Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO

Meeyelle Mahr the Jedi Consular

(Profile #1 - Early) (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

The Force Saint.

Jedi Master: “Master Yuon, this is too dangerous. Meeyelle is but an apprentice.”
Master Yuon: “An apprentice who was as strong in the Force at age 4 as I was at 15, my friend.”


The Old Republic is one of the Bioware Star Wars computer RPGs, this one with a not-so-successful MMO format. It is part of the Extended Universe, which is no longer considered canon since 2014.

Its strength is to offer eight distinctive story tracks (one per character class). Here is a version of the Jedi Consular “track”, covering the first 15-ish levels before class specialization kicks in. As such there are S P O I L E R S for Tython.

Since this is a RPG, Meeyelle is but one possible version of the Jedi Consular, who is extensively customisable. Apparently the canonical Jedi Consular is male but heh, whatever.

As often when we present “sample” video game Player Characters , the profile includes additional sections about the game universe.

Technical note

We are still working on a revision of our Star Wars Genre Rules, so the stats used here do not correspond to the current document. They will likely change once said document gets revised.



  • Real Name: Meeyelle Mahr Ra Shrava Nolith Che.
  • Other Aliases: “M’yell”, “Master Yuon’s prodigy”, “Small hunter” (early nickname from Qyzen Fess, since abandoned), “Apple” (nickname from Nekev Nisrok), Herald of the Scorekeeper, the Force Saint.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Master Lunndee (distant cousin), parents (names unrevealed), Lourth (kid brother).
  • Group Affiliation: Jedi order.
  • Base of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 5’7″ Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Eyes: Grey Hair: Brown with red highlights.

It’s not easy being green

Meeyelle Mahr belongs to the Mirialan near-Human species. Though her vivid green skin is the hue most people associate with Mirialans as a species, the range of Mirialan skin tones actually goes from pale yellows to dark greens.

Skin tone and eye colour appear to be the main physical differences between Mirialans and Humans. However, Mirialans reputedly hold better potential when it comes to physical flexibility and agility. They also seem to have a greater percentage of Force-sensitive individuals.

Their homeworld Mirial is said to be cold and lacking in water, resulting in harsh and poor lives for most. The great Jedi mistress Luminara Unduli  is probably the best-known Mirialan in either Star Wars continuity.

Mirialans in the Extended Universe were classified among “near-Human” species. Several “near-Human” races are so biologically similar to baseline Humans they can interbreed with them. Whether it is the case for Mirialans is unrevealed.

But basically Mirialans are Humans with different skin and iris tones, and different histories and cultures.


Powers & Abilities

Meeyelle is simply… better.

She possesses a lengthy list of qualities – such as great intelligence, resolve, focus, speed, dexterity, beauty, endurance, equanimity, perception, courage, charm, etc.. And she has no perceptible shortcoming.

Whenever she does something it looks effortless, graceful and pared down to its fundamental role. She is guided by the Force itself. It’s really annoying.

She received a diverse and solid education emphasising discovery, analytical reasoning, gracious manners, emotional reserve and curiosity.

As a Mirialan from Mirial she has a survival-focused mindset even in the most comfortable circumstances.

As a child raised on Ma’ar Shaddam she knows a lot about weapons and warfare.


Sound effect notwithstanding, Meeyelle is not equipped with a real lightsabre at this stage. She has but a padawan’s training sword.

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - Force saint walking

Click for a larger version.

It is a solid affair resembling a wooden training sword (not unlike a shinai , really), but with a cylindrical “blade” bearing four tubes. When activated these tubes glow like tiny lightsabres. They apparently can burn through materials. The sword also looks robust, and can deliver full-strength blows.

A training sword isn’t going to cut through armor plates like butter. It probably can’t cut through anything due to it large solid core. But it is quite able to kill through blunt trauma and burns.

Training swords can also parry dangerous attacks, including vibro-blades (or at least the crappy models of vibro-blades encountered at low levels). A colleague of Meeyelle on Tython even used a training sword to parry multiple lightsabre blows.

