Fly upwards now, the man to meet!”
  • “Mighty wins that ruins with ease, Calm thyself and be a breeze!”
  • “Frozen throats that could not speak, Utter now the sounds you seek!”
  • “Air that made the tires inflate, Burst out now so he meets his fate!”
  • “Winnipesaukee, lake so wide, Swirl your waters, this thing to hide!”
  • “Tomahawk of wood and stone, change now your course, leave me alone!”
  • “Arrows made of tree once proud, strike me not as I—” (unfinished)
  • “Bird by me, so small and meek, grab the shaft within your beak!”
  • “Wind, carry me in a swift but gentle breeze, High above the trembling trees!”
  • “Power that is in the air— Lower the cable with utmost care!”
  • “Again I command you, wind, to carry me further still—There is more work to be done and do it I will!”
  • “Gravity and snow, now slow your hectic pace! Stop this destruction! Let there be no more waste!”
  • “Wind, carry me aloft and away; There is one who yet for his crime must pay!”
  • “Zephyr w-winds that blow on high, S-slow my fall so I won’t— die— unnn..”
  • “Case of clothes, in which I hide, Unseen now, fly by my side!”
  • “Mystic place beneath the sand, Rise through space at my command!” (Something drowned out by crackling energy, that reshaped a stone pyramid.)
  • “Power deep within the stone, Return the shape that I have known!”
  • “Ancient sands upon the land, Halt the tank at my command!”
  • “Desert sand, below my feet, Lift me now, the sky to meet!”
  • “Demon cloud of death and pain, Disperse now, as I—” (unfinished)
  • “Mystic places beneath the sand, Rise through space at my command!”
  • “Light and sound, far from here, Permit me now to see and hear!”
  • “Moisture in the trees and grounds, Dry up now and not be found!”
  • “Stop the ooze, I have vowed, Heat from the sun, destroy the cloud!”
  • “Earth that lets the ooze abound, separate now from the ground!”
  • “Roots below the ground so deep, Grow to trees, the woods to keep!”
  • “Snakes that hold, come undone, End the threat, the battle won!”
  • “Snake that holds, I shall not fear, Return to the girl that once was here!”
  • “Ground beneath the boys who fight, Grow softer now and hold them tight!”
  • “Bullets that try to shoot me down, Reverse your course, turn ’round and ’round!”


Though this profile is about the comic book, let’s have the intro sequence of the TV show anyway. It’s short enough.


Appearing in one issue of Shazam! (#25), 8 issues of her own comic, as well as a Golden Book and of course her own TV show, Isis has a long and colorful history.

Hatshepsut, queen of Egypt 3,000 years ago, was the first to receive the power of Isis. The wizard Kanab created a mystic amulet out of thin air and presented it to Hatshepsut. In order to activate the powers of the amulet, Hatshepsut had but to wear it on her forehead and speak the words “Mighty Isis” to activate her Alter Ego, thereby becoming Isis.

She employed her powers for good, saving her subjects from a swarm of crocodiles who would have caused a great famine had they been left unchecked. A would-be assassin by the name of Maha-Skeet discovered her secret, but her guards killed him, though not before he vowed to return and seek vengeance.

However, a common thief stole Hatshepsut’s amulet along with a bunch of other valuable jewelry and buried the treasures in a secret spot to which he returned. Alas, he died before he could return, and the wizard Kanab was unable to duplicate his feat of amulet-creation. So the secret of Isis was lost.

3,000 years later

In the modern day, amateur archeologist Andrea Thomas happened upon the amulet that Hatshepsut had worn, as a voice seemed to beckon her towards it. Holding the amulet, she learns the history of the amulet and of the powers it can bestow. Andrea then decides to leave the archeologist’s dig (which was led by a Professor Savin) and head for home with the powers of Isis.

It seems, however, that Andrea has a firmer grip on the powers of Isis than did Hatshepsut. She doesn’t need to wear the amulet to change into Isis; she needs merely speak the words “Mighty Isis”. In fact, the amulet seems to have disappeared, as only Isis herself wears it.

