Lady Lorelei (Styx song)

Lady Lorelei

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


We have a small cluster of original character profiles themed after pop/rock songs — it’s the Homemade >> Rockworld category in the breadcrumbs. These were little creative exercises, many years back.

Among this lot there’s a collection of characters based on Styx  songs, such as Lady Lorelei.


  • Real Name: Lorelei Winchester.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Horatio Winchester (Father), Isabelle Winchester (Mother), Alexander Kilroy (uncle), Lucia Kilroy (Aunt), Maximillian Kilroy (Cousin).
  • Group Affiliation: Lords of the Ring.
  • Base Of Operations: New Chicago, Illinois or London England.
  • Height: 5’6” Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Eyes: Green Hair: Red


Powers and Abilities

Lady Lorelei is an excellent athlete and hand to hand combatant.

She is also one of the few people on the planet who can create, wield, and understand techno-magic.

She inherited her armor and sword from her grandmother on her mother’s side.


Lorelei’s grandmother had been an adventurer in her younger days, the Silver Valkyrie. She was taught magic and science by her grandmother, and inherited her weapons when she passed away.

Lorelei met her cousin Max when she was 13. He was older, but came from America. She was enthralled by the stories she had heard about the isolated country.

It was Lorelei that turned Max on to rock and roll and her father who helped show him what adventure would be like. When the Lords of the Ring traveled to Europe to stop Dr. Righteous and the Queen of Spades from using a techno-magic artifact to take over the world, Lorelei turned out to an invaluable aid.

She was offered official membership and accepted, but she still travels back home to keep an eye on things.


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Lorelei is a beautiful young woman with an athletic build, red hair, green eyes, and graceful manner. She dresses in modest modern fashions, and speaks with a crisp British accent. The armor is silver and forms to fit her contours quite well. The sword is unusually wide and covered in glowing electronic “runes”.


Lorelei is a sweet, innocent, kind, and caring young woman who just happens to battle evil demons, and repressive governments. She is open, friendly and willing to give almost anyone the benefit of the doubt once.


“You sir, have no honor.”

DC Universe History

Well, it would have to be an Elseworlds  story. It might be possible to put them in the 30th century with the Legion but Rockworld’s history and governments are much more bleak and oppressive. She could have her devices be strictly magic or technology based if you prefer.

Works well in any superhero campaign and let’s face it foreign heroes are always needed, even obvious clichés like the British knight.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 07 Str: 04 Bod: 04 Motivation: Upholding the Good/Thrill of Adventure
Int: 09 Wil: 07 Min: 08 Occupation: Showman, Adventurer
Inf: 06 Aur: 07 Spi: 08 Resources {or Wealth}: 010
Init: 024 HP: 100

Artist (Actor, Musician): 07, Acrobatics: 07, Detective: 07, Gadgetry: 08, Martial Artist: 07, Occultist (Create Artifact, Identify Artifact, Occult Knowledge, Premonition): 08, Thief: 07, Vehicles: 07, Weaponry (Swords): 09

Attractive, Area Knowledge (London), Connoisseur, Scholar (Rock Music, Archeology, History, Techno-magic, Dance), Iron Nerves, Languages (French, Italian, Esperanto, Russian, Latin, Spanish, Greek).

The Knights of Saturn (High), Masquerade (High), Order of the Guiding Star (Low).

Enemy (Queen of Spades), Enemy (Homewrecker), Innocent.


  • ARMOR OF SILVER SONG [/BODY/ 10 /SPI/ 9, Air Walking: 10, Awareness: 06, Detect Magic: 08, Force Shield: 08, Magic Field: 08, Radio Communications: 12, Running: 06, Sealed Systems: 10, Thermal Vision: 08, Telescopic Vision: 12, Bonuses & Limitations: Magic Field is self only and can be attacked through].
  • Technorune Sword [BODY 12, EV 08, Energy Blast: 08, Neutralize: 08 Bonuses & Limitations: Energy Blast is Area Affect, Neutralize only works against Force Fields].

By Chad Riley.

Source of Character: Styx song titles and my own imagination.