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(Profile #2 - Kid Loki (Journey into Mystery))


This profile is about Loki, from Marvel Comics. However, it focuses on a very specific slice of his appearances. This is the Journey into Mystery arc by Kieron Gillen that started in 2011.

During that time, the slain Loki has returned as a young teenager, possibly free of the taint of evil… or could that be yet another trick ?


  • Real Name: Loki Laufreyson.
  • Other Aliases: @LokiofAsgard, Serrure, Luke, God of Mischief, God of Evil, God of Lies, Lord of Lies, Loki the Trickster, The Master of Deceit, The Master of Mischief.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Tess Black (daughter), Laufey (father, deceased), Farbauti (mother), Sigyn (wife, separated), Odin (foster father), Frigga (foster mother), Thor, Vidar (foster brothers), Hela, Fenris, Midgard Serpent (alleged progeny).
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: Asgard, Broxton, Ohio.
  • Height: 4’4” Weight: 188 lbs.
  • Eyes: Black Hair: Green


Powers & Abilities

Possessing the superior physical abilities and resistances of an Asgardian, Loki is still a pre-teen, so nowhere near as strong as other Asgardians. He also no longer recalls any of his magic, having to learn what he needs.

In his current state he pretty much relies on his wits and his quick tongue to keep him out of trouble. Or rather, to get him out of the trouble they’ve just gotten him into.

Fortunately he’s extremely clever, able to learn the difficult Old Tongue in an evening, and deceive even those who should know better with a believably crafted lie.


Ikol is a magpie containing the memories and personality of Loki’s older self. He only exists as a parasitic story in Loki’s head. He acts as Loki’s advisor, but does as he pleases rather than obeying Loki, and has his own agenda.

His knowledge is probably responsible for some of the unexplained tricks Loki does. One example is being able to travel between dimensions between scenes where they don’t specifically state how. In earlier stories he had to go to lengths to reach Hela’s realm, later on it just happens. Presumably he thought to ask Ikol if there was an easier way.

Ikol may also be responsible for Loki being able to astrally, or telepathically, contact Thor while the latter was drowning in lava.



Following the death of Loki in the Siege of Asgard, Thor encountered his brother reborn as a youngster in Paris, where he was known as Serrure. He lacked any memory of his former life. Thus, he did not remember the time shortly before the Siege when he manipulated Hela into removing his name from the Book of Hel. This is what had allowed him to be reborn rather than truly dying.

His return to Asgard was only welcomed by his brother. Everyone else assumed him the black-hearted knave of old pulling some mischief. Lacking any of his former powers made him a victim for anyone who caught him out of his brother’s sight.

Loki as a kid with Ikol

Directly following his older self’s death, seven magpies had taken flight from Asgard, undertaking a great journey through the worlds. One by one they were killed off or lost interest, until only one remained to return to Asgard. Reaching the younger Loki, it began to speak his name, then promptly exploded.

Time capsule

It left behind a key. The key was part of a puzzle that eventually led young Loki into some kind of sub-dimension. It was described by its occupant with plenty of flowery poetry, but little geographic certainty. Said occupant was the fading spirit of the older Loki, lingering from his dying scream.

Older Loki explained he’d allowed himself to die so a younger version of him would be born, free of the unchanging personality he’d allowed himself to become trapped in. This blank slate could live a new life, possessing no power, so it couldn’t corrupt him.

The spirit of older Loki manifested as a magpie, Ikol, which became younger Loki’s advisor.

Fear Itself, part 1

With the Serpent’s release from his prison, Odin commanded the Asgardians to leave Midgard for Asgard. He planned to raze Midgard to stop his brother. Thor spoke out against his father and was imprisoned. Determined to help his brother whatever it took, Loki broke the Hel Wolf out of Asgard’s prisons after gaining its oath to obey him.

Loki had the Hel Wolf take him to Hel. There he left it clashing with the guardian hound, Garm, while he snuck in. Learning an envoy from the Serpent was already there, Loki consulted Tyr on the matter of Hela’s allegiance. The recently deceased Tyr politely resisted the urge to murder Loki on realising he was there on behalf of Asgard, and admitted uncertainty.

