twilight is a series of supernatural teenage romance novels that started in 2005. It sold remarkably well, leading to a similarly successful adaptation as a movies series, starting in 2008. The driver of the early stories is the attraction of a vampire (Edward Cullen) and a werewolf (Jacob Black) toward an ordinary girl (Bella Swan).

Jacob Black is a member of the Quileute, a native American tribe with members who shape-shift into wolf form when a vampire threat is near.

  • This profile covers Jacob through the twilight movie saga, based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer.
  • This profile includes S P O I L E R S.
  • (The representation of Quileute beliefs is bad enough that they and the Burke Museum had to put up a page explaining the problems  — Ed.)



  • Real Name: Jacob “Jake” Black.
  • Other Aliases: Jacob Wolfe (fake id created by J. Jenks).
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Billy Black (Father), Sarah Black (Mother), Quil Ateara V (Second Cousin), Ephraim Black (great-grandfather, deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: Quileute Nation.
  • Base Of Operations: Quileute Reservation near Forks, Washington.
  • Height: 5’9” Weight: 189 lbs.
  • Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black
  • Other distinguishing features: Jacob has a tribal tattoo on his right shoulder signifying him as a werewolf of the Quileute tribe.

Powers & Abilities

A few lucky members of the Quileute  tribe have the gene allowing them to take on the form of a huge wolf. They call themselves werewolves, though like Edward to vampires the Quileute don’t share many of the traits of folk tales werewolves.

They are never out of control of their own transformation full moon or otherwise. Silver has no special effect on them. I’ll assume neither does wolves bane.

According to Jacob the transformation is actually caused by being near vampires, like a defense mechanism. Once phased a Quileute will maintain full control of their transformation for life.


Jacob grew in strength as he grew closer to maturity. At age 16 his body changed rapidly, gaining muscle mass and generating heat preparing his body for his first phase into wolf form.

The wolves are, in general, faster than the vampires. They generate heat enough to survive freezing temperatures. Their heightened metabolism causes them to require much more food than normal.

All tribe members are mentally linked to one another and may hear each other’s thoughts. There is no effort in this it occurs naturally so much so that members don’t even attempt to prevent it. Members of the “pack” are willingly submissive to the Alpha.

Sam is Alpha in Jacob’s pack, whatever he says goes. It is said that whatever orders he gives get obeyed whether the members want to obey or not. However, in New Moon Sam ordered Embry to stop but he still transformed and went after Bella.

Finally, werewolves have a neutralizing effect on vampire mental powers including Alice’s visions of the future.


Jacob and some werewolfin’ action.


Jacob is the son of Billy Black and a member of the Quileute tribe. He knew Bella as a kid and when she moved back to Forks Jacob seized on the opportunity to re-connect with her.

However, it didn’t take long for Bella to find a boyfriend of the worst kind. A known member of a local vampire coven, Edward Cullen.

He met Bella again at La Push beach and told her about the Cullen’s family secret… well, almost. He told her enough information that she was able to track down the answer on her own. If it was his intention or not, the truth did not scare her away from Edward. She was intrigued by it. Bella began dating Edward.

At prom, Jacob delivered a message to Bella from his grandfather simply saying, “We’ll be watching.” Edward clearly displayed his disdain for Jacob.

New Moon

Jacob’s fondness for Bella grew. He kept up his friendship with her but was hindered by Edward from being anything more. He gave her a dream catcher  for her 18th birthday. Jacob began a thinly veiled rivalry with Edward for Bella’s attention.

When Edward suddenly left, Bella came to Jacob for help with motorcycles and he was extremely happy to help. He even called Bella his girlfriend to others, though he completely denied it in front of her.

As time went by they spent evenings together and eventually, Jacob confessed his love for Bella. She agreed that she liked him too but it was apparent she still longed for Edward.

On a night out at the movies, Jacob again tried to connect with Bella but she was afraid he’d ruin everything. He’d leave her like Edward did or that by accepting him, somehow that would solidify Edward not coming back.

When Michael rejoined them he inexplicably walked into the crossfire. Jacob was ready to send him to the hospital over Bella’s rejection. Suddenly, Jacob realized he was burning up with fever and didn’t feel right. Something was happening to him and he wasn’t sure what.

Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) and Bella on a bike

Jacob missed a lot of school. He was dealing with his first transformation into wolf form. The rest of the tribe took him in and explained what was happening and why. His metabolism spiked and he felt much more energetic and aggressive. During this time Bella visited the reservation to find out what was going on. Jacob angrily ordered her away.

Time passed. Bella was walking the woods again and was threatened by the rogue vampire Laurent. He was seeking revenge for the Cullen’s killing of James, a member of his coven. Jacob and his family chased Laurent, then overpowered and killed him.

Bella came back to the reservation later looking for Jacob. She learned Jacob’s family secret when she witnessed both Embry and Jacob phase to their wolf forms. Jacob began hunting Victoria, the last member of the rogue vampire’s coven, because she threatened Bella.

Bella cliff-dives seeking to see Edward again. Jacob pulls her from the water and revives her. He takes her home but when he’s about to drop her off he smells a vampire nearby. Bella notices Alice’s car and races inside hoping Edward has returned.

Jacob warns her he won’t be able to protect her there because it’s out of his territory. She doesn’t care, when inside Bella finds Alice. Alice explains that Edward believed she had died in the cliff dive and that he intends to kill himself. Jacob begs Bella to stay with him but she refuses.

When Bella and Edward return from Italy, Jacob is waiting. He confronts them both on the road. Bella again rejects him and in his anger he is ready to fight Edward but Bella stops them. She exclaims that if they fight it would only hurt her. Jacob angry and dejected leaves.


Victoria enters the area and the Cullens give chase. Victoria is fast and leaps to the Quileute side of the river and back in an attempt to lose her pursuers. Emmett, in his zeal to catch Victoria, crosses into Quileute territory and is knocked back by Sam allowing Victoria to escape.

Jacob confronts Edward about Sam crossing to Quileute territory then realizes Bella was not told any of it. Bella, angry at Edward for lying goes with Jacob back to the reservation. Jacob explains that others have joined the pack, including Leah Clearwater and her younger brother Seth.

He also explains imprinting to Bella. Sam had imprinted on Emily which broke Leah’s heart and the whole tribe felt her pain.

A new vampire was detected at Bella’s home. Jacob and his tribe began protecting Bella and Charlie to free the Cullens to hunt their enemies, Victoria and this new vampire. In an attempt to win Bella, Jacob forced a kiss on her. Bella was infuriated and punched him spraining her wrist against his face.

Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) working on a motorbike chassis

At graduation, Jacob learned from the Cullens of a newborn vampire army that was being created in Seattle. Jacob and his pack promised to aid the Cullens in protecting Bella and defeating the newborn army.

Victoria’s vampire army was coming to Forks. Vampire and Werewolf trained together and learned how to fight them from Jasper who had lots of experience with newborns.

When the newborn army arrived, the plan was simple. Lure them into a field where Jasper thought they would be at a disadvantage. With the surprise of the wolves, the Cullens would have the advantage. To sweeten the pot, Bella spread her blood around on trees and rocks.

It would drive the newborns wild and further hinder their fighting ability. Bella was taken to a campsite far up the mountain by Jacob, because he would hide her scent. Edward and Jacob would stay with her there to protect her.

The cold weather proved to be difficult at the height they chose for their camp. Edward grudgingly agreed to Jacob cuddling with Bella to keep her from freezing.

On the day of the battle, Edward talked to Bella of their plans for marriage so Jacob would overhear. Jacob, in a rage, decided it’s better to get himself killed fighting the newborn vampire army.

Bella begged Jacob not to go then kissed him in an attempt to change his mind. It worked and gave Jacob hope that he could win Bella’s heart. The battle with the newborn vampires was quick and descisive. No losses on the side of the Cullens and Quileute and all of the newborns were killed.

Jacob was the only injury. He had the bones on the right side his body crushed. Later, Jacob was recovering from his wounds. Bella confessed that she did love him but it wouldn’t change anything.

