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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

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MagiQuest is a Live Action RPG. It originated in the USA in 2005. Players are wizards, using magic wands (essentially fancy remotes) to interact with placed objects.

This article is a simple overview of the MagiQuest game, focusing DC Heroes RPG stats for a sample Magi. It doesn’t cover the full depth of the game’s system.


MagiQuest has several locations including Pigeon Forge (TN), Great Wolf Lodge locations, even one in Japan. The game’s magical kingdoms (the layout and interaction inside the buildings) greatly vary from place to place. MagiQuest can be played by people of all ages, even children who can’t read can play with the aid of an adult.

All players take the role of a magic user. Gather equipment, spend whatever you like, but really a wand is all that is required. Other items like wand toppers can enhance gameplay. Some items unlock distinct quests or areas not available otherwise. Beyond this, a player can customize their look with capes, belts, and assorted other wizardly trappings.

There are five clans a player can choose to join.



The players are called “Magi”. They begin their quest by meeting a guide – say, a magical pixie or an aged wizard. They thus learn about a problem that requires their help. You see, only a Magi may use a wand to uncover special items.

The Magi quest throughout the lands collecting components. They’ll then return to the quest giver, who combines these components into powerful artifacts (Runes). The Magi gains more power through each artifact gained. This in turn allows them to uncover the mystery, and defeat a powerful enemy.

After completing a set number of quests a Magi gains a title. Junior Magi, Magi, and then Senior Magi.

There are many versions of the game. These include quests to defeat enemies such as Charlock the Dragon or Malachi the Shadow Lord.

MagiQuest Trailer

DC Universe History

In the DCU, Magi from the MagiQuest game really boil down to someone with the ability to use magic (Magic Background or Occultist Skill) and a wand.

You probably would like to know how to use a Magi in your game, either as a PC or an NPC. My initial thought is to run a game with everyone playing a Magi and the group works together to collect components and defeat enemies. Similar to the MagiQuest game.

MagiQuest wands and books of wisdom

However, in a super’s game, players usually want characters with differing abilities filling archetypes (frex: brick , gadgeteer , psionicist , etc.) The Magi might fill the role of a mystic. However, having a character spend a good portion of the adventure gathering materials for runes may feel like a drag for everyone else.

I’d suggest going with several 10 AP Omni-artifacts to represent the runes. The Magi gets a GM controlled dimensional sprite, from DC’s Realm of Faerie, that appears at specific points to give a list of components needed or deliver a new Rune to the Magi.

Let the components be found by using the wand to see them. Kind of like shining a flashlight. The Magi wouldn’t slow down the group as badly if the GM can allow components to be in more common places.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Chloe the Magi

A 110 points Character (without equipment)

Dex: 02 Str: 01 Bod: 02 Motivation: Upholding the Good
Int: 03 Wil: 03 Min: 02 Occupation: Magi
Inf: 02 Aur: 02 Spi: 03 Wealth: 000
Init: 007 HP: 005

Acrobatics (Climbing): 03, Artist (Painter, Writer): 01

Magic Background.

Wellington Elementary School (Low).

Age (Young, 10).


  • Wand [BODY 01, Cost: 01].
  • Wand Topper (Ice Crystal) [BODY 01, Time Travel: 13, Cost 146, Limitation: Time Travel only moves time from day to night or night to day (-1 F.C.)]
  • MagiQuest tunic, hat, cape, and belt with wand holster.

MagiQuest Runes

Here are just a few of the magical runes earned:

  • Enchant Creature Rune [BODY 06, Speak with Animals: 06, Cost: 14].
  • Portal Rune [BODY 06, Cost: 09]. Needed to open certain doorways into secret rooms.
  • Rune of Protection [BODY 06, Cold Immunity: 10, Damage Capacity: 01, Flame Immunity: 10, Bonuses and Limitations: Damage Capacity has the Instant Recovery bonus (+3 F.C.), Cost: 51].
  • Rune of Freezing [BODY 06, Ice Production: 10, Bonuses and Limitations: Ice Production may only be used to trap a target in a block of solid ice, Cost: 38].
  • Ice Arrow Rune [BODY 06, EV 10, Cost: 27].
  • Snowman Rune [BODY 06, Ice Animation: 10, Bonuses and Limitations: The Snowman only exists for two rounds then must be re-summoned. (-2 FC), Cost: 40]. The ice animation created with this rune looks like a typical snowman with a scarf, coal for eyes, and a carrot nose. He also wields a shovel.

All Runes have a range of Normal, cast through the Magi’s wand.

MagiQuest Wand Toppers

Wand toppers are purchased at the MagiQuest shop. Here is a small sampling:

  • Pegasus/Unicorn Horn [BODY 01, Teleportation: 10, Bonuses and Limitations: Teleportation only teleports an abundance of gold from the Chaos chest into each Magi’s possession. (-1 FC) Teleportation must be recharged by finding Dazzle, Enchant, and Healing runes in a set. (-1 F. C.), Cost: 16]
    Magi wielding this wand topper are recognized by specific beings in the kingdom. The wielder can ask Esmeralda the Spider, the Old Man in the Stone, and the Unicorn for what the Magi seeks from them and it shall be given freely.
  • Summon Xavier Topper (Blue Claw) [BODY 01, Time Stop: 10, Bonuses and Limitations: Time Stop only last for 03 APs of time. (-1 FC) Time Stop must be recharged by collecting a series of core magic runes.(-1 FC), Cost: 31]. The Villain Xavier can be heard laughing throughout the kingdom when Time Stop comes into effect.
  • Red Dragon/Global Dragon [BODY 01, EV 16, EV may only harm very specific named enemies listed below (-1 FC). EV must be recharged by defeating Charlock (-1 FC), Cost: 25]. EV represents using the power “Fireburst”, Magi can instantly defeat the Silver Dragon, Wintera, the Goblin King, and the Dark One Who Dwells in the Crypt.

Design notes

Notes from  say the ice arrow rune does more damage if the target is frozen. I did not add anything extra to the stats for this. When the target is frozen and immobile its OV is zero, giving a Column Shift already to the EV.

By Ethan Roe.

Source of Character: MagiQuest LARP.

Writeup completed on the 22nd of March, 2018.