Sneaking out before Hela knew he was there, Loki travelled to Mephisto’s court. Hela’s realm had been relocated to a suburb of Mephisto’s domain at this point. So Loki convinced him she was making an alliance with the Serpent which would compromise his domain, and bargained for the return of his Disir.

The Disir

The Disir were originally Bor’s Valkyries. An indiscretion with Sigurd and his men drew Bor’s ire, and the vindictive god cursed them with an insatiable hunger for flesh. They could only consume the souls of gods, but were cast out from the realm.

So tortured for eternity, they could only approach the gods outside of Asgard, or when their name was uttered, which it never was.

Gaining control of them, Loki bartered their services to Mephisto in exchange for granting Hela land for the new Hel. Hela was not aware of the nature of the bargain. Mephisto let them die while in his realm, making them his subjects, but Loki argued that they were still under his ultimate control.

Fear Itself, part 2

Returning to Hel with a warning that Mephisto was invading Hela’s realm, Loki got her to marshal her armies against her landlord. He then got Hela’s handmaiden, Leah (a manifestation of Hela created after the Disir had cost Hela her hand) to rush after her mistress with the direr news that Mephisto had the Disir.

This gave Loki and Tyr the opportunity to negotiate with the Serpent’s Tongue. Having learned what he needed, Loki had Tyr dispatch the Tongue while he brokered peace between Hela and Mephisto in order to ally them against the Serpent.

Loki as a kid getting kneed in the nuts by Leah

Accompanied by Leah, Tyr, and the Disir, Loki put his plan into action. Having the Disir kill the Hel Wolf, Loki caught a ride as the beast was sent to Limbo. The Hel Wolf’s death meant it was no longer bound by its oath, so it tried killing Loki in revenge.

Fortunately they’d arrived close enough to where Surtur was imprisoned. They soon had a greater threat, and the Hel Wolf was devoured.

Striking a deal with Surtur, Loki promised to release him into the Asgard he remembered of old, in exchange for a sliver of the shadow cast by Surtur’s sword, Twilight. Returning to life, Loki convinced Volstagg to help him steal the Destroyer.

Fear Itself, part 3

They, along with Leah, Tyr, and the Disir, snuck on board the Serpent’s citadel. This was a floating fortress similar enough to Asgard of old to fit Loki’s oath to Surtur.

While the Destroyer distracted attention in a suitably eponymous fashion, they snuck into the library where they located the Serpent’s history. Using Twilight’s Shadow — which as Twilight’s opposite was actually a quill — Loki rewrote a portion of the Serpent’s history.

It now included an incarnation of Leah as an unnamed carer who nursed him back to health before vanishing.

This created a chink of emotion in the Serpent. This, in turn, produced a moment of fear in the final confrontation with Thor. Thor died, as Loki knew he would, but was able to strike the Serpent a fatal blow before falling. Loki then kept his word by summoning Surtur in the middle of the Serpent’s Citadel. The group fled the ensuing destruction.


Following the conflict, and his brother’s death, Loki fulfilled the bargain he’d made with the Disir. He freed them of his control. It didn’t however free them from Mephisto’s thrall, and they were dragged back to his realm cursing the guilty Loki.

Loki arranged for Hel’s relocation back to Niffleheim. In return, Hela sent Leah to be his unwilling accomplice – mainly to keep an eye on him. Loki found her a cave near Asgard where she could remain secret from the Asgardians. She was not impressed.

Loki found himself coerced into serving as secret agent for the new leaders of Asgard, the All-Mothers. They didn’t fully trust him, since his plans had seen Surtur freed, but saw a use for his subtlety, a trait rare among the warriors of Asgard.

The Terrorism Myth

In the wake of the Serpent’s fall, Loki began suffering nightmares. He learned he wasn’t alone in this when Daimon Hellstrom attacked him. After Leah convinced Hellstrom to delay trying to kill Loki long enough to talk, they learned he’d investigated mortals suffering and dying from similar nightmares.

The trail having led to Loki, Hellstrom naturally assumed him the villain responsible.

Forming an uneasy alliance, they hunted down other victims, and learned these were shards of the Serpent’s power. Nightmare was hunting them, intending using them to become supreme among the Fear Lords.