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Jacob received an invitation to Bella’s wedding to Edward. Enraged, Jacob disappeared into the northern wilds of Canada! Jacob arrived after the vows had been exchanged. He wanted to see Bella one last time while she was still human.

He was furious when she told him she wasn’t going to be changed right away, that she would be human for the honeymoon. Jacob was sure Edward would kill her. He had to be taken away by Sam and his pack before Jacob started something they would have to finish.

Jacob kept his distance but when Charlie couldn’t get in touch with Bella he went to the Cullen’s home to get information. He found Bella there well into her pregnancy and in very bad shape. She weighed a mere 75 pounds.

Jacob failed to convince her to give up the child. He stormed out and since the wolves all shared thoughts, the entire pack knew about the abomination growing inside Bella. It must be destroyed! However, Jacob refused and left the pack. Seth and Leah followed.

Leaving the tribe meant the wolves no longer shared thoughts. Jacob warned the Cullens of what would come. Sam and the others surrounded the Cullen’s house and waited for an opportunity. Jacob, Leah, and Seth stood watch and ran perimeter checks for the Cullens.

Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) in wolf form

Though he hated the Cullens Jacob stayed with Bella to keep her safe and did all he could to make her comfortable. To complicate matters further, the child was incompatible with Bella’s body and attacked her from the inside depriving her of any kind of sustenance.

Carlisle gave her human blood to drink and that worked. The baby’s thirst was quenched, it continued to grow.

Alice, Jacob, Edward, and Rosalie were discussing baby names with Bella when the placenta detached unexpectedly. Bella bent down and when she did there was a cracking sound in her back as her spine splintered and she tumbled.

The baby had to be delivered immediately or it would die. Since Carlisle was away, Rosalie began the emergency C-section but Bella’s blood nearly made her attack. She had to be removed from the room.

The baby, Renesmee, was delivered successfully by Edward. Bella however died at that moment. Jacob wanted to kill Edward who was frantically trying to save her. He left the house frustrated and devastated wondering what to do.

When Sam and the others heard Bella was dead they decided it was time to kill the newborn half-vampire and headed for the Cullens. Jacob, angry over Bella’s death, had the same idea and went inside to kill Renesmee himself. However, when he locked eyes with the baby he automatically imprinted on her.

The pack descended on the Cullen’s house and the battle was joined. Outnumber Edward, Alice, and Jasper would have lost but were soon joined by Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett. Then by Seth and Leah and finally Jacob who faced down Sam.

When Edward revealed to everyone that Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee the fighting was done. Whoever a wolf imprints on cannot be harmed. It’s their most absolute law.

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Jacob learned that Bella had survived after all but as a vampire. She returned from hunting and Jacob went to meet her and to see how different she would be. Though he still cared for Bella, once he imprinted on Renesmee he no longer had feelings for Bella.

When Bella learned of the imprinting she wanted to hurt Jacob. What’s wrong with you! Bella knew what imprinting meant and quickly accepted it, but Jacob had to weather the initial storm. Jacob began living with the Cullens full time after that.

The Cullens decided they’d eventually have to lie to Charlie. They’d tell him Bella had died so he could mourn and move on. Then they too would move on, to another area. Carlisle commented that they would come back to the area at another time, perhaps in a few decades. Jacob had to do something; he had to be near Renesmee.

So, Jacob drove to Charlie’s house and told him Bella was alive and at the Cullen’s but that she was different. Then he transformed to his wolf form in front of Charlie revealing his secret.

Jacob returned to the Cullen’s house with Charlie close behind. They would have no choice but to allow him to see Bella. Charlie took it all surprisingly well.

Renesmee continued to grow. Irina, their cousin from Alaska, was coming to visit when she watched Renesmee catching snowflakes with Bella and Jake. She believed Renesmee was an immortal child, a crime by Volturi law, and went immediately to the Volturi with the information. She stood with them against the Cullens.

Alice had a premonition. She sees the Volturi coming for them. Jacob of course would fight for Renesmee if it came to that and his family, the pack would too. As Carlisle’s vampire friends came, more Quileute’s phased.

Bella drove Jake and Renesmee to Charlies and she drove into the city. When she returned she had fake IDs for both Jake and Renesmee. If it came to a fight Jacob would flee taking Renesmee with him and they would “disappear” using the new IDs as cover.

