Master Man (Marvel Comics)

Master Man aka Ubermensch

(Willie Lohmer)


Master Man aka Übermensch was one of the recurrent and most powerful foes of Captain America and the Invaders during World War Two in the Marvel Universe. Thankfully, his mental strength never matched his physical might.

Though he chiefly appeared during the 1940s, he was a retcon . Master Man was actually created during the 1970s, like many comic book WWII tales.

If you were looking for a different super-strong-World-War-Two-thug-with-a-swastika-on-his-chest, see our guide to Captain Nazi.


  • Real Name: Wilhelm “Willie” Lohmer (in one version, William Lohmer).
  • Other Aliases: Übermensch.
  • Marital Status: Married.
  • Known Relatives: Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer (aka Warrior Woman, wife), Max Lohmer (aka Master Man, great-nephew).
  • Group Affiliation: Super-Axis, Überkommando, Third Reich.
  • Base Of Operations: During WWII : Third Reich (usually Germany), then in suspended animation under Berlin, then a castle in Switzerland.
  • Height: 5’10” (6’6” as Master Man) Weight: 145 lbs. (350 lbs. as Master Man).
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond (later White)


How glad am I to be superhuman

Lohmer’s code-name in German is Übermensch, a term with complex significations.

“Übermensch” was originally coined by 19th-century philosopher Nietzsche . The Nietzschean “overman” or “superman” is a person strong enough to embrace reality as it is and make his life unto a work of art, forging his own moral code free from the fears and beliefs of conventional society.

The Nietzschean übermensch’s stark will creates meaning in a world without a God.

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) (Marvel Comics) flying fist first on white background

The Nazis later used the word with a warped meaning, to describe a “master man” of their “master race”. In this sense an übermensch is great warrior. He has the courage and willpower to triumph over many men of inferior racial stock and from impure societies.

As a darkly humorous aside, the Yiddish word “mensch” also denotes a person of superior qualities — those qualities being dignity, kindness, and good character.


Powers & Abilities

At his peak, Lohmer could single-handedly engage the Invaders in combat.

  • He possesses enhanced prowess, speed and physique like Captain America.
  • He is strong and durable enough to fight Namor (in practice he’s usually stronger, unless Namor recently immersed in water).
  • He is essentially immune to fire, even the flame of the Human Torch.

He has proven able to flatten the entire team by himself, especially with the advantage of surprise. He was so fast as to successfully engage such extraordinary fighters as Captain America or Union Jack.

Master Man can jump so far and so powerfully as to practically fly. He is faster in the air than any WWII fighter airplane. It wasn’t uncommon for him to spot a flying plane and jump onto it — or through it ! — all the way from the ground. At some points, Master Man could actually fly and manoeuvre in the air.

Murkier aspects

One flashback also showed Master Man being severely wounded and disfigured. Yet these wounds had completely vanished by his next appearance. We thus assumed that Master Man could regenerate.&emps;This hypothesis is weakly reinforced by a scene where he swiftly recovers from being beaten up by Namor.

He might even be able to recover from seeming death. See the “Eternal return” section.

As noted in the game stats section, Lohmer’s strength, fighting prowess and whether he could fly have varied over the years. These vagaries were apparently tied to imperfections in the chemical treatment empowering him. The game stats list his power levels in chronological order.

History prologue – the Bund

Before he received his powers Master Man was a member of the Bund. Here’s a primer for those unfamiliar with this chapter of XXth century history.

The German American Bund was a pro-Nazi American organisation during the 1930s. It promoted goodwill between the US and Germany. Back then these shared significant common ground, particularly on the subject of eugenics. They went after the usual Nazi targets – Jews, government practices hampering corporations, Communists, workers’ unions, etc.

The Bund had some influence. They put together a few major rallies and holiday camps.

Of note for comic book fans were its protests about Timely Comics’ Captain America, depicting Cap punching Hitler on the cover – and drawn and written by Jews. The death threats of the Bund led Mayor La Guardia to send cops to protect Stanley Lieber (who would become Stan Lee), Joseph Simon and their colleagues.

The Bund maintained that they were pro-American. Yet they were often denounced as traitors after the US and the Third Reich declared war, and viewed with great suspicion. It was frequently called a “fifth column” – meaning a segment of the population sympathising with an incoming invader and willing to sabotage defence efforts.