Loki as a kid riding a monster

Ikol pointed out that rushing around rescuing victims was ’Thor’s way‘. Thus, the tiring Loki decided to attack the problem his own way. While Hellstrom chased after victims, Loki had Leah remove the fear-stuff from him. He then offered it to Nightmare, enough to create the crown he desired, in exchange for allowing the other sleepers to live. Nightmare agreed.

Loki and Leah then warned the other Fear Lords of Nightmare’s newfound power. While he could now easily deal with any of them, all of them together proved too much. Being less than reliable allies to begin with, the Fear Lords inevitably sought the crown for themselves, leading the others to gang up on whoever had it.

This left them in an eternal stalemate, their energies focussed battling each other.


When the Disir escaped Mephisto, he sent Loki to find them, threatening to reveal his part in their recent history. Loki and Leah spread the news the Disir were free, getting Hela and Thor and the Warriors Three searching for them. Until Ikol revealed he knew where they were.

Loki as a kid with Leah in a diner

The Disir were able to break free after the hidden Sigurd reclaimed his power on believing his double identity discovered. It was actually a misunderstanding and paranoia on his part, due to the New Mutants – including the Valkyrie, Danielle Moonstar – moving in across the street from him in San Francisco.

The Disir were drawn to him, with the Asgardians and Hela not far behind. Having prepared for the eventuality of the Disir catching up to him, Sigurd used a spell that affected all Asgardians present, making them believe themselves local mortals.

Gods and mortals

The New Mutants remembered everything, and did what they could to restore the gods’ memories. It took some doing, especially with Loki. Believing himself to be Luke, foster-son of Helen (Hela), and foster-brother of Leigh (Leah), he played along with being Loki, believing it part of a game.

The Disir were the first to break free from the spell, which weakened it enough for the others. Memories inevitably brought it back to a conflict, which was only halted when Moonstar captured the Disir and arranged for Sigurd to marry them.

Bor was called from Hel to preside over the ceremony. Moonstar called a halt to it after hearing the misogynistic oath Bor used to make them virtual slaves to Sigurd. The conflict resumed, and Loki appeared to flee with Hela.

In actuality he wanted to reach Hel before Bor, who was eventually forced to flee the Disir. Holding the gates of Hel closed against Bor, Loki forced the former All-Father to renounce his curse on the Disir before they caught him. Freed of their curse, but long dead, the Disir became Hela’s Valkyries.

The Manchester Gods, part 1

When Avalon was pressed by smoke-belching mechanical cities from the north, they sought help from the other deific realms. The All-Mothers declined, since interfering on behalf of one side of an internal dispute would set a bad precedent. The development of modern gods concerned them though, so they dispatched Loki as their unofficial agent and saboteur.

Loki and Leah travelled covertly, relatively speaking, to Otherworld. They arrived in time to witness a battle against one of the mechanical cities. Disgusted by the loss of life, Loki decided to find a smarter way to win. His plotting was slightly complicated when Hela tasked him with recovering the Holy Grail in order to heal the hand she’d lost to the Disir.

Loki as a kid with Leah and the Destroyer

Loki enlisted Hellstrom to research the Manchester Gods’ places of power. He then arranged to have one destroyed at a vital juncture. It resulted in the Manchester Gods retreating from battle for the first time, and a brief lull in the conflict.

The Manchester Gods, part 2

Loki and Leah made contact with the Manchester Gods, pretending to want to ally with them. They met with the leader, Mister Wilson, who laid out his intention to modernise Otherworld. After speaking to him for a while, Loki realised he was on the wrong side.

Covertly turning the strategy he used on the Manchester Gods back against the older gods of Avalon, he forced them to make a treaty. As part of their deal, Wilson distracted the Lady of the Lake with paperwork so Loki could take Hela to the Holy Grail. She drank of it and restored her hand, but Leah vanished as sacrifice.

Heartbroken, Loki lashed out at the All-Mothers when they accused him of causing an outcome not to their liking.

