Malice of the Marauders (Marvel Comics) possessing Polaris




Malice appeared in 1986. She is some sort of invisible energy form that can possess people. Malice seems evil, works for the bad guys, and has primarily clashed with the X-Men. She has possessed several women of the X-Men, such as Dazzler and Polaris, for extended stretches.

AFAIK there are no ties between the half-dozen of Marvel characters that go by “Malice”.



  • Real Name: Unrevealed.
  • Other Aliases: Lorna Dane, Alison Blaire (possessing these characters should be considered Subplots).
  • Marital Status: Unrevealed.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: The Marauders.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: Unrevealed if applicable. Weight: Unrevealed if applicable.
  • Eyes: Unrevealed if applicable. Hair: Unrevealed if applicable.

Powers and Abilities

Malice IV levitates around as an energy being invisible to everyone and completely immune against any physical effect. She can make herself be seen using her limited telepathic abilities if she wishes so.

Malice’s truly dangerous power is the power of possession which basically can be used to possess an individual of interest permanently. While possessing someone, she has free access to all of the target’s memories, allowing her to torment others even more effectively.

Malice also is an able speaker and serves as the Marauder’s leader unless Sinister is around, thus serving as a lieutenant under Sinister.



Nothing is known about the real name, background or even sex of the entity known as Malice. I’ll call it a she, for making it easier and since it has been hinted at in the comics, in this text.

Malice has often been given the status as the Marauders real leader, but bows down to the superiority of Mr. Sinister willingly.

Malice first gained prominence by possessing Alison Blaire, alias the Dazzler of the X-Men, during the so called Mutant Massacre of the Morlocks. After a while she was driven away, possessed Rogue for some time and then attempted to possess Storm, but was cast off by Storm’s powerful will.


Malice then led a Marauders assault to allow her to possess another X-Woman, Lorna Dane, alias Polaris, instead. In fact, once Malice possessed Polaris she was trapped in her body due to the magnetic nature of Polaris’ being. Sinister knew about this, but did not tell Malice about it.

She was trapped in Lorna for a time, and when Zaladane stole Polaris’ powers Malice was freed. She went to confront Sinister about this mess but Sinister tired of her and seemingly killed her.

In highest probability this Malice actually was an original Marauder and not a clone like the rest of her teammates (who have been killed several times), since her powers render her invulnerable towards physical attacks.

Malice has not been seen since (as of this writing).


The true appearance of Malice has never been seen. She is an energy being and often manifests herself as the better half of a character (mentally in the mind of the victim only, others cannot see her at all), thus looking identical to the victim. It has been hinted at that it actually is a she, and that she is a mutant.


Like the rest of her fellow teammates, the entity named Malice is a true sadist. She lives from the suffering created while possessing a victim. While possessing she has access to all of the victim’s memories and uses these to torment the victim’s friends and making the victim do things he/she is really opposed to doing normally.

However, unlike the other Marauders she prefers not to kill her targets, since that would be too quick, too painful. Better to torment them with the mind-tricks she constantly plays with her surroundings.

When preparing for a possession she usually makes herself visible in a mirror to the target and presents herself as the better half of the victim. After much discussion and bluffing, she then attempts to take possession of the victim completely unaware (getting a ’Surprise‘ Bonus). She definitely seems to prefer possessing women.

She is completely loyal to Mr. Sinister and being an able leader often serves as the leader of the Marauders. The rest of the Marauders have a slightly fearful impression of this mysterious Marauder that is on such a good footing (although still a servant of) Mr. Sinister.


“Why so surprised, honey. I’m part of you. You’ll never be rid of me !”

“Let’s not do anything rash, shall we ? Although I’m dying to see what a point-blank plasma blast to the temple would look like…”

DC Universe History

Since mutants aren’t big in the DC Universe the Marauders are somewhat out of place there. However, the team could be taken as they are in their entirety, hired by some powerful mogul like Lex Luthor, and pitted against any foe, including the JLA.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Malice IV

Dex: 03 Str: 02 Bod: 06 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 06 Wil: 11 Min: 09 Occupation: Assassin, Field leader of the Marauders
Inf: 07 Aur: 07 Spi: 09 Resources {or Wealth}: 006
Init: 016 HP: 055

Mind Probe 10, Personality Transference 13, Self Link (Spirit Travel) 06, Telepathy 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • SL: Spirit Travel is always on.
  • Mind Probe is only usable against a possessed victim.

Like most SL: Spirit Travel characters in the Marvel Universe Genre she’s Invisible to the naked eye unless she wishes otherwise (using her Telepathy to project a mental image).

Charisma*: 07


Marauders (High), Mr. Sinister (Low).

Miscellaneous Attack Vulnerability (Since Malice is in a permanent energy form, rather than a free spirit, she can be attacked by certain energy attacks. Finding her energy frequency, using Scientist, is a very hard task, but once successfully found (GM discretion; Opposition is suggested to be Beyond the Limit) it can be used to attack her and even drive her out from an possessed victim; additionally, if she takes damage from a Trans-Dimensional attack or similar she will immediately flee the scene).

By Peter S Piispanen.

Source of Character: Various mutant books, Marvel Comics.

Helper(s): Sébastien Andrivet, Pufnstuff, Nick Yankovec.