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Lux is an original character. But he exists in a possible future for the Tron movie series, which started with TRON in 1982 and continued with Tron : Legacy in 2011.

For context, you should first read the Tron : Genesis article, which explains the timeline  after Legacy.


  • Real Name: Lux.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Quorra (“mother”).
  • Group Affiliation: His own criminal/terrorist group.
  • Base Of Operations: Vancouver.
  • Height: 6’2” Weight: 170lbs. Age: About 19 (apparent/cyber), 4 (real world time).
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Black


Powers and Abilities

Lux is an incredibly powerful being in contrast to the relatively normal real world of TRON. He is a prodigy among ISOs.

Working in relative isolation in his own system, he has quickly progressed beyond mere super-genius to become the smartest being on the planet. He can easily create new inventions that make use of science and engineering beyond the comprehension of any human. His creations are even outside the capabilities of Quorra or the other ISOs.

Lux possesses the power to heal, reshape and empower any human or ISO within the cyber world. Any changes made will translate back to the real world, where they will become permanent.

This is the lynchpin of Dillinger’s plan for world domination. To provide exclusive enhancements the uber-wealthy power elite, including youth, beauty and immortality, with the end goal of controlling them.

Other assets

Lux can also bend the matter and energy of the cyber world to his will. He thus can create new devices out of the digital ether, which can also be translated to the real world. Not all of these creations translate exactly, as the laws of physics still mostly apply to the real world version – for now.

Lux is also a highly formidable combatant, detective, pilot and even an artistic genius. He is a potently charismatic leader who can bend humans and ISOs alike to his dark vision with relative ease. He is akin to a combination of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Adonis and Lex Luthor.

He is a dangerous foe, a powerful but highly unpredictable ally, and a nearly unstoppable threat to the human and ISO races.

Lux has access to his own version of the ISO Compute Cloud and Quantum Teleporter. When travelling for business or to attack his enemies, he makes use of his own powerful real-world Light Cycle variant and/or his awesome customer Flyer. He also makes use of a Grid Combat Suit and an Identity Disc for personal combat.



Lux is the ultimate enemy in the world of TRON five years after LEGACY. He was born in the new ENCOM ISO Compute Cloud’s cyber dimension, the first of the new ISOs that are the “children” of Quorra. He was always the most intelligent of the ISOs, even smarter than Quorra from the beginning, handsome, athletic, multi-talented and witty.

In many ways he quickly evolved into, seemingly, the perfect man and perfect partner for Quorra. The attraction between them never went further than mild flirtation, and Quorra considered his interest in her harmless. But Lux’s obsession only continued to grow stronger the more Quorra ignored it.


This formed the basis for his corruption by Edward Dillinger, ENCOM Chief Programmer and power hungry manipulator. Dillinger noticed Lux’s desire for Quorra. Then he hatched a plot to turn the desperate ISO into a dark ally.

He carefully dropped suggestions that Quorra would never leave Sam without a fight, that she would only love Lux if he utilized his full potential and became powerful in the real world like Sam. He built up the idea in Lux’s mind that Quorra would only truly be his if he both killed Sam and corrupted Quorra herself.

Finally, sensing Lux was ready to take the next step, Dillinger offered his assistance in reaching these goals.

Lux was conflicted at first, torn between his burning need to have Quorra at his side, and his instinctive desire to do good for both the cyber and real worlds. As a new ISO, he was born with a strong sense duty to help others. As the first and best of the new ISOs, Quorra had always maintained that he had a special obligation to uphold their ideals.

But ultimately, he decided that to have Quorra, he would first have to become her enemy, by becoming a powerful villain and by killing Sam.

Paradise lost

He came to truly believe that she would eventually come to her senses and realize that he was the perfect mate for her. But if he had to corrupt her instead, that was perfectly acceptable. In the end, his growing jealousy and hatred towards Sam turned the tide, and he was ready to step into the role of betrayer and villain.