Everything Burns

When the Vanir attacked Asgard, Loki recognised their technology as that of the Manchester Gods. Distraught, he confessed his actions to his brother. Thor’s anger was sapped when the boy burst into tears, and he promised Loki all would be right.

They questioned Mister Wilson, who admitted to having made a deal with Surtur for the fires to power his cities. Thor was furious, but Loki argued he was most to blame, for helping the Manchester Gods and freeing Surtur.

Returning to Asgard they found the All-Mothers suspected for their Vanir heritage, and removed from power. Accusations also came at Loki when a Starkphone came to light with proof of his activities. Thor defended his brother against the mob, telling Loki to run.

Stealing the incriminating phone, he followed the trail to Muspelheim, where he was ambushed by Surtur’s spy: Leah. Or rather, the Leah he’d written into the Serpent’s story and then forgot about, leaving her plenty of time to plan her revenge.

Convincing her he was actually the evil Loki, claiming he hated Thor for bringing him back only to abandon him, he got her to help him convince Surtur to form an alliance.

Turning Traitor

Summoning Thor to a supposedly secret rendezvous in Muspelheim, Loki tricked his brother into drowning in the lava sea, proving his intentions to Surtur.

Returning to Surtur after causing chaos among the alliances in Asgard, Loki stole Twilight’s shadow and fled. Loki had Hela send him back in time to just after they’d rewritten the Serpent’s history. He added another section about Leah, giving her more of a purpose.

Shanghaied on his return trip to Surtur’s realm, Loki was saved from his rage by Leah, her demeanour changed by the better life he’d written for her. They ran but couldn’t escape, and were about to kiss when Thor arrived to rescue them and spoil the moment.

Dying in the lava river, Thor ended up in Hela’s realm as Loki planned, in time to lead the armies of Hel against Surtur. They arrived in time to save Loki and Leah. While they fought a losing battle against Surtur, Loki travelled to Otherworld where he convinced Wilson to sacrifice the cities built with Surtur’s gifts.

They served as a lynchpin in his power base, and when destroyed weakened Surtur enough that Thor and Loki were able to kill Surtur.

Loki’s Victory, part 1

Returning to Asgardia Loki and Leah had little time to celebrate as they found Hellstrom in Leah’s cave. He was badly wounded and warned that Mephisto had acquired the crown the Fear Lords were fighting over.

Distraught over another of his plans coming back to bite him, Loki noticed Ikol’s absence. Leah told him to stop pretending Ikol was real: it was actually a “parasitic little story” inside his head, which she could only see due to being a story herself.

Loki as a kid and Thor

Travelling back to the sub-dimension where he’d first encountered Ikol, Loki confronted his older self. The older Loki admitted that before the last magpie had returned to explode before his younger self it had travelled to the domain of the Teller.

Loki’s Victory, part 2

The Teller watched and recorded tales, so the magpie had him watch younger Loki. At a time when Asgard was sorely pressed he sent a message to Mephisto about an object of power Loki would create and hide away.

Fuming over Loki freeing the Disir from his control, Mephisto leapt at the chance to seize the crown. He allied with the lesser Fear Lords, who were more willing to bend a knee to him than one of their own. With this power added to his own, Mephisto would be able to seize Satan’s vacant throne and unite Hell under him.

The only way older Loki left for younger Loki to stop him was by using his own link to the crown. It was created of his dreams and fears, and would vanish when they did. He had wanted to change, but knew the world would never allow it.

Using the younger Loki to change people’s opinions of him offered the opportunity for him to change. He allowed his younger self to have three conversations before he was replaced, but he couldn’t reveal his fate to anyone.


Ignoring Leah as he monologued that he’d like her to transport him to Hel, Loki approached Brun of the Disir. He asked if she could devour him, utterly annihilating his soul. She refused, saying he broke the curse that made them do so.

He next spoke to Hela, asking her to send Leah far away. He didn’t face Leah or address her. Though he was heartbroken, he needed her to hate the Loki who’d soon be in his body. Hela did so, sending the betrayed girl back to the far past swearing vengeance on Loki.

Finally Loki went to his brother, begging Thor to end him should he go bad again. Thor refused, saying he will never give up on him. Unable to convince him, they embraced, and Loki went to his fate.