That night, all the vampires along with Jacob and Renesmee gathered around a camp fire and talked of old battles. The next morning they met the Volturi on an empty open snow covered field. Jacob, Sam, and the rest of the pack joined the Cullen’s side. The Volturi still outnumbered them two to one.

Aro read Edwards thoughts by touch and sees the truth, that Renesmee is not an immortal child. Aro then demands to meet Renesmee. She communicates with him through touch and he is astounded by her, a half- immortal. For giving incorrect information, Irina was killed and burned right there. Her Alaskan sisters had to be restrained.

Aro then tried to entice the Cullens to fight by having Jane use her pain ability on Edward. Bella was able to shield all of them from her. Aro reasoned with his followers that even though no crime had been committed Renesmee should still be killed. The unknown. What she will become is more dangerous than a battle with the Cullens and wolves today.

Just then, Alice and Jasper arrive to let Aro know what the future holds for Renesmee as Alice had already seen it. Aro need only touch her hand and he would know what her premonitions have shown about the child… but would it be enough to convince him?

The Quileute tribe

The elders of the tribe make up the Council. There are three of them. Billy Black, Quill’s grandpa and Sue Clearwater, she took over for Harry when he died. The younger tribe members learn of its histories from the council members. These are secret histories and outsiders are not welcome to hear them.

The Quileute tribe has been a small tribe since the beginning, but has always had magic in their blood. Great Spirit warriors, shapeshifters able to transform to the powerful wolf. Enabling the tribe to scare off its enemies and protect itself.

One day the Quileute warriors came across a creature that looked like a man but it was hard like stone and cold as ice. Over time the tribe’s enemies had disappeared but one remained. The Cold ones. The Quileute’s magic awakened when the cold ones are near. The Quileute can sense it feel the threat in their blood.

The tribe consists of at least twenty tribe members. The members with * next to their names are also members of the pack, able to transform into a giant wolf form. There’s Jacob Black*, Quil Ateara V*, Embry Call*, Billy Black, Leah Clearwater*, Sam Uley*, Seth Clearwater*, Harry Clearwater (Deceased), Emily, Sue Clearwater, Quill’s Grandfather, Paul Lahote*, Jared Cameron*, and others*.

There are seven additional wolves present at the end of Breaking Dawn. Bringing the total number of werewolves in the tribe to fifteen.


Jacob has dark hair and features; his skin is sun-tanned as well.

Twilight: Jacob is younger his hair is long, past his shoulders, and pulled straight back. He will usually roll his sleeves up on shirts and sometimes wears a jacket.

New Moon and after: Jacob cuts off his long hair. He gains his pack tattoo on his right shoulder. After he phases his body keeps him warm naturally and so he is often only in shorts. He does still wear jeans and tee-shirt or a button up work-shirt. 


As a Native American of the Quileute tribe in La Push, near Forks, Washington. He goes to school on the reservation. During free time, he enjoys rebuilding automobiles and motorcycles. When it comes to movies Jacob likes action movies and will make approving comments about the violence in those films.

Generally, Jacob is very friendly, playful, carefree and caring. He and his family are very close and he’s in touch with his ancestry.

At age 16, Jacob went through a change that all werewolves of his tribe go through. His personality was altered too. He became more aggressive and more quickly agitated. People around him noticed his body was becoming larger and much stronger.

Jacob is jealous, very into Bella, and hot-headed. Jacob believes Bella loves him but just won’t admit it to herself. Perhaps the reason is that Edward has his “hooks” in her too deep. Jacob is just looking for a reason for his pack to kill the Cullen vampires.

He often mentions the treaty to Edward reminding him that if a member of the Cullen Coven bites a human, the treaty would be void. Jacob wants to kill Edward but wants to be justified in doing so.

In Breaking Dawn part 1, Jacob matures a lot. He comes to the realization that Bella is married, she’s going to have a baby and he has no choice but to accept that. Also by being with the Cullen family so much he comes to realize they are not the monsters he wanted them to be. He actually began enjoying their company.