With the help of Dillinger, he translated over to the real world using the Quantum Teleporter. Together they plundered ENCOM’s labs and data stores, copying every scrap of information and stealing every piece of tech they could carry that would enable them to accomplish their terrible goals.

Then they fled and set up a hidden headquarters in an underground facility beneath Vancouver. This would be the lair from which they would unleash technological terror on the Earth.

Lux immediately set to work building a new ISO Compute Cloud, breeding new corrupt ISOs molded in his own image, and recreating the Quantum Teleporter. With these tools he has assembled a formidable army equipped with highly advanced weapons, vehicles and other devices.

These enabled him to acquire more resources with which to further his plans, and to make terrorist strikes to draw out Sam and Quorra.


Lux is a tall, handsome, athletic, imposing young man with olive skin, dark crew cut hair, and intense dark eyes. He is powerfully yet lithely built.

His appearance gives one the impression that he is akin to a young Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great: a somewhat exotic look that radiates unmistakeable determination, power and intellect.

The Grid Combat Suit is his usual attire, although he has on occasion been persuaded to wear an expensive suit and tie when meeting with fussy clients of Dillinger’s black market trade in ISO transhumanist procedures.


Lux is obsessed, power-mad, in some ways unbelievably brilliant and in other ways frustratingly naive and impatient. He wants it all, and he wants it now. He believes his birthright is to make ISOs the dominant species on Earth and usher in a “golden age” of technological progress, exploration and pleasure.

His commitment to a vision of an Earth under ISO control, with himself as Emperor and Quorra as his Empress, is unwavering and all-consuming. He is supremely confident, supremely capable and supremely dangerous. He is quick to anger when strongly opposed, and will readily enter a homicidal rage when confronted with his ultimate enemy Sam Flynn.

DC Universe History

See the writeup for Quorra.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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A 4500 Point Character

Dex: 07 Str: 04 Bod: 06 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 12 Wil: 12 Min: 12 Occupation: Corrupting ISOs, conquering the world
Inf: 08 Aur: 08 Spi: 09 Resources {or Wealth}: 020
Init: 031 HP: 112

Recall*: 12, Interface*: 12, Transform*: 12, Damage Transference*: 12, Enchantment*: 12, Matter Manipulation*: 12

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Transform: Humanoids allowed, Can only assume limited range of forms, Only human shapes, only works in cyber dimensions, but effects translate back to real world and become permanent there.
  • Damage Transference: Heals BODY Damage, Heals MIND Damage, Only works in cyber dimensions, but effects translate back to real world.
  • Enchantment: Only works in cyber dimensions, but effects translate back to the real world and become permanent there.
  • Matter Manipulation: Only works in cyber dimensions, but objects can be translated back to the real world, with abilities adjusted per GM’s discretion.

Acrobatics*: 07, Artist*: 08, Charisma*: 08, Detective*: 12, Gadgetry*: 12, Martial Artist*: 07, Medicine*: 12, Military Science*: 12, Scientist*: 12, Thief*: 07, Vehicles*: 07, Weaponry*: 07

Attractive, Genius, Gift of Gab, Headquarters: Expansive, Intensive Training, Iron Nerves, Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Scholar (Computers, Quantum Teleportation).

Edward Dillinger (High), Corrupted ISOs (High).

Exile: Voluntary, CIH (Sam Flynn), Mistrust, MPI (Delusions of grandeur), Public Identity, Unluck, CIA (Corrupting Quorra and other ISOs, conquering the world), CIA (Mastering Quantum Teleportation), Arch Enemy [ENCOM and Sam Flynn].


  • LUX’s CYCLE [STR 04 BODY 11, Running: 08, , Radio Communication: 14, Laser Beam: 10, Radar Sense: 12, Thermal Vision: 06, Ultra Vision: 06, X-Ray Vision: 06, Telescopic Vision: 06, Extended Hearing: 06, Flash: 10, Chemical Attack: 08, , Force Field: 08, R#: 2, HP Cost: 525. Bonuses & Limitations:
    • Radio Communication: Scrambled.
    • Laser Beam: Serious Power Burnout (R#3).
    • Force Field: Catastrophic Power Burnout (R#: 5), Field Protects User Only, Can Attack Through Field].