Again facing the copy of his original’s mind, Loki accused him of having lost. He, the younger Loki, had actually changed. His older version has done just the same as he always did. All he’d achieved was the illusion of change, which he’d inevitably lose because he couldn’t truly change.

The older Loki then obliterated young Loki, destroying Mephisto’s crown in the process, and took over Loki’s body. Taking up his old crown, he completed his damnation.


Loki is a child once more. As such he’s prone to adolescent fits of emotion. But these are usually limited to when around those he trusts: Thor and Leah. Loki truly loves his brother, and while he occasionally uses him as a role model for deciding the right thing to do, has come to realise the way to do that right thing must be different for Loki.

While he retains a mischievous streak, it’s untainted by the malice of his older self. He’ll still lie and cheat, but only when he feels it necessary or acceptable (playing cards with others who’re obviously cheating).

Loki as a kid, fleeing sword in hand

He’s a trickster to the heart, though not nastily so. He will often hang about to watch the results of his schemes from a safe (albeit occasionally misjudged) distance.

This doesn’t stop actions he takes to make things better eventually going awry, as though someone in his head were conspiring against him. These instances leave him distraught and guilt-ridden.

Other traits

He lacks the lust for power he once had, showing little frustration over his lost powers, and appears more interested in redeeming himself and changing. After secretly helping the Manchester Gods take power in Otherworld, he admited what he did to Hellstrom, who asked why he was being honest.

Loki said that while he kept his plans secret when facing Nightmare, he wanted to be honest with him this time. He’s truly trying to change who he is.

Despite his cheerful helpfulness, he understands that others don’t trust him, which leaves him feeling isolated. He’s often heartbroken on learning of his previous misdeeds, and worries about becoming the monster he was. Much of his helpfulness may come from wanting to avoid that fate, as he tries to act as he believes his brother would.

He developed true feelings for Leah, and knew she felt the same despite her sulky demeanour. Even the fictional Leah, who’d had millennia to hate him, was willing to accept him as an ally surprisingly quickly (before he rewrote her history), so some element of her shared a (deeply) hidden fondness for him.

He sacrificed that fondness to force her away so the older Loki couldn’t hurt her when he took over, even abandoning any opportunity to say goodbye to her.


“Why do people always presume I’m lying ?”

Thor: “Where did you get that Stark Phone ?”
Loki: “From the merchants of Broxton. I bought it.”
Thor: “How did you pay for it, brother ?”
Loki: “With gold. They seemed pleased with the deal.”
Thor: “And where did you get the gold from ?”
Loki: “I got it off the dwarves. And before you ask, Thor, we were gambling.”
Thor: “… Were you cheating, Loki ?”
Loki: “Yes! But they were, too ! Cheating was the game, and I triumphed unfairly most fairly !”
Thor: “I do not think I approve.”
Loki: “There was no harm ! Unlike this ! The humans of the internet are uncouth. When I said I was an Asgardian god, they called me a troll !”
Thor: “… But you’re a half-giant.”
Loki: “Exactly ! They wouldn’t accept it.”

Thor: “How did you get in here—”
Loki: “Please, brother. There’s no time for me to spin a pleasing white lie. Listen. If you knew something bad was happening, what would you do ?”
Thor: “I would prevent it.”
Loki: “But if something bad was happening. And it had to happen. And if it didn’t happen something even worse would happen. What would you do ?”
Thor: “… I would make sure it happened.”
Loki: “Even if it cost you everything ?”
Thor: “Aye. But Loki, what are you planning ?”
Loki: “What needs to be done, brother. If you would do it, I should too — no matter what it costs me.”

“So, I let the dead die forever just to forward my own schemes… Gosh, I really was terribly naughty.”

“’More to fear than he !‘ Oh, Tyr ! I do so enjoy this villainous talk !”

“Let’s not count our disastrous chickens while an ill-brained farmhand is still stomping on eggs.”

“Fare ye well ! And similar Asgardian statements !”

Ikol: “A long face for a victor.”
Loki: “Oh, Ikol. I feel sorry for them.”
Ikol: “Of all the tools to feel sympathy for. They’re monsters.”
Loki: “And so were we. They get eternal pain. I get a second chance. It doesn’t quite seem fair.”

