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Killer Moth - DC Comics - vs. Batman - guide

Killer Moth – a guide to Killer Moths

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Killer Moth is a mediocre, incompetent, C-list-at-best DC Comics super-villain.

And yet ! We have profiles for many versions of him. Enough that listing them in every Killer Moth character profile is getting cumbersome.

So let’s list them on this here page instead.

Most profiles listed here are not to our 2022+ format yet. I won’t have time to do that until April.

In chronological order

1The 1951, Earth-2 version.

The earliest version was a sort of anti-Batman defending criminals. He appeared at the close of the Golden Age of super-hero comics. It didn’t work out, but he had a *little* something.

Killer Moth (DC Comics) (original version) portrait featured

2The 1961 Moth.

An obscure, seen-but-once reprise during the early Silver Age. Note that he was called “the Moth”, not “Killer Moth”.

Moth - DC Comics - 1961 Batman villain

3The 1965, Earth-1 version.

The Silver Age version, perhaps best-known for his role in Batgirl’s origin. He… wasn’t a well-defined character.

Killer Moth of Earth-1 (Batgirl enemy) (DC Comics) featured portrait

4The 1967, live-action Tim Herbert version.

Back then, a Batgirl live-action TV show was in the wings. Only the pilot episode was shot, but it featured a version of Killer Moth for Batgirl to fight.

Killer Moth - 1960s Batgirl live action TV show - Tim herbert - featured

5The 1992, New Earth Killer Moth

The post-Crisis on Infinite Earths version. A dismal, bitter jobber attempting to puff himself into an actual threat.

Killer Moth - DC Comics - post-Crisis version - portrait featured


The post-Crisis Killer Moth eventually made a deal with a demon lord, seeking power. He was turned into a horrific, bestial moth monster.

Charaxes - DC Comics - portrait featured