Furthermore, it seems odd that the thief would have buried a scroll describing how to use the amulet along with the treasures, but such a scroll was found by Andrea.

Isis in action

Back in Mid-City, she helps one of her students (Jim Stacey) in her first public appearance. One of his experiments (performed when school was supposed to be closed) got out of hand and blew up a wall. It also had the effect of causing the mummy of Maha-Skeet to come to life, sensing as it does the presence of Isis. (Maha-Skeet is of course currently in the Mid-City Museum).

After defeating Maha-Skeet (by telling him that she is not the one he seeks, causing him to collapse in a pathetic heap), she fixes all the damage that has been done and cheers up Jim Stacey.

Next, after becoming famous, she helps rescue diplomat Warren Pease from the Bermuda Triangle where time ran wild. Her goal is to help stop a war between the countries of Paranoria [groan] and Meta Culpa [groan]. She then helps student Wendy Farrell learn a “hard lesson” about applying oneself to whatever activity one might undertake, whether that be studying or babysitting.


She then makes her first comic book appearance in Shazam! #25. This story is blatantly a “pilot episode”. Andrea Thomas and Rick Mason watch as their old school is being torn down to make way for a new one. However, her friend Cindy is in the building as the demolition begins.

Cindy is soon trapped and in danger, but Isis saves her. Cindy explains that she followed some suspicious men who managed to get away from her. Cindy tries to invite Rick Mason to a movie, but the science teacher rebuffs her, as Cindy is too young.

Sketch of Isis flying

The suspicious characters return after Isis leaves, and Cindy follows them in Rick’s car. They capture her and put her in a death-trap (causing her to drive over a cliff), but Isis saves her. Isis stops the crooks, and all is well.

Isis tells Cindy the moral of the story: “Seeking danger for its own sake— or to impress others— is never wise! We should each do *what* we can as *well* as we can!”

Isis series

Then, in the first issue of her comic, she has to face the evil magic of the villain known as Scarab. It all starts as Andrea Thomas, Tut, and Andrea’s friends from Mid-City High School (Cindy Lee, Joshua Barnes, and Rick Mason) watch as a pyramid, brought all the way over from Egypt, is set down in the city square.

However, the villainous Scarab chooses this moment to fly out of the pyramid, moving through solid stone. Andrea recalls that Scarab was an evil magician imprisoned three thousand years ago, and thus changes quickly into Isis. Isis saves Andrea’s friends from Scarab’s powers, and Scarab flees in order to come up with a plan to defeat Isis.

He smashes an airplane, thereby forcing Isis to stay behind and save innocent bystanders.

The fights against the Scarab continues

Later, Andrea researches Scarab in pile of magic books that she keeps in her study, when Scarab ambushes her. Scarab had tried to find Isis with his magic powers, but could only find Andrea.

Deciding that she must be a friend of Isis’, he gags her, ties her to a chair, sets fire to her home, and puts a mystic aura around her which will kill instantly anyone with magic powers who touches it! He then leaves for his next rendezvous at the White House.

Andrea manages to attract Tut’s attention so that he will pick at her gag’s knot out of curiosity. This works, and Andrea is able to become Isis, wiping out Scarab’s mystic aura in the process. After putting out the fire, she flies to the White House with Scarab’s pyramid flying beside her.

She then creates saplings where only grass had been and causes them to grow large enough to hide the pyramid. She then lures Scarab into the pyramid, knowing that he would be force to remain in it forever if he did.

Dimension X

In Isis #2, Isis had to deal with “Creatures from Dimension X”. At Mid-City High School, some students of Mr. Mason have stayed late to work on an experiment… one that goes horribly wrong, opening up a hole to another dimension.

Out of that arrives a Creature From Dimension X, which goes on a rampage through the city. Isis scares the Creature with a blast of water, so the Creature runs back to the high school and back into the hole. In the process, the Creature badly injures Roger (one of the students performing the experiment), so Isis rushes him to the hospital.

