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Heroic cold-blooded ally.


This is Lizard Man from the 1983-1984 He-man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon series.

For more about this setting, see our primer for the world of Eternia.

Before Mattel decided not to pursue his action figure, Lizard Man was intended to be a recurring character. With about five appearances, he really only plays a part in two episodes in Season One.



  • Real Name: Lizard Man.
  • Other Aliases: Lizzy.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: Heroic Warriors.
  • Base of Operations: The Royal Palace.
  • Height: 5’3″ (1.60m). Weight: 110 lbs. (50 Kg.).
  • Eyes: Yellow. Hair: None.
  • Other Distinguishing Features: Lizard Man has three fingers and a thumb on his webbed hands.

Powers & Abilities

His powers are that of a lizard:

  • Super agility.
  • Sticking to walls.
  • Moving silently.
  • Leaping to great heights.

Lizard-Man - Masters of the Universe 1980s cartoon - model sheet rotation


Lizard Man is first seen at the Royal Palace. He’s a friend to Adam and Man-At-Arms.

She-Demon of Phantos

Adam and Man-At-Arms received a supply of useless iron ore from the planet Phantos instead of their usual shipment of Photanium. This became clear once Man-At-Arms used the metal to make weapons.

Yet, Queen Elmora of Phantos had always been an ally.

They decided to return to Phantos immediately and investigate. Lizard Man joined the heroes, and Teela snuck along like a rebellious child.

They used Grayskull’s space portals to reach Phantos. But the Sorceress warned that Queen Elmora had joined Skeletor and would not recognize He-man as a friend.

An angry planet

An evil Elmora attacked the heroes, teleporting Battle-Cat and Stratos to the dungeons.

He-man lead the group through the Photanium refinery. They sought to reach Elmora’s throne room.

He-man and Man-At-Arms fought Mer-Man and Strong-Arm. Lizard Man and Teela stood by and didn’t take part in the fighting. But He-man was encased in a Photanium body cell.

Strong-Arm and Mer-Man fled as there were too many opponents to fight. They reported to Skeletor. Meanwhile, He-man broke free.

Man-At-Arms and Lizard Man defeated two oafish guards. Then, they freed Battle-Cat and Stratos from the dungeon.

Lizard-Man - Masters of the Universe 1980s cartoon - face talking man-at-arms

Final Battle

When they reached the throne room, Lizard Man rushed into the melee. Yet from there, he only stood by in the background.

Elmora began to fight back against Skeletor’s mental control. Knowing how much she hated him, Skeletor made He-man look like himself.

Shocked, Elmora saw two Skeletors. To figure out who her real enemy is, she used her spin-magic to bind them both in Photanium chains. He-man broke free while Skeletor had to submit.

Song of Celice

Adam, Teela, Cringer, and Orko were on a diplomatic mission to Tahryn. An earthquake nearly killed them. Celice, a singer, stopped the quake with her song.

The Prime Minister explained how her magical song kept the monster, Yog, asleep below their city. If Yog should awaken they will surely be destroyed.

Adam asked about Lizard Man. The Prime Minister said Lizard Man was touring the rock garden and probably fell asleep in the sun. Sure enough it was true.

Lizard Man vs the forces of Evil

Trapjaw and Evil-Lyn teleported into the rock garden and attacked Lizard Man.

Lizard Man leapt around, avoiding their continuous attacks until he could flee on foot to warn the others.

Just as he gave his warning, Evil-Lyn magically roped Celice.

Adam transformed to He-man, but the villains still escaped with the singer.

Another quake began and Yog may have been about to awaken. He-man, Lizard Man, and Orko went to face Yog.

Into Yog’s cavern

The group encountered a group of aggressive Orcs! Lizard Man duped them into a side cavern. When they charged, he leapt away. He-man threw a boulder blocking the entrance.

Skeletor took the singer to Grayskull. Her song put the Sorceress to sleep and forced the Jawbridge open.

