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Jin appears in Tekken, a major series of brawling video games. He’s part of the Mishima Saga story arc.

If you want the full thing, you should first read the profile for his father, then his grandfather. The story is simple, but these entries explain the relevant bits about the world of Tekken.

Jin is a bit of a tortured soul. He’s inherited the Devil Gene from his father, but has more control over it. Since he also inherited vague psychic powers from his mother, which keep it in check.

Jin has been chiefly used as a hero that wants to end his own bloodline and all the suffering it has caused. But he also filled the role of an extreme anti-hero for one installment.



  • Real Name: Jin Kazama.
  • Other Aliases: Lightning of Fate, Fatal Lightning, Child of Destiny, Destroyer of Worlds, Pitch Black Wings, Devil Jin.
  • Known Relatives: Jun Kazama (mother, deceased), Kazuya Mishima (father), Heihachi Mishima (grandfather, deceased), Kazumi Mishima (grandmother, deceased), Lars Alexandersson (half-brother), Lee Chaolan (adopted uncle), Jinpachi Mishima (great-grandfather, deceased), Asuka Kazama (relative, possibly a cousin).
  • Group Affiliation: Tekken Zaibatsu.
  • Base of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 5’11” (1.80 m). Weight: 165 lbs. (75 Kg.).
  • Eyes: Brown. Hair: Black.

Powers & Abilities

Jin was the main Tekken character for four games. As such, he is a world-class martial artist.

He originally used a blend of Mishima style karate, which he learned from his grandfather, and Kazama defense, which he learned from his mother.

However, he has since forsaken both arts in favor of traditional karate. Still, he occasionally reverts to his original style after morphingImpossibly shifting into another form. into his Devil form.

His rare “Devil Gene” allows him to transform into a demonic humanoid. In his Devil form, he gains the ability to:

  • Shoot lasers.
  • Fly using his wings.
  • Survive severe wounds. He endured after being shot in the head with a pistol, then hit by a barrage of automatic gunfire.

Other skills:

  • Successfully commanding the most powerful army in the world through early WWIII.
  • Having solid knowledge of the occult.
  • Being an accomplished motorcycle racer.

In the video games

He has a mix of his mother and father’s moves, but is a bit closer to his father.

This has given him strong damaging attacks, but not quite as punishing as his father’s or grandfather’s. And his mother’s style gives him better combos.

In Tekken 4 his moves were redone from the ground up, as he wished nothing to do with his Mishima heritage.

This new style has a good mix of evasion and rush, moves allowing him to poke and pressure opponents, as well as better combos and a counter. That makes him a much more technical character.

For those that like his original style better, his Devil form still retains that.

Jin Kazama - Tekken - arm tattoo tribal fighting stance


Jin was the result of a tryst between Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama.

Jun had been sent by the UN to arrest Kazuya for smuggling endangered species of animals. But she could psychically sense the great suffering that he had endured as a child. The two became intimately involved.

Kazuya was later beaten by his father, Heihachi, at the conclusion of the second Tekken Tournament. Then thrown into an active volcano.

Secret exile

Realizing that she was pregnant with Kazuya’s child, Jun retired and moved to a remote location. It may have been in Central or South America.

Ms. Kazama sought to raise her child in secret, to keep him away from his grandfather. Hopefully, he wouldn’t suffer like his father did.

Jun eventually sensed that a great evil would come soon. But this psychic impression was too vague. She instructed her son to seek Heihachi Mishima’s help if she were slain.

Four days later, on his 15th birthday, Jin returned home to find the house ablaze. His mother was fighting for her life against a towering assailant. Then suddenly there were flashing lights that blinded him and branded a tribal-like tattoo on his left arm – then nothing.

The house burned to ashes. Jin spent days vainly searching the ruins for his mother’s body.

Jin Kazama - Tekken 8 - black moto full leathers

Big in Japan

Young Jin made his way to Japan, where he confronted his grandfather.

Heihachi-san was skeptical. But he respected the boy’s tenacity and bravado, so he had his DNA tested. Once the results were in, he welcomed his grandson into his household with open arms.

Being part of the Mishima family required extensive martial arts training. But the young man showed promise, which pleased Heihachi.

Jin remained undefeated in several tournaments within his age bracket. And his only draw was against Hwaorang, a highly skilled Korean tae kwon do fighter.

Delighted, Heihachi set up the first King of the Iron Fist Tournament in almost 20 years. He announced this third edition on Jin’s 19th birthday.

Tekken 3

Jin beat all opponents, including his rival Hwoarang. But Ogre then came a calling.

Ogre was an ancient evil that had awakened to steal the souls of skilled martial artists. It had also slain Jun Kazama.

When the two fought, Jin became enraged. He therefore manifested his Devil form for the first time, and slew the ancient being.


This threw a monkey wrench into Heihachi’s plans. The grandfather had wanted to:

  1. Somehow control Ogre as a weapon.
  2. Groom Jin to be his successor.

Both now being unfeasible, Heihachi cut his losses. He shot Jin in the head, then ordered soldiers to finish the job.