However, between the inept “leadership” of Fritz Kuhn, the patriotism of many Bundists, and simple geographic realities, these accusations were excessive. They were a genuine menace for some Jewish Americans, however – particularly small businesses.

The Bund in super-hero comics

In comics books — Marvel and DC alike — the German American Bund was far more extensive and sinister than in the real world. In many ways, it is depicted as what the most ambitious and traitorous leaders of the historical Bund wished it could have been.

In the comics, the Nazis routinely ferry assets to America – often in U-Boats. They have an extensive spy network infiltrated into the US. Furthermore many members of the Bund, which is much larger an ferocious than it was in the real world, are traitors, spies and saboteurs taking their orders straight from Berlin.

This gave Golden Age super-heroes somebody to fight on the “home front”.

Comic book Bundists are often depicted as speaking a mix of German and English. While this may seem outré, it’s relatively accurate. Many German-Americans back then were still routinely speaking German in areas where they were the vast majority of the population, such as Wilhelm Lohmer’s home neighbourhood.

Comic book Bundists are way more numerous than the real Bundists ever were. The historical Bund had less than 10,000 active members. In the Marvel and DC Universes, the wildest claims — that there were nearly half-a-million Bundists in the US — might even be true ! And they are running around shouting “Heil Hitler !” with a Pennsylvanian accent.

Neo-Nazis in Berlin

The Neo-Nazis who later allied with Lohmer and Nacht in Berlin in the 1990s are also a comic book version of the real thing. In real-world Germany, such gangs are but small bands of malcontents.&mep;They’re certainly not well-armed, well-organised and well-connected criminals as depicted in the story.

This is presumably an effect of organisations and villains that do not exist in the real world (the Red Skull, Hydra, etc.) arming and training people who would otherwise be ineffectual marginal types.


Born during the 1920s, “Willie” Lohmer grew up in the Yorkville area of New York City nicknamed “Kleindeutschland”. Like most people there he was of German heritage. Lohmer was not well-educated, and during his youth was fascinated by the events in beleaguered Germany.

He joined the German-American Bund – and possibly the Friends of New Germany  before that. Wilhelm was also noted for being a physically frail man, much like his contemporary Steve Rogers.

(Another version depicts Lohmer as a German man who was sent to the US, presumably in the 1930s, to start a Bund manipulated by the National Socialist Party. This attempt failed. This version seems less well-established, since it was a feverish recollection by Namor.)

(Yet both could be true. Lohmer might have been born in the US, emigrated to Germany during the Great Depression because he admired the Nazis, then sent back as a faithful agent familiar with the US. He might have helped found the Friends of New Germany or a similar organisation.)

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) being menacing

Perhaps because he was physically too weak to serve the Reich in America as a saboteur or fighter, Lohmer was used as an experimental subject. As such he was part of a project meant to create a Master Man.

Das Übermensch Projekt

The project’s was hidden under an abandoned farm in Virginia. Directed by one Colonel Kriegshund (presumably a code name), the project rested on the scientific genius of Nazi scientist Brain Drain (Werner Schmidt).

Even Brain Drain couldn’t finalise the ambitious Master Man research project. However, after Captain America became active the Nazis had a new idea. The man who created Cap, Dr. Erskine, had discovered before his death something akin to the missing last step of the Master Man project.

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) and Warrior Woman rush in

In late December, 1941, Nazi agents captured the closest colleague of the late Dr. Erskine, Dr. Anderson. They used one of Brain Drain’s devices to probe his memories.&esmp;This scraped enough information to synthesise the last chemical they needed – and Lohmer was fully empowered.

Minutes later, the Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond) attacked the lab. Master Man beat back the flaming Americans, but Kriegshund ordered him to follow him as they were urgently needed. The lab burned, but the Torches narrowly saved the gravely wounded Anderson.

Master Man was rushed to the coast to sink the H.M.S. Duke of York. Nazi intelligence had established that this battleship was ferrying Winston Churchill. Captain America (Steve Rogers), Bucky (James Buchanan), the Submariner (Prince Namor), the Torch and Toro delayed Master Man for a while, and Master Man’s powers started to fade.

Master Man’s arrogance likely saved Churchill’s life. During the battle he forbade a U-boat commander from torpedoing the British vessel, to claim the glory of the kill. As he tried to flee, the weakening Lohmer was captured. Kriegshund, the only man who knew how Master Man had been created, was killed in the fray.