Hearing the Sorceress’ telepathic plea, He-man, Lizard Man, and Orko had to leave Yog’s cave and go there at once!

To Grayskull! 

He-man tossed Lizard Man into the window of Grayskull, right where the Sorceress was lying. He yelled from the window, that he couldn’t wake her. He had recognized the sleep spell the Sorceress was under.

Not to be outdone, Yog followed Celice’s song to Grayskull. Still, it was quickly defeated by He-man.

Lizard-Man - Masters of the Universe 1980s cartoon - raised fist atop stone block


Lizzie is an anthropomorphic lizard with green skin, large yellow eyes, and webbed hands.

His clothing is only a blue hood, belt, and shorts.


Lizard Man is high-spirited, kind, and reliable.

He’s one of the most distinct-looking Heroic Warriors.

He never tends to lead a group but is always ready to help in any way he can.

During combat, Lizard Man’s tactic is to avoid attacks then taunt the enemy to keep the focus on himself.

Lizard-Man - Masters of the Universe 1980s cartoon - within dark occult castle crystal ball


Prince Adam: “Where’s Lizard Man ?”
Prime Minister Pangis: “Touring the rock gardens. He probably fell asleep in the sun.”

“Nice try, now see if you can get me down.”

“Not this time lady.”

“The caverns run under half of Eternia. They might even go as far as Grayskull.”

“Orko ? No, I haven’t seen him.”

Masters of the Universe movie adaptation

Lizard Man could be kidnapped by Evil-Lyn and turned into Saurod in the Masters of the Universe movie.

DC Universe Adaptation

(This section proposes ways of using this character in Marvel Universe stories).

In the Masters of the Universe setting Lizard Man is a member of a race of lizard people. In another universe, he may have once been human.

His origin could be tied to Curt Connor’s original Lizard formula.

Alternatively, he could hail from The People.


DC Heroes RPG

Lizard Man

Dex: 05 Str: 03 Bod: 03
Int: 04 Wil: 02 Min: 04
Inf: 04 Aur: 04 Spi: 04
Init: 013 HP: 020


Cling: 05, Extra-Limb (tail): 03, Jumping: 04, Running: 04, Shrinking: 01

Bonuses and Limitations:

Shrinking is Always On.


Acrobatics: 07


Area Knowledge (Tahryn).


He-man (High), Royal Palace (High), Tahryn (Low).


Attack Vulnerability (Cold-based attacks -1 CS OV/RV), Distinct Appearance, Minor Physical Restriction (Needs glasses for reading).


Upholding the Good.


Heroic Warrior.



Lizard-Man - Masters of the Universe 1980s cartoon - all four within cave

Design notes

Lizard Man may have some Occultist knowledge. He recognized the Sorceress was under a sleep spell (“Song of Celice” episode).

Adam and Teela make a diplomatic visit to Tahryn. Prime Minister Pangas told Adam Lizard Man is already there, touring the rock gardens. He didn’t come with Adam. So, I’ve given him a connection to Tahryn.

Since he’s “Cold blooded” I think it makes sense to add an Attack Vulnerability toward cold.


  • His webbed hands and tail could allow Lizard Man to swim faster than normal, giving him a few APs of Swimming and Sealed Systems (Free Diving Only).
  • As a lizard, he may have a few APs of Regeneration.
  • Lightning Reflexes?

There is a Lizard Man cameo where he’s all brown in color, wearing glasses, and a slightly different shaped mouth. This seems to be a coloring mistake as Lizard Man does appear in the episode’s credits (“The Rarest Gift of All” episode).

And one other appearance (at least a look-alike). An enslaved person who isn’t known by He-man or Orko. Probably another member of his race (“Orko’s New Friend” episode).

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By Ethan Roe.

Source of Character: The 1983/1984 animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and He-man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special, voiced by Lou Scheimer.

Helper(s): Wikipedia, he-man.fandom.com, Darci.

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