“I totally rebuilt the engine for ya.”

(Jacob grabs a motorcycle from the back of Bella’s truck)
Bella: “Oh wait, those things are actually really…heavy, so…” (Jacob almost effortlessly lifts it out and sits the bike on the ground) “Jake, you’re like… buff. How did that happen, you’re like 16, I don’t get it.”
Jacob: “Age is just a number baby, what are you like 40 now ?”

(Talking about Sam and his crew)
Jacob: “Embry used to call them hall monitors on steroids. Now look at ’em.”
Bella: “That’s Embry ?”
Jacob: “Yeah.”
Bella: “What happened to him ?”
Jacob: “He missed some school. Now all of a sudden he started following Sam around like a little puppy. Same thing happened with Paul and Jared. Sam keeps giving me this look. Like he’s waiting for me or something.”

“It’s because of him (Edward) right. Look, I know what he did to you. Bella, I would never ever do that. I won’t ever hurt you. I promise. I won’t let you down. You can count on me.”

Jacob: “It’s not you, it’s me. I’m not good. I used to be. A good kid; not anymore. This doesn’t even matter, this is over.”
Bella: “You can’t break up with me.” (Then realizing they were never actually a couple) “I mean… you’re my best friend. You promised me.”
Jacob: “I know, I promised I wouldn’t hurt you Bella, and this is me keeping that promise. Go home and don’t come back or you’re going to get hurt.”

(About being a werewolf)
Bella: “Can’t you just stop.”
Jacob: “It’s not a lifestyle choice, Bella. I was born this way I can’t help it. You’re such a hypocrite ! What, I’m not the right kind of monster for you ?”
Bella: “It’s not what you are, it’s what you do. They (The Cullens) never hurt anybody. You’ve killed people Jake.”
Jacob: “Bella ! We’re not killing anyone.”
Bella: “Then who is ?”
Jacob: “What we’re trying to protect you people from. The only thing we do kill. Vampires.”

“It’s 108 degrees over here.”

(To Bella) – “I will be there until your heart stops beating”.

“Imprinting on someone is like, when you see her, everything changes. All of a sudden it’s not gravity holding you to the planet. It’s her, nothing else matters. You would do anything. Be anything for her.”

Jacob: “Bella, they’re not even alive. It makes me sick. Better you really be dead than one of them.”
Bella: “Can’t believe you said that. Edward was right I shouldn’t have come.”
Jacob: “Bella, come on please, I’m sorry.”

(When told of an advancing vampire army, Jacob agrees to fight.)
Jacob: “Alright, we’re in.”
Bella: “No. You’d get yourselves killed, no way.”
Jacob: “I wasn’t asking for permission.”
Bella: “Edward ?”
Edward: “It means more protection for you.”
Carlisle: “Jacob, do you think Sam would come to some understanding ?”
Jacob: “As long as we get to kill some vampires.”

Jacob: “Since I let Sam be alpha-male, I have to live with the shots he calls.”
Bella: “You say you let Sam be alpha ?”
Jacob: “I didn’t *want* to be in a pack let alone be its leader.”

Bella: “Where have you been ?”
Jacob: “I was in Northern Canada, I think. It’s weird to be back on two legs again.”

(The pack is in wolf form, Sam demands all will help in killing Bella and her unborn vampire/human baby. Jacob resists but Sam is Alpha)
Sam: “You *will* fight with us tonight.”
Jacob: “I will not ! I am the grandson of Ephraim Black ! I am the grandson of a chief ! I wasn’t born to follow you or anyone else !”

(After Bella died on the operating table and Edward was frantically trying to revive her) “I won’t kill you. You deserve to live with this.”

(After Bella was changed)
Bella: “You’re still here ?”
Jacob: “So are you. I didn’t expect you to seem so… you. Except for the creepy eyes.”

(After Bella was changed)
Charlie: “You don’t change into an animal too do you ?”
Jacob: “She wishes she was that awesome.”

