Justice League International

Justice League International

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


These are vintage (late 1990s, I *think*) DC Heroes RPG notes about the technical aspects of joining the Justice League International.

It’s primarily of interest for campaigns where the heroes are associating with an old-school version of the League. or as inspiration for roughly similar setups.


JLI membership

What you get: (No R# means R#:0]

  • 1 JL Signal Device
    [BODY 04, Radio Communication: 20, Detect: 25].
    Limitation: Radio Communication is Signal Only (-1 FC).
    On Detect: Detect detects only other Signal Devices.
    A member can elect to not have one (Superman).
    HP COST: 253 .

  • 1 JL TRANSPORTER TUBE for HQ and 1 for Personal Residence (on request).
    [BODY 6, Teleportation: 23, R#: 5].
    Limitation: Teleportation works only to another TRANSPORTER TUBE (-1 FC).
    HP COST: 178.

  • A Salary: +4 APs Wealth.
    One can choose not to take this (Superman).
    Use AP addition to current Wealth.
    HP COST: Variable.
    The Wealth could also be treated as a second wealth score. This means that because it is guaranteed to JL members it cannot be lost if bankruptcy occurs.
    This also means the hero cannot be audited by IRS (we discovered Ted Kord was Blue Beetle because we checked his income report and it said Super Hero Salary in his income statement). This means that the JL member can make a team attack with wealth on a given wealth check, IF THE JL APPROVES IT (GM Fiat). The resulting APS cannot exceed the additive total and any loss cannot exceed the total in his personal fund.

  • A Security System for the Personal Residence.
    9 AP Security System with 8 AP Bashing Combat Blasters .
    HP COST: Undeterminable.

  • Interpol JL ID Card.
    [BODY 01, Advantage – User has equivalent of Free Access Advantage].
    A member can elect not to have one.
    HP COST: 6 (Free Access/2 because it can be taken away, +1 for Body).

  • 1 JLI SPACE SUIT per character at HQ.
    If necessary, a JL Member has access to one.
    [BODY 8, Sealed Systems: 13].
    HP COST: 160.

    • Justice League International.
      High or Low – Depending on status. Dr. Light II is Low, Superman is High.
      HP COST: 20 Low, 30 High (Particularly Powerful/Influential).

    • United Nations
      High – This is always high because the JL membership card is what the UN sees, not the Character’s experience.
      HP COST: 30 (Particularly Powerful Connection).


Hero points management

So… to Join JLI, and not even MENTION building a Headquarters, a character with minimum JLI status would pay a Hero Points total of 50 HP for the two connections.

Does this seem a little excessive ? It’s obvious that the characters would spread the point cost of the transporter and the base between the group, and would probably pick up the ID Card, but who would want a Signal Device, Salary or Security System? What would the cost be for the Salary and Security System?

What I have done is instead of giving them the standard awards at the end of an adventure, I gave all my players one standard award, for hero point purposes, and automatic membership in the JL.

A possibility would be that if you are going to have your current group (probably unaffiliated) join the JLI, your best bet is to give them all of the above as an award for completing the adventure that gained them the qualification of a Justice League Branch.

They could meet with Maxwell Lord or J’Onn J’Onzz the Martian Manhunter. Then they could get an established HQ, a new HQ (mine is in California) or whatever. The JLI is a great way to literally throw adventures at the players. Also note that the UN connection does not have to be given out, but should be given to at least one member of the team.

In current continuity, it is yet unsure what the new JLA is all about.


The 1988 Who’s Who in the DC Universe had floor plans for the JLI embassy in Metropolis.

Notably, these were done by Eliot Brown – who did a lot of technical drawing and floorplans for the *Marvel* sourcebooks.

Justice League International embassy floorplans (DC Comics) from the Who's Who Update

Joshua Marquart with help by the JL Sourcebook and Kansas Jim Ogle.