War ! What is it good for ?

Nazi spies freed Lohmer from his high-security cell and shipped him to Germany. Lohmer was exposed to more, better doses of the chemical so his powers wouldn’t run out again. He was allegedly made stronger by this treatment.

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) destroys a wing of the Invaders' airplane

For the remainder of the war he served as an elite Nazi agent. He frequently clashed with Allied super-heroes and was often found at Hitler’s side. Being American and bilingual, he also sometimes operated in the US.

Master Man once captured the Allied saboteur the Mighty Destroyer in Germany, and used the Destroyer’s costume to trick other Allied heroes.

The war goes on

One person managed to duplicate the Master Man treatment – Nazi super-spy Fräulein Rätsel (Julia Koenig), who became Warrior Woman. Now having a superman and a superwoman, Hitler declared them to be husband and wife so they would have children.

This declaration was met with anguish by the misandric Koenig. Lohmer was furious and distraught at being rejected. Though she had to obey the Führer and go through the marriage ceremony, Warrior Woman always held Master Man in contempt and at arm’s length.

Master Man fought at least one time traveller – the Thing (Benjamin Jacob Grimm). He also contributed to the death of famous genius Nikola Tesla, stealing recent work from the Serbian inventor and setting his hotel room on fire. The very sick Tesla died of cardiac arrest minutes later.

Tesla’s designs were then used by Baron Zemo to construct the Medusa Cannon, which was destroyed by Captain America and Bucky. Master Man also nearly killed Earth-616’s Steve Trevor and Diana Prince at the Riverview amusement park.

Master Man served — against his will — in Lady Lotus’s “Super-Axis” cadre of German and Atlantean enforcers. He was also part of the Überkommando, a rarely-assembled fighting force including all superhumans available to the Führer.

Le ventre est encore fécond, d’où a surgi la bête immonde

Senior Nazi officer Baron Wolfgang Strucker had information from the future. Based on this data, he planned to continue the fight once the Reich would have fallen. The main assets Strucker created would become Hydra, but Strucker had various side-projects, including two suspended animation cradles hidden in Berlin.

These were meant to keep Master Man and Warrior Woman hidden in suspended animation until the Reich would return. A young Nazi doctor, Herr Kraus, was recruited to keep the suspended animation equipment running. In 1945, while Berlin was burning, Master Man and Warrior Woman entered the suspension capsules.

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) on a snowy roof

However, during the Berlin Crisis of 1961, the Nazis lost access to the site hosting Koenig. It was in the now-closed Soviet Sector. They also nearly lost Kraus, though he was narrowly evacuated to West Berlin. The funding to maintain the site hosting Lohmer ran low, but a Nazi sympathiser, Herr Nacht, was wealthy and bankrolled Kraus’s work.

His son Axl built up the Nacht fortune into a financial empire. This made it easy to keep Lohmer’s suspended animation capsule in working order.

Cold War plans

Axl Nacht had plans, though. While Master Man was in suspended animation, Nacht had Kraus duplicate the Übermensch chemicals.

Axl Nacht thus became the second Master Man. Nacht had, as a boy, fallen in love with Julia Koenig-Lohmer upon seeing a picture of her. He was fascinated by the notion that she was laying Snow White-style somewhere in East Berlin for him to awaken her and profess his love.

When Germany was reunited in 1990, Kraus revived Lohmer. They then crossed the recently opened Checkpoint Charlie  to see how well Koenig had fared without maintenance. As Kraus had feared, the 1940s equipment had not held well after 30 years without a technician, and reviving Warrior Woman would be difficult.

By that point the original Human Torch (Jim Hammond) was active again. Dr. Kraus remembered reports about how the android’s “blood” had revived and empowered the British super-heroine Spitfire. With a team of German Neo-Nazis, Master Man kidnapped the Torch in the US. The Torch’s “blood” indeed helped revive Lohmer’s wife.

The Axl shuffle

Prince Namor attempted to intervene, but was thrashed by Master Man and the just-revived Warrior Woman and taken prisoner. This left Kraus and the Lohmers free to meet with their benefactor, Axl Nacht.

Steeped in Nazi resentment since childhood, Nacht wanted to conquer the recently-reunified Germany and impose a new order on the country. He saw the two wartime superhumans as his key asset for this. He also intended to send Master Man to his death at some point, then woo his widow.