Jin’s newfound Devil strength allowed him to survive. He slew the troopers and knocked Heihachi through a brick wall.

Betrayed, shocked and badly wounded, he flew away into the night…


Jin settled in Brisbane, Australia. There, he trained day and night in a small dojo.

He now knew that his grandfather was pure evil, and that his bloodline was cursed by the literal Devil. He decided to become an avenging angel and wipe out the Mishima bloodline.

His opportunity came when Heihachi finally announced a fourth Tekken Tournament.

Jin Kazama - Tekken 5 - come hither

Tekken 4

Jin once again fought his way to the finals. But a new shock came when he learned that his remaining opponent was his father.

Jin remained determined to end his bloodline. And that of course included his father, since he somehow still lived.

But the match did not take place. Heihachi had grown wary of Jin’s Devil Gene, and sought a rematch with Kazuya above all else. He therefore had Jin kidnapped before the fight, which meant Kazuya would automatically progress to fight Heihachi.

Heihachi defeated Kazuya. He took him to Honmaru Temple on his estate, where the captured Jin was already held.

Kazuya showdown

But seeing that Jin was in Devil form triggered Kazuya’s own demonic transformation. He then knocked Heihachi out with a laser blast.

In Devil form, Kazuya sought to absorb his son to restore his demonic powers. But that proved impossible, allegedly because of Jin’s maternal heritage. And having his father attempt to eat his soul drove Jin to snap his chains.

As was Mishima custom, the two fought for supremacy. Jin won, but Heihachi demanded that he kill Kazuya. Still reeling from these events, Jin knocked his grandfather out and flew away.

Jin Kazama - Tekken 5 - hood and red leather wraps around arms

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

Jin fled to the remote area of Yakushima. But he was constantly plagued by nightmares of the Devil. He became convinced that the Devil would overwhelm him body and soul.

During some of his nightmares, he even destroyed the houses he was staying in.

Another King of the Iron Fist Tournament was later announced. Jin decided to enter it to settle the bloodline feud, and the Devil Gene matter, once and for all.

In this tournament, Jin got to once again face his rival Hwoarang. But Jin was still struggling with his Devil form, and Hwoarang beat him.

The Korean fighter was in for the shocking of his life when Jin suddenly regained consciousness and morphed into his Devil form. Hwoarang was badly beaten, and Jin advanced to the next round.

He later fought and beat Wang Jinrei, an elderly man and close friend of his great-grandfather. Wang warned Jin about the Devil Gene, having seen its depredations for generations.

Even older Mishima

Jin advanced to face the real mastermind behind the latest tournament. The current head of the Mishima Zaibatsu was his great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishima.

Jinpachi had been imprisoned by Heihachi decades before, when he started to manifest the Devil Gene. This had cleared the way for the greedy Heihachi to control the familial empire.

However, decades of solitude had driven Jinpachi to madness. He had become fully consumed by the Devil Gene, with not a shred of humanity left.

The two fighters faced off. Jin came out on top.

While he bore no ill will towards his great-grandfather, he was still resolute about eliminating the Devil Gene from the world. He thus administered the killing blow to Jinpachi – who crumbled to dust.

Jin then walked to the throne room of the Mishima estate to assume control of the family empire. There was a wicked smile upon his face…


Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion

Jin declared his company an independent nation. He then seized any and all resources he could get his hands on.

This brought him into conflict with practically every other nation with a military. But Jin ruthlessly crushed every opposing force that got in his way.

The entire world was plunged into chaos and the people cried out for a hero. Their prayers were answered when the G Corporation, headed by his father Kazuya Mishima, put a huge price on his head.

G-Corp started competently opposing Jin’s bid for world domination.

Lars and the very big tree

Tekken Force officer Lars Alexandersson grew disgusted with Jin’s megalomania. He eventually defected, taking half of his forces with him.

After a series of adventures, Alexandersson and his Yggdrasil group confronted Jin. Lars won their duel, although it is highly likely that Jin allowed him to win.

Jin then revealed his true motivation. He had discovered the ancient evil behind the Devil Gene. He had precipitated World War Three so there would be enough chaos and suffering to awaken this demon, named Azazel.

From there, Jin would have a shot at destroying Azazel. There was a prophecy about two evil stars with the mark of the Devil colliding. Jin thought that this meant him and his father Kazuya.

Their climatic battle brought down the entire temple. Both the remaining Tekken Forces and Yggdrasil searched the ruins, to no avail. Jin was therefore declared dead.

American Ninja Warrior and Secret Agent™ Raven later Jin – half buried in sand and barely alive. But Kazama still bore the Devil tattoo on his arm. While he had defeated its source, he was not free from the Devil Gene.

Jin Kazama - Tekken 5 - black and white trousers pants

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution

Raven turned Jin over to the UN. They sent him to a secret facility for study.

But during transport he suddenly awoke, then escaped. Kazama was left to wander into a desert, with UN fire teams looking for him. He fought off several of those.