Meeyelle later replaces this with another type of training sword. This one looks like a wooden longsword (a bit like a bokken  mimicking an European broadsword rather than a katana), with two glowing tubes. The tubes are on the flat of the “blade”, giving the impression that it’s actually a different technology. Perhaps it wraps the weapon in an offensive force field of some sort.

(These descriptions are based upon what is seen in-game, in terms of appearance and performance. In the official lore these weapons are simply low-powered lightsabres, which matches neither the appearance nor the performance of SW:TOR training swords).

Meet militant Mirialan midichlorians

Meeyelle Mahr Ra Shrava Nolith Che is phenomenally strong in the Force. She’s quite possibly the strongest of her generation across the entire galaxy. Even as a tween she had more telekinetic oomph than most adult Jedi Knights.

Her main Force-based abilities at this stage include :

  • Telekinetically ramming her foes with a nearby large object, sometimes from behind.
  • Telekinetically bombarding her foes with nearby small objects. This is not as damaging but often forces them on the defensive.
  • Waves of pure telekinetic force knocking back and down multiple enemies before her.
  • Neutralizing an enemy for a short while by telekinetically suspending them in the air. This is usually done so she can concentrate on another opponent, as Meeyelle is highly reluctant to hit a defenceless person.
  • Brief bursts of superhuman speed while sprinting in a straight line.
  • Minor Force leaps, though that’s not something she does much.
  • Force persuasion (the “Jedi Mind Trick”). However, Meeyelle is ethically opposed to this. She has never actually used this technique and likely never will.

The Jedi Order during the Old Republic

Like many Bioware Star Wars role-playing games, SW:TOR takes place thousands of years before the events in the original film trilogy.

It also takes place 300 years *after* the era of the Knights of the Old Republic II (KOTOR2) video game. The KOTOR 2 protagonist was the Jedi Exile, Ms. Surik, mentioned below.

See our sample Republic Trooper profile for more about the historical context.

The Jedi Civil War

As to the Jedi Order, at this point of history, it still lives under the shadow of the Jedi Civil War.  Though it took place centuries before, this total conflict between loyal Jedi and Sith renegades ravaged the galaxy. Furthermore, it left few Jedi or Sith alive.

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - Face closeup side hangar

Click for a larger version.

Albeit to the Jedi the differences between them and the Sith were clear, these flew right over most people’s head. Hence the “Jedi Civil War” monicker.

The Jedi Order might have *never* recovered without the actions of an exiled heroine, the great Meetra Surik. She made it possible for them to rebuild over the following centuries.

However, unbeknownst to them, the Sith Empire was also rebuilding its forces in previously uncharted systems. They did a better job of it than either the slowly decaying Galactic Republic, or the still diminished Jedi Order.

The Great Galactic War

The return of the Sith Empire was called the Great Galactic War. Their invasion of the Republic was generally a success, thanks to their military might and the vast number of Sith warriors they had trained. While the Empire couldn’t conquer the much larger Republic, they were significantly meaner pound-for-pound.

The Empire ended the Great Galactic War with a daring raid on Coruscant, spearheaded by Sith warriors. The capital planet of the Republic was sacked. The Senate there had to sign a peace treaty at gunpoint. This consolidated the Empire’s conquests and gave them time to refresh their strength.

The Jedi Order, on the other hand, didn’t have much strength to refresh. Thousands of Jedi fighters had died during the Great Galactic War. And the Jedi Temple on Coruscant had been demolished by Imperial forces.

Perhaps the worst damage was the loss of credibility. The Jedi Order was seen by many as the root cause for these terrible wars – and as dangerous fanatics.

Return to Tython

Thus, in the wake of the Sacking of Coruscant, the remnants of the Order returned to Tython . Tython is a dangerous, long-lost planet where the Jedi and their predecessors the Je’daii had their roots. It had only been recently rediscovered.

They focused on meditation and on finding and recruiting new padawans. Most survivors of the Great Galactic War served as masters and instructors.

Tython Jedaii statues and Jedi base

Ancient statues on Tython, with the small Jedi starport in the background. Click for a larger version.

Though some Jedi advocated for returning to the Republic, it was obvious that they weren’t entirely wanted there. Furthermore, it was clear that they were in no shape to confront the Sith. Few held any hope that the Sith Empire would stay its hand for more than a decade or two before resuming its offensive.