Gini (the other student) works with science teacher Mr. Mason to recreate the experiment, and this time four Creatures are unleashed. Isis causes the sprinkler system to activate, thereby scaring the Creatures back into the hole, allowing Isis to turn off the device which created the dimension-hole.

Important moral lessons

Later that issue, Isis rescues some children from a boating accident caused by bad weather, before Andrea has to show up at a faculty party. Mr. Barnes and Mr. Mason are there, but Cindy is absent. Andrea learns that the faculty had planned to have a scavenger hunt, but they called it off due to bad weather…but they weren’t able to contact Cindy.

This forces Andrea to switch to Isis to search for Cindy, who is in trouble at the lake around No Man’s Island (this being the same lake Isis rescued the children from). Cindy realizes that she should have known better than to go out in this weather, but she wanted to win the scavenger hunt.

Later, Andrea is able to tell Cindy the lesson to be learned, that winning isn’t everything, and that safety should come first.

Set, part 1

In Isis #3, Isis has to deal with the return of Set, who creates a hailstorm to get her attention. Set, who is far more powerful than Isis, is jealous over the way that modern day humans seem to worship Isis. He decides that Isis must tell her followers to worship him instead. Isis tries to tell him that people don’t really worship her, but he refuses to listen and vanishes.

Later, at school, Andrea has to deal with practical joker Jeffrey Carter, one of her students. However, before she can do much, Set creates a fire to draw her out.

Since Isis has not done what he asked, Set decides to destroy Mid-City by means of a rainstorm, one so powerful that even Isis can not stop it! Andrea returns to school to talk to Jeffrey, just as news arrives that the dam is about to burst! Isis saves the dam, but Set is waiting for her.

Set, part 2

He repeats his demands as some high school children arrive, led by Jeffrey Carter, who throws a cream pie at Isis. The other students laugh, and Set is outraged. Set responds, “These people have no respect for the gods whatsoever! I could never rule here! And I have no desire to, either!” So saying, he vanishes.

Later that issue, Isis saves a man, and then rushes to become Andrea, who is due at Bob Carver’s fund raising party, with the funds to go for his anti-crime campaign. However, when Bob Carter is supposed to give a speech in front of the news media, he finds himself unable to speak, as do all the party-goers, since the punch has been spiked!

Andrea realizes that being unable to speak, she won’t be able to change to Isis! And, as luck would have it, a tornado is headed this way! Andrea manages to choke out the words “Oh Mighty Isis” and flies off to stop the tornado, noting that the punch has no effect on Isis.

She then returns to help the party-goers and stop the punch-spiker, Watkins, who was Bob’s assistant, but who was hired by criminals to stop the anti-crime campaign.

Haunted lake, part 1

In Isis #4, Andrea Thomas, Rick Mason, and Cindy Lee (and Tut) all head out to Wolfeboro, “the oldest summer resort in America”. As they plan to go swimming, a monster in the lake grabs Rick and Cindy. Andrea changes to Isis and frees her friends, though the monster escapes.

Changing back to Andrea, she claims that she ran to get help from Mr. Marra, the caretaker of Crystal Lodge. Marra tells the tale of how the haunted lake, claiming that after a war between the Iroquois and the Chocoruas, the witch doctor of the Iroquois (Mocinnivo) loaded up a canoe with their treasures and sank it (while he was still onboard). His spirit supposedly summons up monsters to guard the treasure.

Zoinks! Jinkies!

Anyway, our three vacationers ride their boat to a different part of the lake, where the encounter what appears to be the Iroquois shaman standing on shore, causing their boat to flip over. Andrea changes to Isis, but the ghostly Indian throws his tomahawk at her. Despite her great powers, Isis is unable to deflect the weapon and she is knocked out briefly.

Is it possible that this ghost is more powerful than even Isis ?

Haunted lake, part 2

While she recuperates, Rick Mason sneaks off and finds some footprints that he trails to a location where he can see the Indian atop the monster, which is now clearly a mechanical device. Hearing Rick’s approach, the Indian enters the monster (it’s a vehicle, too) and causes it to ensnare Rick.

Tut, however, notices and repeats Rick’s words to Andrea, who changes to Isis and tries to save Rick.

