Endworld is an older series of post-apocalyptic novels. If you’re not familiar with the material, you should start by hitting Blade’s character profile, and the The Family profile for context, setting information and the like.


  • Real Name: Unrevealed.
  • Marital Status: Married.
  • Known Relatives: Melody (Lynx-like mutant wife).
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 4’ Weight: 60 lbs Age: Around 26 years.
  • Eyes: Green Hair: Gray-Brown body fur.


Powers and Abilities

Lynx, being a cat-like mutant, has several superhuman abilities. He’s:

  • Naturally exceptionally agile and fast.
  • Very stealthy.
  • Equipped with deadly claws.
  • Has good senses of smell and sight.
  • Possesses an exceptional force of will and personality.

His basic education by Doctor included many military and weaponry skills. Being an assistant in the labs taught him the use of computers, nuclear weapons etc..

Although the leader of Triad Bravo, his leadership abilities are not well-developed.

All in all, Lynx is a skilled being capable within many fields, but mostly prefers to just use his physical skills. Clearly he’s more intelligent than most of Doctor’s mutants (although don’t expect great philosophical conversations!).

His greatest drawback is his hot temper which often puts him in a berserker rage.



Lynx is one of the Doctor’s mutant creations. He was, apparently, a hybrid between a human and a lynx, which gave him a very cat-like appearance. Lynx, like all of the Doctor’s mutants, was given a basic education in various useful military and weaponry skills by the Doctor and even helped him in the labs of Bio-Center sometimes as an assistant.

Like all of Doctor’s mutants, Lynx wore the punishing control-collar around his neck. He grew increasingly independent and wanted his freedom more than anything else. But since he was controlled by the collar, he couldn’t escape.

Instead, while certain he would die, he attacked the Doctor, who he saw as having robbed him of his humanity. Lynx was taken down by the control-collar. Yet, rumors of Lynx’s attack against the dictatorial Doctor spread around the Civilized Zone to all freedom fighters. Doctor sentenced Lynx to death at a later point, and he was imprisoned in the labs he had been working in.

We are Family

When the Family Warrior called Yama, who had been sent to Cheyenne Citadel, including the Bio-Center of Doctor, in a reconnaissance mission, entered the labs, he found the entrapped Lynx. Yama soon realized that Lynx could be a useful ally against Doctor and freed him.

Lynx, who knew the area like his own pockets, soon got the two around to the most important parts of the whole Bio-Center. They got hold of many of the Doctor’s private scientific notes and later even found a portable nuclear weapon. The Doctor and the Civilized Zone were at the same time rallying and collecting the army for an attack against the Family and their allies.

Lynx, full of hatred against the Doctor, proposed that they use the nuclear device against the evil that was the Bio-Center (and hopefully the Doctor would be in the center at that point). Yama readily agreed.

The entire army was assembled outside the Bio-Center at the point when Yama and Lynx sent the nuclear weapon against them, obliterating both the Bio-Center and the army in one powerful blow. Lynx then followed Yama to the Family, where he soon became a permanent member (Citadel Run).

Band of mutants

At a later point two reluctant mutants, called Ferret and Gremlin, infiltrated the Family on orders of the Doctor. But they were caught. Craving their freedom, their collars were removed and Ferret and Gremlin joined their old friend Lynx in the Family. The three soon became the best of friends.

Later Lynx followed a group of men from various parts of the so called Federation, in which the Family were members, to the town Catlow, when the Federation decided that the Doctor was too great a threat to all life and had to be destroyed, and thus arranged a trap for the Doctor in that city.

The Doctor was to be drawn to Catlow by the presence of Lynx (who had a great reputation among the freedom fighters of the Civilized Zone) and then killed by the Federation’s army. Doctor arrived in Catlow with a large mutant army, but miraculously the seven men (Blade, Hickok, Geronimo, Lynx, Rudabaugh, Orson and Bertha) nearly defeated the army of mutants themselves before the Federation’s army could strike.

In the final battle Doctor himself faced Lynx, but was killed by Blade (Armageddon Run).

What goes around

Lynx himself later became bored with the safe life in the Family. He wanted adventure, traveling around and to be famous. More than anything else, he also wanted to be a Family Warrior.

The Doctor had had a mistress and lover named Clarissa, who now wanted revenge on Blade. She had convinced one of the Doctor’s allies, Primator, the computer ruler of the former city Houston (now called Androxia), that the Family Warriors planned to destroy Primator.