By this point the Order was under the command of Grand Master Satele Shan. Satele was a celebrated heroine of the entire Great Galactic War – and a member of the famous Shan bloodline .

On the positive side, exploring Tython did lead into new insight into the Force and the ancient history of the Je’daii. Several of the new padawans also turned out to be remarkably adept – with Meeyelle Mahr and Sabra Shulvu being the foremost examples.

History – pre-game

(This section is original material rather than something covered in the game. Thus, it is only one of the possible, imaginary takes on the Jedi Consular Player Character.)

Meeyelle’s parents are part of the N-Varr religious movement, a primarily Mirialan phenomenon.

N-Varr maintains that reality doesn’t exist, as their meditations have revealed incoherences within the nature of the Force. That led their philosophers to the conclusion that the world was but an illusion. N-Varr members usually lead reclusive, almost eremitic lives in small communities.

More specifically, Meeyelle’s parents are part of the F-Varr splinter movement. As F-Varr thinkers see it, this world is indeed not real. But it has a tenuous connection to a “real reality”. The actions taken in the unreal world have ethereal influence over the events in the real world.

Thus, while people in the unreal world are at best ghosts, they can make the real persons in the real world trend toward the Light Side or the Dark Side.

Meeyelle’s mother was somewhat Force-sensitive, and could sense the power of her daughter even two months before term. The proud parents-to-be bragged about it one night. They were unaware that an informer would soon sell the information to the hard-recruiting Jedi Order.

Mirialan shall teach Mirialan

Months later Master Lunndee, a fellow Mirialan, came to discuss with Meeyelle’s parents. Had they been N-Varr such an endeavour would have been obviously fruitless. But the F-Varr respected the Jedi Order. Though they were wary about its… contrasted track record and failures.

The patient Lunndee continued to visit over the next four years. He even discovered that he had distant family ties with Meeyelle’s parents. They agreed to let him give occasional lessons in Force use.

By the time Meeyelle was four, she was strong enough in the Force to levitate her mum – despite her significant mass. Meeyelle’s parents were finally convinced that their girl could blossom into a great Knight if they agreed to let her leave.

As per the informal tradition of Mirialan Jedi masters training Mirialan apprentices, Master Lunndee taught Meeyelle as his youngling. “Youngling” is the term for a child who is too young to be made a padawan.

Ma’ar Shaddam

Meeyelle’s parents wanted her to be raised by Lunndee specifically, without contact with the rest of the Order. Honouring that, Lunndee took the child to his world.

On remote, desolate Ma’ar Shaddam he ran a one-Jedi temple, teaching up to five younglings in the basics. Though such an arrangement was unusual, Master Lunndee was known as a remarkable teacher for little children. Furthermore, he was the only Jedi Master left in this sector. The other two survivors had left for Tython.

Meeyelle also went to school on Ma’ar Shaddam. Due to this planet’s peculiar culture and lead industry, this included courses in weapons-making, starting at age eight.

Excited about all the stories of great Jedi Knights she kept hearing, little Meeyelle took years of classes in vibroblade construction as part of a well-rounded Ma’ar Shaddam education.

During her late teens she befriended Nekev Nisrok, another foreign girl schooled on Ma’ar Shaddam. Though Meeyelle the serene Mirialan and Nekev the brutal Rattataki were as dissimilar as any two girls could be, they somehow became best friends.

Nekev would grow up to become a star bounty huntress (or “gunwitch”, in her lingo).

Road to padawanship

As Meeyelle was growing up, Lunndee became convinced she would be one of the great Jedi of her time. Wary about the strains of mediocrity and conservatism within the Order, he delayed Meeyelle’s departure toward the Temple by several years.

This delay likely saved Meeyelle’s life during the Great Galactic War. The Temple on Coruscant getting devastated by the Sith Empire also tragically bought more time.

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - Qyzen Fess and droids

The Trandoshan is Qyzen Fess. Click for a larger version.

But eventually, Lunndee could delay no longer. Meeyelle was called to Tython. Still, Lunndee ensured that her teacher there would one of his Human friends, Master Yuon Par .