The Indian fires an arrow at Isis. While the arrow flies on its slow journey towards Isis, Isis begins a spell to deflect it. However, Rick tells her that the arrow is a fake, not really made of natural elements (and therefore not something that Isis can affect).

Isis then changes her spell, and has Tut grab the arrow in his beak and fly back towards the Indian. “Stunned, her adversary offers no resistance.”

Well, of course. In classic Scooby Doo style, Isis has now captured the ghost of the Indian, just in time for Cindy to arrive with the cops. Isis removes the “ghost”’s rubber mask to reveal that he was really… Mr. Marra!

Marra was seeking the treasure himself and was trying to scare others away while he sought it. ”And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if not for you meddling kids!” Well, okay, he didn’t really say this.

However, the real Mocinnivo’s ghost appears to thank them and then disappears. Later that issue, Isis saves vacationers from an avalanche caused by a careless hunter, who ends up caught in a disaster of his own creation.


In Isis #5, Rick Mason and Andrea Thomas are visiting an observatory, when a scientist notices “a giant space ship—- of alien design !” Andrea sneaks off and changes to Isis, who flies up to the limits of the atmosphere. There, she sees the spaceship, but unfortunately the air is too thin for her to be able to speak, so she is powerless.

The spaceship zaps her, and she plummets, barely able to command the winds to keep her alive. She hits the ground hard and unconscious, causing her to change back to Andrea. Andrea returns to school, only to find that this is to be her last week teaching ! Budget cuts have forced the school board to fire her !

Depressed, Andrea decides to become Isis forever. Thus, Isis teaches Andrea’s class on her last day. However, Isis is a flop as a teacher ; while she knows the science, she is unable to explain the reasons behind things. ”You don’t understand ? Why, it’s just the nature of things !” and “Isnt‘ it enough to accept the workings of the universe without prying into nature’s secrets ?”

Isis realizes that she’s not a good teacher, and is upset that Andrea forced her to do such menial tasks. Therefore, Isis changes back to Andrea.

Back to Egypt

Andrea returns home, packs up all of her belongings, and changes back to Isis. She then flies to Egypt, and causes her original dwelling place (long since buried in sand) to rise to the surface.

As she does this, the alien watcher decides that since the gods have set foot on Earth again that vengeance can be his! He lands and announces that, “I am ATEN! Supreme god of the Sun— GOD of EGYPT and the WORLD !” Clearly a Goa’uld.

He tells his version of historical events, how as an alien he visited Egypt and found worshippers, though they still believed in the old gods who had left long ago. Eventually, he left, leaving behind a signal device to warn if the gods should ever return.

Back on his home planet, Aten was banished for disobeying the Prime Directive . He decided to return to Earth to seek revenge on his homeworld by “invoking the power of the Great Pyramid—from which you derive your power !”

However, he waited until now to be certain that its power still existed, power that only a god could use. She tricks Aten by pretending to destroy the pyramid, when she actually only reshape it temporarily. Thinking the pyramid destroyed, Aten leaves, back to outer space, “forever to do penance for my hate… Farewell—I mourn your lost power !”

Isis decides to remain Isis forever. Meanwhile Rick Mason decides to try to find the missing Andrea, no matter what !

Blob in Egypt

In Isis #6, Isis saves a camel-rider from a terrified tank crew who are trying to escape the Ooze, which dissolves any living thing it meets. She tries to stop it, but it vanishes.

Meanwhile, Rick Mason leaves Mid-City to find Andrea. He heads for Fairfax, Missouri, where Andrea’s mother Violet lives. Meanwhile, Isis finds the guys who were creating the Ooze. She threatens them, and they seem to cooperate (after the Ooze fails to appear), saying that the Ooze project has been ended. Isis, however, plans to keep an eye on them.

Meanwhile, David Munch, spy, is planning to use the Ooze Machine for his own purposes. Isis (spying on the Egyptian criminals) sees them planning to go to the US, so she follows them to Fairfax, Missouri ! What a coincidence !