Bella: “You imprinted on my daughter !?”
Jacob: “It wasn’t my choice.”
Bella: “She’s a baby !”
Jacob: “It’s not like that. You think Edward would let me live if it was ?”
Edward: “I’m still debating.”
Bella: “I’ve held her once. One time Jacob and already you think that you have some kind of moronic wolfy claim on her ? She’s mine !” (Slams Jacob to the ground, Edward laughs, Leah and Seth arrive in wolf form)
Jacob: “It’s fine, Leah.”
Bella: “You’re going to stay away from her.”
Jacob: “You know I can’t do that.” (Bella punches him in the chest causing him to fly through the air and land roughly)
Esme: “Stop her Edward.”
Edward: “It’s fine. She’s amazing, right ?”
Jacob: “Do you remember how you wanted to be around me three days ago ? That’s gone now right ?”
Bella: “Long gone.”
Jacob: “Because it was her. From the beginning it was Nessie who wanted me there.”
Bella: “Nessie ?! You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness monster ?!”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Jacob “Jake” Black

A 519 points Character

Dex: 04 Str: 05 Bod: 05 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 04 Wil: 05 Min: 05 Occupation: Quileute tribe member
Inf: 04 Aur: 03 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 000
Init: 014 HP: 030

Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: 07, Cold Immunity: 01, Empathy: 05, Extended Hearing: 03, Mind Probe: 05, Regeneration: 04, Telepathy: 11

Bonuses and Limitations:
Empathy, Mind Probe, and Telepathy are always on (-1) and may only be used with members of the Quileute tribe Pack (-1).

Acrobatics: 05, Gadgetry (Build only) (Automobiles, Motorcycles, wood-carving): 05, Medicine (First-Aid)*: 04, Vehicles (Land): 02

Attractive, Insta-change (Jacob does not have to spend the usual full phase to transform into his alter-ego and can do it “on the run”), Schtick (Gratuitous Fan Service (shirtless scene)), Language (Quileute), Lightning Reflexes.

The Quileute Tribe (High), Bella Swan (High).

Age (Young 16), Controllable Alter Ego (Wolf), Minor Irrational Attraction to Renesmee “Nessie” Cullen, Minor Rage, Secret Identity.


Jacob has access to several vehicles in the process of being built, painted, or otherwise repaired.

  • Motorcycle [Body 04, Str: 03, Running: 06, R#2, Cost: 36].
  • Volkswagen Rabbit [Body 06, Str 04, Running 06, R#2, Cost: 48].

Wolf Form

Jacob’s Wolf Form is a huge red wolf — 571 points Character

Dex: 06 Str: 06 Bod: 06 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 04 Wil: 05 Min: 05 Occupation: Tribe member
Inf: 04 Aur: 03 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 000
Init: 016 HP: shared with other form.

Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: 07, Broadcast Empath: 05, Claws: 07, Cold Immunity: 02, Empathy: 05, Extended Hearing: 03, Growth: 03, Mind Probe: 04, Regeneration: 04, Running: 05, Super Hearing: 3, Telepathy: 11, Ultra Vision: 03

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Empathy, Mind Probe, and Telepathy are always on (-1) and may only be used with members of the Quileute tribe Pack (-1).
  • Growth is always on and already factored into above stats (-1).

Thief (Stealth): 04

Lightning Reflexes.

Controllable Alter Ego, Minor Irrational Attraction to Renesmee “Nessie” Cullen, Minor Rage, Miscellaneous (Jacob is unable to speak while in Wolf form), Secret Identity.

Previous Statistics

Jacob’s strength in Twilight was 03 APs he did not have Minor Rage or Minor Irrational Attraction to Bella. Of course, Jacob did not have his Wolf Form until midway through New Moon.

Jacob’s strength was 04 APs until Breaking dawn part 1 where he displayed 05 strength in human form.

Until Breaking dawn part 2 Jacob had a minor irrational attraction to Bella, lost when he imprinted on Renesmee.

By Ethan Roe.

Source of Character: The 2008 film Twilight; 2009 film The Twilight saga: new moon and 2010 film The Twilight saga: eclipse; 2011 and 2012 films The Twilight saga: breaking dawn part 1 and 2, character played by Taylor Lautner.

Helper(s): Animals file (, Wikipedia.

Writeup completed on the 17th of June, 2013.