A diplomat and an archaeologist, the middle-aged Par was known for her unorthodox nature, her open mind, and her love for peace and research. She was also reputed for her ability to understand and respect alien cultures, whether living or dead.

When Meeyelle was 18, Master Lunndee bade her farewell. He also gave her some old Jedi robes. And he let her wield the training sword she had built after hours at the school shop.

Her BFF Nekev was also leaving Ma’ar Shaddam. The Rattataki thus had arranged for an undeclared flight to meet contacts of hers on Hutta. Lunndee paid the smuggler, a Cathar named Mytasha Shiv, to extend the trip to Tython to drop Meeyelle there.


Within minutes of landing on Tython, Meeyelle found herself in a crisis. A local species of large anthropophagous brutes, the Flesh Raiders , were storming a training ground for Meeyelle’s fellow younglings.

Without breaking stride, the Mirialan youth calmly intervened. She rescued nine captured and/or wounded apprentices. She also helped rout the Raiders using the Force and her sword.

Furthermore, Meeyelle single-handedly evacuated ancient holographic recordings left on this site by ancient teachers. However one such holocron had already been taken. It contained lessons recorded by Master Rajivari, a Dark Side master from the earliest days of the Jedi Order.

During this battle Meeyelle fought alongside a Miraluka lass called Sabra Shulvu. Shulvu was a phenomenal fighter despite her youth.

The Force is with them

As became evident during the battle, this was a very good day for the Jedi order. Not one but two of the youths about to become padawans were both exceptionally skilled and exceptionally strong in the Force. Meeyelle and Sabra could dominate an actual battle against deadly enemies with but training weapons and no equipment.

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - With Master Bakarn and Master Par

With Master Bakarn  and Master Par.

Master Yuon further sensed that Mahr’s apprenticeship was “guided by the Force”. This is a rare event where the Force steers the apprentice toward dangerous events to let them discover their true strength.

Other Masters were at best dubious about this extraordinary claim. And Yuon was worried about Mahr’s safety. Still, Master Par ditched the curriculum she had planned for Meeyelle. Instead, she helped her intervene in the mounting Flesh Raider crisis.

Against the Flesh Raiders… and the Dark Side

On Tython, Meeyelle fluttered from trouble spot to trouble spot. Given the circumstances many people assumed that she was a padawan, though she was but a youngling.

She saved many more lives and eliminated multiple threats. She also discovered that the guardian of a local Twi’lek  community, a Force-sensitive man, was the one who had stolen the recording of Master Rajivari. He was quickly falling to the Dark Side as a result.

These Twi’leks, calling themselves the Pilgrims, were illegally present on Tython to feel the presence of the Force. This meant that Republic laws prevented the Jedi Order from helping these trespassers.

Since she was technically, sort of, not quite a member of the Order yet, Meeyelle bypassed this restriction. She greatly helped improve the poor relationship between the beleaguered Pilgrims and the aloof Jedi.

Between these tentative contacts and Master Yuon’s archaeological expertise, Meeyelle could track down the corrupted Twi’Lek fighter. She also recovered invaluable documents and artefacts about the teachings and history of Master Rajivari  and his Dark Side apprentices.

Forged in History

In the end she stopped the corrupt Twi’Lek fighter and took him alive. While so doing, she convinced the Pilgrims that their protector had gone mad and needed their help. The Pilgrims thus peacefully left with their defeated defender. They would help him recover from his experience with the Dark Side.

Exploring the secrets of Master Rajivari also allowed her to recover the hilt of the First Blade. It was apparently the first lightsabre ever built. Most later designs were patterned after it.

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - Master Rajivari hologram

After discussing with the Force Ghost of Rajivari, Meeyelle found the Forge . This was a crafting installation where the first lightsabres had been built after the First Blade. This dangerous place is apparently a frequent objective for the last trial of Jedi youths about to become Padawans.

At the Forge, Meeyelle turned the First Blade’s hilt into a working weapon to confront her enemies. She thus rebuilt and wielded in combat a full lightsabre of inestimable historical value while still a youngling.

During these adventures Meeyelle also became a friend of the great Trandoshan hunter Qyzen Fess — see his profile.