The villains gather, and recreate the Ooze, but it surrounds the Ooze-making machine. Isis eventually destroys it, but only after it kills its creators. Then, Rick Mason and Violet Thomas appear and question Isis. From her evasive answers, they assume that Isis has kidnapped Andrea.

Constricting cobras are the worst, part 1

In Isis #7, Rick Mason visits the Big City Museum to learn everything he can about Isis, while Isis wonders if she is a goddess or a human, and where her true roots lie. As Rick studies at the museum after hours, he learns of the original Isis of Egypt.

The story he learns begins thousands of years ago, when an evil magician rules with a horrifying power. This was Serpentotep who had control over snakes, in particular constricting cobras (??!). Serpentotep had imprisoned the benevolent wizard who normally protected the people ; however, Isis (in the guise of a servant) was able to visit him.

The wizard could not be freed until Serpenotep was conquered, but he was able to transfer some of his power to a worthy individual, causing the familiar amulet of Isis to appear on her brow. (Yes, this sorta contradicts the earlier origin of the first Isis, but there you go…)

Confronting Serpenotep, Isis was able to free the wizard and together they confined Serpenotep in a (very small) pyramid of stone. For years afterwards, Isis helped those in need, until she died, promising that, “I shall come again— in another form in the far future—to battle evil-doers.”

Constricting cobras are the worst, part 2

Rick then reads of a warning not to speak some forbidden words…so, naturally, he speaks them, causing him to be trapped in Serpenotep’s place, while Serpenotep is free! It’s a sort of Isis dual-identity, actually, as Rick changes into Serpenotep, but now Rick’s face is trapped where Serpenotep’s had been. But now, Serpenotep has gained Rick’s knowledge of the modern world (much as Isis has Andrea’s).

Serpenotep naturally seeks revenge on Isis. He secretly endangers some people, but Isis saves them. He then causes people throughout the city to turn into snakes that he controls.

Isis restores people where she finds them, and the trail leads her to the museum where Serpenotep waits. Seeing him, Isis recalls her previous life, as the first Isis tells her of the danger she now confronts. Isis gains all of the original Isis’occult skill and she blasts Serpenotep, but he is too powerful ; only Isis combined with the wizard can defeat him.

She knows that only the stone pyramid which previously trapped him can hold him, so she flies into the museum, where he has laid a trap, a plastic sarcophagus which suddenly surrounds her. Unable to affect plastic, Isis breaks free by creating a vacuum and blasts Serpenotep again. This time she wins (??!), causing Rick to stand in his place.

However, this is a trick, as Serpenotep is only assuming Rick’s shape ; Rick’s face can still be seen trapped in the pyramid.

Visit scenic Cornovia

In Isis #8, now that Isis has recalled that she is really the reincarnation of the original Isis, clearly recalling her past life in Ancient Egypt and all the acquired mystic skill she once knew, she returns home to become Andrea Thomas once more, allaying her mother’s fears.

However, she does not know that Rick Mason has been possessed by Serpenotep, who is waiting until he can find the perfect way to destroy Isis. As part of his plan, he gets Andrea her job back. (However, since the comic is cancelled with this issue, he never manages to get around to his evil plan, and Rick is never saved…)

Meanwhile, principal Barnes is being bamboozled into accepting a student from the country of “Cornovia”. This student is named Michael Alexander Droman VI, and his parents are supposedly the king and queen of Cornovia…or so Barnes is told by a Mr. Duncan. Duncan claims that Michael must attend school here for the good of international relations, as Michael needs a relatively secret place to grow up.

However, this is all a lie, as we see when the three adults leave and remove protective headgear (some in the form of lead-lined toupees). Barnes introduces Michael to some other students : class president Cindy Lee, vice-president Paul Lawrence, secretary Rennie Roberts, and class treasurer Roger Poindexter.

Left alone with them, Michael acts aloof and snobbish, before finally unleashing his mental powers to cause the other students to fight amongst themselves. Isis shows up and stops them, but nobody is aware that Michael was the cause.