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) punches through a stone wall

The opportunity for murder came earlier than planned – Namor broke out. Nacht sent Wilhelm Lohmer as a first responder, put the moves on his wife, and made Willie Lohmer’s powers vanish in the middle of the fight. Seeing her husband back to his frailer form, Warrior Woman haughtily rejected him in favour of Axl Nacht.

Emotionally devastated, Willie Lohmer rushed to the self-destruction circuit of the bunker and activated it, seemingly perishing in the explosion.

Hidden years

Wilhelm Lohmer actually survived, thanks to the super-soldier serum derivative in his veins. Blown into a sewer under the bunker, he fled Germany.

Somehow, ageing caught up with him. When he was seen again seven years later, he had aged by several decades and looked in his 60s. This may have been another result of Nacht’s sabotage.

Reflecting upon his past, Lohmer rejected his Nazi convictions.&emsp,For several years, battled with depression over his past crimes.

Lohmer lived in a well-equipped Swiss castle. Presumably this place was a sleeper Hydra base, and Hydra agents helped him flee to Switzerland and forge a new identity. This was facilitated by fact that Lohmer was now unrecognisable.

While looking for a way to do some good to redeem some of his past crimes, he met one of the “believers”. The believers were a small network of individuals convinced of the importance of the time-traveller Cable’s mission. Lohmer became one such believer, hoping to save the world from a terrible future.

In 1998, Cable himself came to Switzerland, and by a stroke of luck met with Lohmer – though he immediately sensed that something about the German expatriate was suspicious.

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) flies in

Cable — and his companion Irene Merryweather — confronted Lohmer over his past. They did not buy his wishes of atonement. However, Cable had to move fast and Lohmer was the only person with the equipment to track down and intercept his enemies. Cable and Lohmer soon left to cross part of the Alps in a snowcat in the middle of a blizzard.

Lohmer was still trying to explain his mindset to Cable when they were attacked by agents of the Hellfire Club. In the fray, Lohmer sacrificed himself to save Cable from a well-aimed shot. After whispering the name of his wife, the ex-Nazi died. The conflicted Cable decided to give him a field military burial.

The eternal return

Marvel has killed Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) four times as of this writing, with continuity errors. The History section above doesn’t dwell on these problems. But here’s the skinny for people who know about one or more of these incidents and might be confused as a result :

  1. Übermensch and Warrior Woman were killed in Wakanda near the end of the war by the Black Panther (T’Challa’s grandfather) using a special toxin. They were back in full form weeks later.
  2. Master Man then appeared to be killed in one of the Berlin suspended animation sites by an explosion he triggered. As noted in the history section this survival was explained.
  3. A short story depicted his death in a Berlin hospital as a consequence of the aforementioned explosion.
  4. He then died by being shot saving Cable as narrated above.

For characters who have been repeatedly, clearly killed off and came back without an explanation, we occasionally suggest a death-defying healing factor  in the game stats.

Since this writeup also includes regeneration powers in the game stats to explain the character being graphically disfigured then coming back without any sign of it, Invulnerability: 10 (in DC Heroes) or some Ranks of Immortality (in DC Adventures) might be considered for Wilhelm Lohmer.

Note that subsequent appearances by a character looking exactly like Master Man are actually his great-nephew Max Lohmer – the modern-day Master Man.


Master Man is a model Aryan, with thick blond hair and a handsome face. Yet his hateful rictus kinda ruins said handsomeness.

He’s eloquent, perhaps even long-winded. He can cram long and intricate sentences in very little time. Since he admitted that he wasn’t well-educated, it is possible that he’s drawing inspiration from the speeches of others. Hitler would be his obvious model.

His costume is made of leather.

Curiously, Master Man fights more like a martial artist than a Sturmabteilung beer hall brawler. This includes jumping kicks taking advantage of his leaping ability. Who taught him is unknown. A much later story in the Marvel Universe introduced Herr Samurai and his Ninja SS stormtroopers.&emsp.;These improbable characters might have taught Lohmer.


Once a frail man, Lohmer is now an impulsive, physically violent bully. He maintains that his power and his very nature as a superhuman make him able to do whatever he wants – which usually involves wrecking things. However he’s scared of Adolf Hitler.