“To betray a foe is one thing. To betray one who helped me save us all would border on knavish. I’ll have to learn the living-without-skin trick by myself. I’ll give it my best shot. I’m a famously quick study.”

“You know, if I remembered having done half the terrible things people blame me for, I’m sure I’d be more sanguine.”

Loki: “I’m Loki. If I’m going to save anyone, it’s going to have to be in a Loki way. And if it goes wrong, look on the bright side…”
Hellstrom: “What damned bright side is there ?”
Loki: “Everyone has the satisfaction of a good hard ‘I told you that boy was bad news’.”

Loki: “You didn’t think to mention this ?”
Ikol: “You didn’t ask.”
Loki: “Lying by omission is still lying !”
Ikol: “Loki. I’m evil you. What in Midgard’s name did you expect ?”

“Fighting ? This is your way ? Fighting isn’t ’a way‘ !”

Captain Britain: “Behold Camelot ! None of the obvious jokes, please.”
Loki: “There are obvious jokes ? Are there obvious jokes I’m not making ?”
Captain Britain: “Yes.”
Loki: “Are they related to media ?”
Captain Britain: “Yes.”
Loki: “Are they old people media ?”
Captain Britain: “… Yes.”
Loki: “Well, that’d explain it. I’m very cool, you see.”

“No, All-Mother. For once, you listen ! And I did this all for you. You have no idea what I’ve had to sacrifice for you and Asgardia and everyone. I don’t expect gratitude. But if you don’t want Loki to save you, don’t ask Loki to save you !”

“I remain mysterious, even to me.”

“Odin’s stones.”

“In Odin’s name, is this wordplay trickery as annoying when I do it ?”

Loki: “You do know that you’ve lost, right ?”
Ikol: “No, I will change—”
Loki: “No, of course you won’t. They won’t let you. I played and won. I changed. You’re just being yourself, as always. I won and you lost. Never forget it.”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 05 Str: 04 Bod: 04 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 10 Wil: 10 Min: 09 Occupation: God of Mischief; Secret Agent of the All-Mothers
Inf: 06 Aur: 05 Spi: 08 Resources {or Wealth}: 003
Init: 021 HP: 040

Density Increase: 02, Invulnerability: 12, Shrinking: 01, Systemic Antidote: 06

Bonuses and Limitations:
Density Increase and Shrinking are Always On and already Factored In (-1).

Acrobatics: 05*, Charisma (Persuasion): 10, Occultist (Occult Lore, Ritual Magic): 05, Thief: 07

Language (Asgardian, The Old Tongue), Near Immortal.

Thor (High), Leah (High), Volstagg (Low), Hellstrom (Low), Hela (Low).

MIA (Stay and watch the results of his mischief), Mistrust, Unluck.

Starkphone [BODY 02, Data Storage: 06, Radio Communications: 08].


Dex: 04 Str: 00 Bod: 00 Motivation:
Int: 11 Wil: 13 Min: 12 Occupation:
Inf: 11 Aur: 16 Spi: 15 Resources {or Wealth}:
Init: 026 HP: 020

Claws: 01, Flight (Winged): 05, Shrinking: 06, Telescopic Vision: 02

Bonuses and Limitations:
Shrinking is Always On and Factored In (-1).

Charisma: 12, Occultist: 14

Area Knowledge (Asgard, Frostheim), Language (Asgardian, The Old Tongue), Near Immortal, Scholar (Asgardian Magic), Scholar (Asgardian Lore).

MPR (He’s a bird, and only exists in Loki’s head).

Design notes

There’s an unexplained scene where Loki contacts Thor either astrally or telepathically. Given he otherwise doesn’t exhibit any shred of magic when it could be useful to save his own life, I’m putting this down to something Ikol helped him with, either directly or by directing him to an appropriate object.

By Gareth Lewis.

Source of Character: Journey into Mystery #622-645, Marvel Comics.

Helper(s): Peter Piispanen, Sébastien Andrivet, Chris Cottingham, the main Loki profile on WORG, Darci.

Writeup completed on the 18th of October, 2014.