Mutant mind

Later, in class, he forces a football player to want him on the team. Later, in a football game, he uses his powers to force the other players to avoid him. Andrea, watching the whole scene, realizes that he must be using some sort of hypnotic power… but nonetheless, he goes on to become a famous high school football player.

However, the adults who left Michael at the high school are incensed that he is flagrantly using his powers, so they kidnap him.

Dr. Barnes calls the state department to report the kidnapping, only to discover that there is no such place as Cornovia ! (Gee, what a moron, I could have told him that ! But, on the other hand, I would have thought that there was no such place as Paranoria either…)

Andrea switches to Isis and finds the kidnappers (who are wearing lead helmets, since only lead can block Michael’s power). Michael contacts Isis mentally and tells her his origin. Even though there is no such place as Cornovia, Michael *is* a prince…of some other country…that we’re not told the name of.

At the age of five, he realized that he was a mutant, which *naturally* lead to tragedy.

This is the end

His uncle (the Mr. Duncan) figured out how to block Michael’s power. His uncle and parents decided to try to lose Michael in America while taking back their country from the forces that Michael somehow built up. Michael, however, opted to try to become famous in order to get the press on his side.

Isis overcomes Michael’s kidnappers, as his parents show up. They threaten him with a gun, but he easily disarms them.

Isis tries to lecture him, but he takes matters into his own hands, deciding to take them away “to a place where my mind tells me they can cause no harm ! While there, I shall mature, grow and learn ! Worry not— ! Perhaps I shall return…some day…” He then disappears with his parents.

The (Anticlimactic) End, leaving us to wonder just what was the point of this long rambling story…


Portrayed by Joanna Cameron on the TV show, Isis wears a sleeveless white mini dress, brown boots, a tiara containing the magic amulet which is the shape of a circle with cow horns, a golden belt which also features this amulet design, bracelets, and a collar on the top of her dress which is also golden and which also features the amulet design.


Note first that Isis’ adventures are at best only partly about defeating a villain. More important is teaching people proper behavior. One adventure had her teaching a student the values of striving to do well anything that you do. Another had her teach a student the dangers of being impulsive.

Her students love Andrea because of the way that she is able to teach them to enjoy learning. She is the Good Role Model who is always ready to deliver some much-deserved and much-appreciated advice. She helps everyone she meets become a better person.


“Oh, Zephyr winds that blow on high, lift me now that I may fly !”

DC Universe History

Originally living on Earth-S, Isis is a part of the pre-Crisis DC Universe, though she only once interacted with another superhero, Captain Marvel.

Post-Crisis, she could easily be placed in Fawcett City, perhaps as Billy Batson’s teacher. It might be more appropriate, however, to keep her in Mid-City along with all of her supporting cast. E. Nelson Bridwell hypothesized in Isis #1 that the wizard Kanab might actually be Shazam under an assumed name.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 06 Str: 03 Bod: 07 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 06 Wil: 07 Min: 07 Occupation: High School Chemistry Teacher
Inf: 08 Aur: 09 Spi: 11 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 020 HP: 050

Air Control (ML)*: 10, Earth Control (ML)*: 09, Water Control (ML)*: 09, Flame Control (ML)*: 09, Flame Project (ML)*: 07, Magnetic Control (ML)*: 09, Gravity Decrease (ML)*: 09, Deflection (ML)*: 11, Neutralize (ML)*: 11, Animal Control (ML)*: 04, Plant Growth (ML)*: 12, Plant Control (ML)*: 9, Ice Control (ML)*: 09, Weather Control (ML)*: 09, Mind Over Matter (ML): 01, Energy Absorption (ML): 15, Energy Blast (ML): 12, Remote Sensing (ML): 15, Sorcery: 09, Systemic Antidote (ML)*: 09, Invisibility (ML): 05