Even by bully standards he’s a petty, vindictive man. He apparently accumulated an awful lot of frustration back when he was just Willie Lohmer – a tiny, stupid-looking guy mocked by men and rejected by women. Now he’s on a revenge trip and power fantasy.

This regularly results in episodes of bloodthirst. If Master Man feels insulted or frustrated, he may feel a need to let off steam in a murderous fashion. And not necessarily on an enemy.

Master Man will routinely threaten and manhandle weaker persons to obtain what he needs, or just on general principle. He’s cruel, the sort who would rather keep a hated enemy alive to torture them than finish them off here and now.

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) rebels

Master Man is a bit of a coward, but not against physical threats. He will rarely hesitate to enter a physical fight, but he might become very cautious or even frightened by threats of a more social or psychic nature. Examples include being berated by the Führer himself, being rejected by Warrior Woman, psychic attacks or Lady Lotus’s mesmerism, etc.

He hates being called a coward, though, and will likely become violent if he’s accused of being chicken.

Master Man is very attached to his wife. He clumsily wants to protect her (which annoys her), and is occasionally pathetic in his attempts to be chivalrous and helpful toward her.

Apparently, it never occurred to him that Warrior Woman was simply asexual or a lesbian. He blamed himself for her rejection since he was all too used to being rebuffed by women back when he was just Klein-Willie aus dem Wohnblock.


“NO ! The honour of destroying that battleship and all aboard, must go to me and me alone — not to some idiot U-Boat commander ! To ME, do you hear ?” (wap !)

“And I welcome the chance to show you, once and for all, that I am the supreme product of Nazi science !”

“Verdammt Manfische ! Decadent hybrid swine !”

(Attacking the Thing) “The only flag that shall wave over these decks, monster, is the svastika ! And it shall wave proudly, over the bodies of such grotesqueries as yourself ! In fact, I suspect you are not, nor have you ever been, an Aryan !”

“No one interferes when Master Man is out for blood !” (kills a hapless German soldier)

“You would do well to curb your tongue, Herr Doktor. Master Man is not accustomed to being addressed in such a manner.”

DC Universe History

Though Master Man was clearly designed as an opponent for the Invaders, he’s very close to DC’s Captain Nazi in outlook, appearance, abilities, etc.

He could also be the twin brother of Overman/Übermench from Axis America.

Nazis — especially comic book Nazis — liked experimenting on twins, after all.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Übermensch (at his peak, in 1942)

Dex: 09 Str: 12 Bod: 10 Motivation: Power
Int: 05 Wil: 05 Min: 05 Occupation: Warrior
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 006
Init: 021 HP: 060

Density Increase: 01, Flame immunity*: 09, Flight: 09, Jumping: 12, Regeneration: 05, Running: 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Density Increase is Always On and Already Factored In.
  • Flight is not always present, see below – but he can always use it as his movement speed while in the air.

None demonstrated.

Credentials (Nazi party, Medium), Credentials (Third Reich military, Medium), Language (German), Lightning Reflexes, Misc.: when fully powered Lohmer is the very model of the Aryan superman – which suspends his Socially Inept Drawback when interacting with people impressed by this (chiefly Nazis and other pre-1945 types).

Adolf Hitler (Low), Nazi intelligence (Low), Baron Wolfgang Strucker (Low).

SIA toward Impulsiveness and violence, Serious Rage, Socially Inept, CIA toward Bigotry.

Triumph des Willie… gelegentlich

Master Man’s strength and aerial mobility have varied. Explicitly so in the case of his strength, less clearly so in the case of Flight vs. Jumping.

The compound based on Dr. Anderson’s recollections wasn’t the perfect solution to finish the treatment Brain Drain designed. Thus, Master Man’s powers would occasionally degrade and have to be fixed through further experimentation with variant chemicals. The observed variations were :

  • During the first activation of his powers, his STR and Jumping were one AP less than noted in the stats block, and his powers would run out without injections every few hours.
  • In early 1943, his power waned for a while, leaving him with STR 08 BODY 07 Jumping: 06 and 15 fewer HPs than in the stats block. In this state he can be defeated by Captain America, provided that the Sentinel of Liberty spends enough Hero Points .
  • One gets the impression that he never quite recovered his 1942 level of STR, and he may have two less APs of STR, and one less AP of Jumping and BODY, than in the stats block during most of 1943 and 1944. His HPs were also lower, by about 10 points than in the stats block.
  • During one appearance in 1944 (month unrevealed), he’s back at his early 1943 diminished power level.
  • In 1990/1991, he’s back at full strength.