Jin ended up at a market in an unspecified Middle Eastern location. As UN soldiers cornered him again, Lars drove in in an armoured Jeep and exfiltrated him.

Say uncle

Lars had allied with Lee Chaolan, Jin’s adopted uncle. Mr. Chaolan now was the owner and CEO of Violet Systems, a cutting-edge robotics company. Their advanced medical technology allowed for bringing Jin out of his stupor.

Lee and his allies also stopped Nina Williams, who had reluctantly been sent by Heihachi to murder Jin. They then escaped in Lee’s private helicopter, detonating the Violet facility to cover their tracks.

Meanwhile, Jin’s father and grandfather had had their final showdown. Kazuya won, and seemingly killed Heihachi for good this time.

The final scene of the game had Jin meeting Lars, Alisa, and Lee on the rooftop of one of Lee’s buildings. There, he vows to stop his father and put the Devil Gene to rest.

Jin Kazama - Tekken 6 - black and red trousers pants plus gauntlets


Jin resembles his father. Complete with the swept back black hair that’s spiky at the back. But his facial features more strongly resemble that of his mother.

He still has a black tribal tattoo on his left arm. It is supposed to symbolize both the Devil and Ogre.

Most of his outfits bear a flame motif. But he does occasionally wear finely tailored suits to flaunt his wealth.

Sometimes, he wears some leather bodysuit to show his love of motorcycle racing.

Jin Kazama - Tekken NXC - blue yellow and white clothing


Jin is very much a tragic hero.

Almost nothing ever went his way, ever since his mother’s death and finding out about the paternal Devil Gene. He later learned that his father and grandfather were absolute monsters, with world domination high on their list. And that his great-grandfather had become a demon.

Despite all this, he became a heroic young man, with a sense of justice and seeking to do good. His dedication to cleansing the world of his demonic heritage included killing himself once he was sure his father and grandfather were gone.

There was a huge shift in his characterization with Tekken 6. He became an Anti-heroic Responsibility of Power type, or outright evil. His actions cost untold lives and meant massive global suffering.

In Tekken 7 he got back on track. Despite not being the main protagonist he started acting more heroically, as he had been traditionally.


“Don’t get in my way !”

“I will put an end to this !”

“The Mishima bloodline ends here !”

“Fear the wrath of god !”

“Pitiful !”

Jin Kazama - Tekken - stance art

DC Heroes RPG

Kazama Jin

Dex: 07 Str: 04 Bod: 06
Int: 08 Wil: 08 Min: 08
Inf: 08 Aur: 08 Spi: 08
Init: 027 HP: 100


Force Field: 06, Invulnerability*: 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

Force Field only works against Laser Beam from Devil incarnations.


Acrobatics: 04, Martial artist: 10, Vehicles (motorcycles): 06


Iron Nerves, Leadership, Conditional Soaking (Bullets), Rich Friend (Lee Chaolan).


Ling Xiaoyu (High), Hwaorang (Low), Asuka Kazama (Low), Eddie Gordo (Low), Christie Monteiro (Low), Alisa Bosconovitch (Low), Raven (Low).


Alter Ego (controllable), Enemy (Kazuya Mishima and Heihachi Mishima), SIA (eradicating the Devil Gene).


Seeking Justice.


Mishima Zaibatsu CEO (former) now a full-time hero.




Motorcyle [STR 03 BODY 05, Power Reserve: 02, Running: 06, R#02]. Power Reserve can only add to Running and only works for one Phase. Basically, Jin hits a button and suddenly flaming jets on the back light up and he takes off like a rocket. Much like street racers using Nitrous Oxide for an extra boost this may very well have an ammo limitation.

Alter Ego – Devil form

When Jin changes forms, he might be different gameplay wise. ut his stats don’t really change except for these additions:


Damage Transference: 08, Flight: 04, Force Field*: 06, Laser beam: 04

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • DT can’t hurt him and can only be used on himself and is only available right after he changes forms. Basically, he gets a free DT check to potentially heal any damage on the first Phase that he changes forms. This represents that once he shifts, he tends to fight at 100% regardless of damage sustained previously.
  • FF only works against Laser Beam from Devil incarnations. Azazel fired multiple blasts at him from a distance yet Jin just casually walked up to the demon and punched him while ignoring the incoming attacks.

Design Notes

Like with many of the central Tekken characters, there are huge differences between the actual gameplay and the CGI cutscenes. My assumption is that the latter see massive Hero Points expenditures.

A 06 for Vehicles might be high. We know he’s a competent racer, but not necessarily a 06.

The reason for such a relatively high number was the intro of Tekken 6 where he was shown dodging automatic fire from dozens of soldiers as well as heat seeking missiles. Then riding on the roof of a moving train.

That could be as high as a 12… but there’s no proof that this actually happened. This video contradicts later story events. So it was likely just Namco showing off some sweet eye candy to get fans interested in the newly released game.

He would also have Schtick (Wheelman) if you choose to grant him mad driving skills.

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