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • To use any Mystic Linked power or Sorcery, she must speak a rhyming couplet.
  • All of her powers have increased range (+10 APs), but only to keep them active after they have been used on an object. For example, she would have to be within 9 APs of an object in order to use Gravity Decrease on it, but she could then continue to manipulate this object at a range of 19 APs. (I say all of her powers have this bonus, but I only saw her use this once in order to fly a pyramid made of stone all the way to Egypt (while she stayed in the U.S.).)
  • Note that she typically uses Air Control for Flight. Air Control is also often used to mimic Telekinesis, and is never used for direct physical attacks.
  • Deflection (half of Reflection/Deflection) only works on magical attacks.
  • Neutralize can only Neutralize the effects of magic ; for example, it can un-animate an Animated Object if the Animate Object power had a magical source. Likewise, if a spell has turned people into snakes, Neutralize can turn the snakes back into people.
  • Plant Growth is able to create plants out of nothing, as long as there is soil present ; treat the absent plants as having 0 APs of Volume.
  • Invisibility can only be used on inanimate objects (she used it on a suitcase), and is Seriously Marginal, since it does not fit the conception of her powers.
  • Flame Project can project either flame or heat.
  • Systemic Antidote is Usable On Others, with an Area of Effect.
  • Magnetic Control works on non-ferrous metals. Furthermore, the OV addition that Magnetic Control gives her may be used on any natural substance (any substance for which she has a “[Foo] Control” power).
  • Energy Blast and Energy Absorption only work while in the presence of the Great Pyramid. Furthermore, she would lose all of her powers if the Great Pyramid were to be destroyed. Remote Sensing and Sorcery likewise can only be used in her home in Egypt. (This is her “Pyramid Power”). While in Egypt, Isis often has pyramid shapes appearing around her hands when she uses her magic. However, after fighting Serpenotep, Isis has access to the first Isis’s occult knowledge (this is the *second* first Isis, of course). At this time, she would have access to these three powers (Energy Blast, Energy Absorption, and Sorcery), but they are Rarely Used (must spend base costs of power in HPs to use it ; for Sorcery, she only has to spend HPs equal to the power mimicked via Sorcery). Of these three powers, only Energy Blast is seen being used after she meets Serpenotep.

Occultist (Occult Knowledge, Ritual Magic, Identify Artifact): 06, Scientist: 02

Attractive, Scholar (chemistry), Insta-Change, HQ (confined): her home near the Great Pyramid.

Secret ID ; Alter Ego (controllable: must be able to speak. Also, see the notes below).

Tut the talking mynah bird (Note: Tut is more of a real pet than a Pet, but he is occasionally useful, loyal, and brave. However, he is not smart enough to take useful action under most circumstances.) Also, Tut is really Andrea’s pet not Isis’.

Andrea Thomas

Dex: 02 Str: 02 Bod: 02
Int: 05 Wil: 03 Min: 03
Inf: 04 Aur: 04 Spi: 04
Init: 11 HP: 25

Occultist (Occult Knowledge, Ritual Magic, Identify Artifact): 06, Scientist: 02

Scholar (Chemistry, Teaching), Insta-Change.

MPR (wears glasses), Secret ID.

Alter-ego notes:
The first superheroic Isis (Hatshepsut) was unable to change back into Isis after she lost the amulet.

The current Isis does not seem to have this drawback, as she changes to Isis without seeming to have the amulet with her. The other first Isis, however, never transformed at all. To switch to Isis, she says “Mighty Isis” or some variant thereof.

We often don’t see her switch back, but on one occasion she spoke these words: “Gods of ancient time and space, put Andrea Thomas in my place !”

However, on two earlier occasions, she isn’t shown saying anything to change back, and on a third occasion, she strikes her bracelets together (Captain Mar-Vell style) to change to Andrea. Furthermore, in one issue, Isis falls unconscious and changes back into Andrea, while in another, Isis falls unconscious and does not change.

However, in the latter example, Isis used Desperation Recovery, which must make all the difference. That is, if Isis falls unconscious and does not use Desperation Recovery, she will change back into Andrea.

By Sean MacDonald.

Source of Character: DC Comics, though copyrighted and/or trademarked by Filmation (technically, these were “DC-TV” comics). Also, a Golden Book (a “Golden All Star Book”). I would add the TV shows, but I haven’t seen any of these episodes since they were first aired.

Helper(s): Dan.