Flight seems to be an all-or-nothing affair. Either he has it or he doesn’t. It is possible that it depends on subtle limitation (for instance, he can only fly for 12 Phases per day), or it may just be even more unstable than his strength level and vanish between treatments. Flight was fully back during his 1991 appearance.

Game Stats — DC Adventures RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Übermensch (in 1942) — Averaged PL 11.6

-1 (12) -1 (09) 00 -1 (03) 00 (08) 00 01 -1 (02)


Super-Aryan strength ● 141 points
– Super-strength — Enhanced Strength 13, Speed 5, Leaping 12, Athletics 1 (+13).
– Enhanced alacrity — Enhanced Agility 4, Enhanced Dexterity 4, Enhanced Fighting 8, Chokehold, Close Attack 6, Improved Initiative, Move-by-Action.
– Invulnerability — Enhanced Stamina 10, Impervious Fortitude 6, Defensive roll 2.
– Fireproof — Protection 8, Enhanced Fortitude 8, Impervious Toughness 19, Impervious Fortitude 14 (all Limited 3 – to Fire).
– Perfect Aryan presence — Persuasion 4 (+6) (Limited 2 – to persons who admire the Nazi Aryan ideal), Enhanced Presence 3.
– Power of flight — Flight 8.

Healing factor ● 5 points (this Power is hypothetical)
Persistent Regeneration 2, Diehard.

Combat Advantages

Chokehold, Close Attack 6, Defensive roll 2, Improved Initiative, Move-by-Action.

Other Advantages

Benefit 1 (Senior member of the Nazi party), Benefit 3 (Senior operative of the Reich with access to Hitler), Diehard, Language (German).


Athletics 1 (+13), Deception 2 (+4), Perception 2 (+3), Persuasion 4 (+6) (Limited 2 – to persons who admire the Aryan ideal).


Initiative +8
Unarmed +14, Close, Damage 12


Dodge 12 Fortitude 12
Parry 13 Toughness 11/9*
Will 6

* Without Defensive Roll
Against Fire Descriptors Toughness is 19 and Fortitude 20, both fully Impervious


  • Motivation Pride, power, domination.
  • Obsession Nazi, racist.
  • Temper Violent, murderous, impulsive, casual killer.
  • Power Loss Strength often wanes, see below.

Power levels

  • Trade-off areas Attack/Effect PL 13, Dodge/Toughness PL 12, Parry/Toughness PL 12, Fort/Will PL 9.
  • Point total 168. Abilities -6, Defences 21, Skills 2, Powers 146, Devices 0, Advantages 5. Equiv. PL 12.

Triumph des Willie… gelegentlich

Master Man’s strength and aerial mobility have varied – explicitly so in the case of his strength, less clearly so in the case of Flight vs. Jumping.

The compound based on Dr. Anderson’s recollections wasn’t the perfect solution to finish the treatment Brain Drain designed, and Master Man’s powers would occasionally degrade and have to be fixed through further experimentation with variant chemicals. The observed variations were :

  • During the first activation of his powers, he had one less Rank in Strength and Leaping, and his powers would run out without injections every few hours.
  • In early 1943, his power waned for a while – his Strength is down to 8, his Toughness to 9 (w/Defensive Roll), his Fortitude to 10 and his Leaping to 6. In this state he can be defeated by Captain America, provided that the Sentinel of Liberty spends enough HPs.
  • One gets the impression that he never quite recovered his 1942 level of Strength. During 1943/1944 he may have operated with two fewer Ranks in Strength and with his Fortitude, Toughness and Leaping lowered by one.
  • During one appearance in 1944 (month unrevealed), he’s back at his early 1943 diminished power level.
  • In 1990/1991, he’s back at full strength.

Flight seems to be an all-or-nothing affair. Either he has it or he doesn’t. It is possible that it depends on subtle limitation (for instance, he can only fly for twelve rounds per day), or it may just be even more unstable than his strength level and vanish between treatments. Flight was fully back during his 1991 appearance.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Marvel Universe.

Helper(s): Loki,’s Tangency Open for helping polish the brief historical explanation about the term “Übermensch”, Barbarossa Rotbart, Darci. For the previous notes : VBTusky, JKCarrier.

Writeup completed on the 8th of July, 2011.