So, later when Blade and Hickok were kidnapped by androids, called the Overlords, as sent by Primator, the mutants Lynx, Ferret and Gremlin, sneaked into the plane they were using.

In the adventure in Houston Lynx met a female mutant just like himself, Melody, who he immediately fell in love with. At the end it appeared as if Primator was blown up by Blade and the entire team, with the addition of Melody, returned home again.

Lynx and Melody got married and Lynx received command of his own Triad. The three mutants were dubbed into Family Warriors in its’ latest Triad, the mutant Triad Bravo (Houston Run).

Lynx, being bored with the normal life, now remains an active Warrior and takes every mission he’s offered.


Lynx looks, as the name implies, like a lynx. This cat-like mutant has gray-brown body fur, green bent eyes, cat-like ears and a general cat-like appearance. He’s very short and lightweight, but, nevertheless deadly having a pair of razor-sharp claws.

He walks like a man, thinks and speaks like a man, but it should be clear to anyone that he’s filled with the strongest impulses of both human and lynx. Ordinarily, Lynx doesn’t wear much else except a piece of leather around his waist, and otherwise he’s completely naked.


Lynx has a very strong personality that is both animalistic and savage in nature, but also has more than a touch of humanity. His animalistic tendencies and impulses are extremely strong and mostly resemble those of a threatened feline creature. Still, being a human, despite his animal-like looks, he can be filled with feelings of longing, friendship, competition, humor and even love.

For example, he fell so greatly in love with Melody, another lynx-like mutant like himself that he actually was satisfied living like a human couple for over two whole years with the Family. In fact, he would like to live a normal, human life before anything else, but only for a while. Sooner or later he would again crave high adventure and combat.

He hates his creator, the man called the Doctor, more than anything else for robbing him of any chances for a completely normal human life. Lynx apparently was too independent and strong willed to be allowed to live according to the Doctor, who had decided that he had to die for everyone’s (mainly his own) safety.

Other traits

He feels great loyalty towards the Family Warriors and would risk his life for them, protecting them at all costs. His best friends are the other mutant members of Triad Bravo, since they also share the problems that he feels he has. Despite his good sides, if taunted he becomes aggressive, very aggressive.

Against opponents he often goes into a berserker rage, completely loses his head and strikes against weak points such as the genitals or throat (i.e. Critical Blows). Often friends have to talk him out of these rages.

He pretty much relies on his claws and animal instincts to finish off any opponent he might face. Actually, he rarely has the time or will to use a weapon, but instead uses his body to strike with, just like an animal would.

His survival instinct is extremely strong, but if he’s ever intimidated he goes into another rage rather than fleeing the scene. He speaks in a hip way and has a morbid sense of humor (he’s bitter about his situation, remember). His strong personality also makes him automatically take charge within small groups although he certainly isn’t a good leader.

He’s not a very good follower either; he is too independent and consumed by his own ideas. More often than not, his big mouth gets him and his pals into lethal trouble. Quite certainly, his friends find his irony and sense of humor to be fun and they probably also feel protected by him.


“Don’t move, lad ! Otherwise I’ll slit your throat open !”

“Grrrr…” (from back of throat and ready to go into a rage)

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 07 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Survival/Unwanted Power
Int: 03 Wil: 08 Min: 06 Occupation: Lynx, Leader of Triad Bravo
Inf: 06 Aur: 03 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: N/A
Init: 018 HP: 030

Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: 04, Claws: 06, Running: 04, Shrinking: 01, Ultra Vision: 02

Bonuses and Limitations:
Shrinking is Always On (-1) and already factored in.

Acrobatics: 05, Charisma (Intimidation, Interrogation): 05, Military Science: 03, Scientist: 02, Thief (Stealth): 07, Weaponry (Exotic, Firearms, Heavy): 04

Area Knowledge (Cheyenne), Buddies (Gremlin, Ferret), Lightning Reflexes, Popularity: Local Hero (Civilized Zone).

Family Warriors (High), Family (Low).

Serious Rage (was Catastrophic earlier), Married (Melody), SIH (Doctor), Strange Appearance, Misc.: body mass is 1 AP.

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen.

Source of Character: The Endworld Series by David Robbins.

Helper(s): Philip John Mason.