Meanwhile, Sabra Shulvu uncovered and stopped the secret master behind the Flesh Raider attacks.

Big lightsabre on her hip

Faced with such deeds, the Jedi Council changed their mind. They agreed with master Yuon that her new apprentice was guided by the Force.

Seeing that Mahr already had a lightsabre anyway, Grand Master Satele Shan  merrily dispensed with the usual procedure. She made Meeyelle the padawan of Master Yuon.

Over the following months Meeyelle became one of Sabra Shulvu’s few friends at the Temple. Padawan Shulvu being more martially adept than the scholarly Master Yuon or even Master Lunndee, she became one of Padawan Mahr’s main instructors. Sabra rebuilt much of Meeyelle’s fighting style, with other great fighters such as Master Din  contributing.

Meeyelle soon evolved toward fighting with a dual-bladed lightsabre (a.k.a. “lightstaff”, “sabrestaff” and others), which worked well with her mastery of the Force. She thus build a second weapon. The First Blade had long since been handed over to Master Yuon for historical study and safekeeping.

The shadows know

Master Yuon encouraged this shift in Meeyelle’s combat training. With the Empire’s conquests, the Order had lost access to many important planets (such as Korriban ). It was thus cut off from many sources of historical research and artefacts.

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - Looking up in golden light

Click for a larger version.

However, with heightened combat training, a lightstaff and historical and archaeological instruction from Master Yuon, Ms. Mahr could become one of the specialists addressing this issue. She could join the rarefied elite of the Jedi Shadows.

(In the game, the Jedi Consular seems to leave Tython very quickly with all the additional training automagically kicking in as they fly to Coruscant. Here I am assuming a more reasonable pacing involving several months of training with the best at the Temple on Tython.)


A young Mirialan female, usually dressed in multi-layered, rugged Jedi robes. She has Hulk-like green skin, and Mirialan facial tattoos.

These traditional tats signal achievements recognised on Mirial, and she has *way* more tattoos than most people her age. They signal her bond with the Force, though it’s mostly people from Mirial who can interpret them.

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - Iconic lightsaber brandishing pose

Meeyelle is one stunning lass. She has perfectly-etched, model-like facial features and striking natural grace. And she makes it look irritatingly effortless, like some vague afterthought she had once. Also, those cheekbones.

She salutes or greets with the traditional Jedi gesture, putting her right hand over her heart and bowing slightly. Meeyelle’s voice is clear, calm and quietly intense.

The Female Jedi Consular is voiced by Athena Karkanis .


Mahr comes across as languid, blissful and serene, as if she were hovering miles above it all. She is smart, polite, helpful, gracious, humble… and yet somewhat ethereal and detached, gliding over life’s difficulties like fog over a lake. A true Jedi despite her youth, she’s untouchable by the travails of strong emotions.

Though many people don’t know about the Force, those who know a little bit tend to react favourably to her. The young Mirialan evokes the very image of a Force Saint in older folk tales. And she is quickly developing a reputation as exactly that.

Jedi do not always react as well, since it all looks too perfect to be true. Many can’t help but feel some jealousy about Meeyelle being apparently a super-special prodigy.

In many ways, Meeyelle acts as a sort of revelator. Those who harbour too many negative emotions will see them flare in her presence, often in the form of jealousy. Nicer persons, one the other hand, will instinctively trust and respect her. Especially if they have traces of Force sensitivity.

Force nun

Meeyelle acts with amazing confidence, poise and calm. She is guided by the Force to a degree that is seldom seen.

Jedi Masters sometimes feel the Force guiding them in dire situations. But in Meeyelle’s case one wonder if she isn’t guided by the Force when picking which cereals to have for breakfast. The universe is her co-pilot, and it flies straight.

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - Power walking away with Qyzen Fess

Click for a larger version.

As a result she can be somewhat cryptic. She occasionally speaks in parables and aphorisms.

Meeyelle was always raised in monastic environments. Though F-Varr is not as fanatically disciplined as N-Varr, they are still intense about their views. Master Lunndee also put a lot emphasis on meditation and detachment even when teaching little kids. Thus, Ms. Mahr has experienced closeness with the Force ever since she was a wee sprog.