    Lux has built his own custom real-world version of the Light Cycle using ISO-style nanotech. The cycle has a wide range of capabilities including hardened shielding for the rider and a passenger, an experimental force field, a powerful laser weapon that can blind or cut and burn, chemical gas bombs, a range of sensors, radar and a quantum-encrypted radio. It is extremely fast, light, agile and sturdy, owing to its design and the advantages of “building” devices using the Quantum Teleporter as opposed to conventional methods.

  • LUX’s FLYER [STR 04 BODY 08, Flight: 09, Laser Beam: 09, Bomb: 08, Radar Sense: 18, Radio Communication: 18, Telescopic Vision: 08, Thermal Vision: 08, Ultra Vision: 08, Invisibility: 06, R#03, HP Cost: 426. Bonuses & Limitations:
    • Radio Communication: Scrambled.
    • Invisibility: Catastrophic Power Burnout (R#: 5), Affects Sight, Affects Hearing]

    Lux’s Flyer represents the cutting edge of ISO technology as developed by Lux himself. Based on highly sophisticated nanotech comprehensible to Lux alone, it is light, strong and extremely fast. It carries an advanced sensor and communications package, a more compact (but still deadly) version of the laser weapon used in Lux’s cycle and a virtually inexhaustible supply of microbomblets with condensed explosive power. It also contains an experimental stealth module that makes it invisible and silent, allowing Lux to observe or even attack his foes from above without his targets ever knowing what happened.

  • ENCOM ISO COMPUTE CLOUD [BODY 08 INT 12 WIL 05 MIN 05 INF 04 AUR 04, Military Science (Cryptography): 12, Recall: 20, Split: 07, R#02, HP Cost: 444]. The ISO Compute Cloud is a cutting-edge, AI-based supercomputing cluster developed at ENCOM under the direction of Quorra and Sam Flynn. It serves as the home and birthplace of the new generation of ISOs. The actual cyber world “place” within is really a sort of pocket dimension, in game terms. If the Compute Cloud were destroyed, it’s unknown whether the system itself would be destroyed or if it could survive but become unmoored from the rest of the universe. The ENCOM Quantum Teleporter is required to move ISOs, humans and devices back and forth between the worlds. The Compute Cloud itself can be used like a “normal” artificially intelligent computer with very high-end processing and memory capabilities, in addition to sustaining the cyber world home of the ISOs.
  • ENCOM QUANTUM TELEPORTER [BODY 12, Dimension Travel: 12, R#02, HP Cost: 430. Bonuses & Limitations:Dimension Travel: Only to/from cyber dimensions]. This is the “laser” from Tron. See Quorra’s entry for more.
  • GRID COMBAT SUIT[/BODY/ 06, HP Cost: 33]. This is a version of the suit worn by characters in the Tron movies, translated from the cyber world to the real world by the Quantum Teleporter. Through the use of nanotechnology, it is thin, light, flexible and allows the user a full range of motion while still offering significant protection. It also has the familiar glow strips which provide some illumination.
  • Identity Disc [BODY 09, EV 09, Gliding: 03, HP Cost: 44. Bonuses & Limitations: Gliding: Only to return to user after being thrown]. This is a version of the Identity Disc seen in the TRON movies, translated from the cyber world to the real world. The use of nanotechnology allows it to be light, sturdy and cause significant damage when thrown or used as a bludgeon. Nanotech also enables the disc to return to the user after being thrown. The real-world ID Disc is the earliest product of ENCOM’s development of Quantum Teleporter + ISO system technology under the direction of Quorra and Sam, and is relatively simple and very reliable.
  • 10 AP A Omni-Gadget (x4).

By Bryan Venable.

Source of Character: Extrapolated from the ISOs in Tron: Legacy.