Pour moi c’est sûr, elle est d’ailleurs

As a result she never used the “normal” path to interacting with the world. She doesn’t rely on emotions, experience, tribalism, mimetic desire , etc.. Instead she runs on Force-based intuition, the Jedi Code and Force-based ethics of the semi-eremitic F-Varr.

If the expression still makes sense in a Star Wars setting, she comes from a different planet than everybody else. What constitutes life for most is irrelevant to her. And where everybody else sees chaos, travails, frustrations and toil, all that lays before her is a straight and luminescent road she glides over.


“Master Yuon is my teacher. It isn’t my place to question her.”

“The path may not always be clear. But that does not mean that there is no path.”

(To terrified nearby civilians, as she regally enters a raging firefight with but a training sword) “All will be well.”

Meeyelle Jedi Consular - Star Wars Old Republic MMO - With Qyzen Fess in blue light

Click for a larger version.

“There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.”

“The Jedi Order defends peace. Not freedom.” (beat) “But is is also our duty to protect the Republic.”

Jedi instructor: “Youngling, the qualifying time for this test of Force perception is seven seconds. We’ll start when you’re ready.”
Meeyelle: “Four point two seconds.”
Instructor (looks at her in puzzlement, then chuckles): “You see the future, youngling ?”
Meeyelle (smiles politely, then completes the test in 4.2 seconds).

DC Universe History

Since the Jedi Consular is presented in-game as a Very Special Prodigy, Meeyelle would likely also have a munchkinny  position in the DC Universe.

Given her style, she could be the one special snowflake who dual-wields a green power ring and a blue power ring. Sinestro would totally hate her.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Meeyelle Mahr

Dex: 04 Str: 02 Bod: 04 Motivation: Uphold Good
Int: 06 Wil: 05 Min: 05 Occupation: Jedi
Inf: 05 Aur: 05 Spi: 06 Wealth: 003
Init: 017 HP: 030

Biotic lift: 05, Broadcast Empath: 02, Extra-sensory perception: 04, Force leap: 02, Running: 05, Super-breath: 06, Stagger: 06, Telekinesis: 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Broadcast Empath is limited to a feeling of calm.
  • Running can only be used in a straight line.
  • Running can be used for a single Phase. It is then considered Burned Out, but will be Recovered within 6 APs of time, without a Roll or an Action.
  • Stagger requires the presence of lots of small objects, debris, sand and the like.
  • Stagger is resisted by Force Field, Force Wall, Density Increase.
  • Telekinesis has No Fine Manipulation.
  • Telekinesis receives a +2CS OV/RV penalty to affect moving objects, *plus* their current APs of speed.

Artist (Dancing, Looking Good In Anything): 04, Evasion: 05, Gadgetry: 03, Medicine (First aid): 03, Thief (Stealth, Security Systems): 04, Weaponry (Lightsabres): 05

Bonuses and Limitations:
Evasion requires wielding some form of lightsabre.

Expertise (High-tech melee weapons, Lightsabre construction), Familiarity (Weapons of the galaxy, Jedi Lore, Computer power user, F-Varr lore), Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Local Hero (With people who think she’s a Force Saint), Ultra-Luck.

Master Lunndee (High), Master Yuon Par (High), Qyzen Fess the hunter (High), Nekev Nisrok the gunwitch (High), Captain Mytasha Shiv of the Not-a-Crab (Low), Padawan Sabra Shulvu (Low).

CIA toward ethical behaviour (which *doesn’t* fully align with Jedi philosophy).


  • Jedi training sword, early [BODY 02, EV 05, Force Field: 03, Limitation: Force field only to protect the weapon itself].
  • Jedi training sword, later [BODY 03, EV 06, Force Field: 05, Limitation: Force field only to protect the weapon itself].
  • PASSIVE JAMMER [BODY 01, Obscure: 02, Limitation: Obscure only vs. technological detection].
  • Holocom [BODY 01, Radio communications: 15, Bonus: Radio communication is fully audiovisual, Misc.: includes full translation options for anybody addressing Meeyelle, though it is limited to known organic and droid languages].

Design Notes

See our Star Wars Genre article.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG.

Writeup completed on the 21st of January, 2016.