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Maverick (Christopher North) (Marvel Comics)


(Christopher Nord) (Profile #1)

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Stan Lee presents… The ongoing adventures of espionage and intrigue with the mysterious mutant mercenary… Maverick !


Maverick is a Marvel character with loose ties with the X-Men. He appeared in 1991 and met with some success during the 1990s, even having his own comic book for a while. He’s tied to the general paramilitary and espionage scene of the Marvel Universe, as well as mutant issues.

Maverick has always struck me as the kind of character many players may want to create in super-hero games – badass commando dude with a simple defensive power, big armour, mad skillz, lots of guns and a tough guy name. Might as well save time and play the actual, published character. 🙂

This profile continues in our Agent Zero (Christoph Nord) profile.



  • Real Name: Christoph “Christopher” Nord.
  • Other Aliases: David North, Christopher North.
  • Marital Status: Widower.
  • Known Relatives: Parents (deceased), Andreas Nord (brother, deceased), Ginetta Lucia Barsalini Nord (wife, deceased), possibly an unnamed, unborn child (deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: Formerly Weapon X member, Team X member, Cell Six member, former bodyguard of Psi-Borg/Aldo Ferro, former agent for Major Barrington.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 6’1” Weight: 230 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown

Powers and Abilities

Maverick is a highly talented commando, gunfighter and special agent. He has nerves of steel and is extremely experienced, knowing a lot of trivia and intelligence.

While his core skills involve sneaking in, shooting stuff to bits and blowing stuff up, he’s also surprisingly conversant with technology. His skills run from 1960s hardware to the latest classified computer gizmos.


His taste for top gear is evident in the state-of-the-art body armour he wears (described as fiberglass plates with padded kevlar lining) and the firepower he carries. Most of his hardware seems to have been built by Isabel Ferguson, the daughter of the Chief Armourer of the MI-6.

He’s also a smart, perceptive fellow who always does his homework about whatever his current assignment is, comes prepared and improvises gracefully when needed. A real professional.


Maverick’s mutant power is that his body absorbs impacts, such as punches and falls, without harm. For decades he was only partially aware of this. He eventually developed his power enough, possibly through Weapon X training, that he could actually channel the energy from impacts and return it as superhumanly powerful blows.

Weapon X also gave him their anagathic  genetic enhancement, apparently derived from Wolverine’s DNA. It is possible this piece of genetic engineering is what strengthened Maverick’s mutant ability.

Later on, his powers further mutated. This made him able to absorb more energy than before and to discharge it both as kinetic energy (punches), pure heat radiating from his hands (in DC Heroes RPG terms, Heat vision used without a Range) or energy beams combining the two (Heat vision).


See the game stats section.

Continuity, schmotonuity

  • Some elements, such as my hypotheses about the timeline and Maverick speaking Italian, are educated guesses. As usual there are editorial gaffes (in one appearance he explicitly doesn’t speak Japanese, yet he’s entirely fluent by the next one ; in one case he’s depicted as risking everything to save Creed, in another he insists on shooting him like a dog because he’s wounded) which I’ve swept under the carpet.
  • Likewise, he’s once referred to as having a healing factor . I just assumed this actually meant his anagathic factor and it joined the rest under the carpet. Elsewhere, there are references to him losing his power at some point (the late 1980s ?)… which does not entirely compute and are addressed in a special section of this entry.
  • Lastly, at one point it is implied Team X disbanded in 1963. But the Epsilon Red events mean it could not have occurred before 1969. Oy gevaldt.


Born in eastern Germany, probably in the late 1920s, Christoph Nord was an idealist.

He apparently did not spend much time with his parents. As an adult Nord was once fed a story about his parents having been militant National Socialists, and had no idea whether that was true. For this uncertainty to be plausible one must assume that was separated from them for unrevealed reasons before his teens.

After the second World War, he lived in the Eastern half of the country (the German Democratic Republic). Nord fought against the Communist regime as an agent for Cell Six. Cell Six was a small espionage and terrorism organization based in West Germany and with ties with various NATO intelligence services.

Cell Six apparently counted East German, West German and foreign operatives, and conducted fairly cinematic  operations.

The coldest war

Once, Nord and his compatriots (or possibly West German intelligence agents) were attempting to help a KGB cryptographer defect to the West. They were ambushed by an elite KGB agent, the Confessor. He killed their charge and threw Nord from a church tower onto the pavement below.

Nord spent six months in an Italian hospital. There he met and fell in love with a beautiful nurse, Ginetta. They were married within a year, probably somewhere around 1955.

It is likely at that point that Nord met the second documented Red Guardian (Alexei Shostakov), about whom he later said that he ’knew him personally‘. How a anti-Communist agent and the champion of USSR came to know each other is an untold tale.

After three years, Nord’s Cell Six covert team was slaughtered in ambush. Deducing that it was an inside job and that he had been left alive for a reason, Nord determined that the mole was none other than his beloved wife.

When he confronted her, she confirmed this and left him no choice but to shoot her when she grabbed a knife. Before she died, she told him she was pregnant and that he had not only killed his love, but also his unborn child.

Team X

Shellshocked, Nord threw himself into his work as a special operative. He became so skilled at it that, within weeks, he attracted the attention of the CIA. They hired him and changed his name to David North.

The Agency soon made him a part of Team X, one of their most elite units. It included three other mutants: John Wraith, Logan (who would become Wolverine) and Victor Creed (who would become Sabretooth).

Most of Team X’s activities remain undocumented. It seems that its members were not aware of each other’s mutant abilities. The known exception was Creed, who came to suspect the truth in the fading days of the team.

Creed and Logan knew about their own healing factor, but not that they both had one. North knew that he could somehow survive impacts that should have been fatal (from his early encounter with the Confessor), but it is unclear whether he realized that he was superhuman.

It is likely at this stage that North received the anti-aging factors from the Weapon X project. This allowed him to remain about 32 or 33 for years if not decades.

During one mission, while carrying Logan and Creed who had been severely wounded by shrapnel, Nord encountered a East German fire team led by his brother Andreas. Still desensitized from the death of his wife, North refused to surrender. He killed all his opponents, including his own brother, rather than surrender his wounded comrades-in-arms.

That assignment in Berlin

Another mission disintegrated in Berlin, when Team X attempted to kidnap Janice Hollenbeck, a double agent, from her position as an East German scientist. Team X ran straight into the deadly Omega Red.

They managed to steal the carbonadium synthesizer used to power Omega Red up, forcing the KGB to store Red back in suspended animation, but failed to extract Hollenbeck. Creed murdered to prevent her capture.

Team X was eventually disbanded under unclear circumstances. It seems likely that Creed’s murder of Hollenbeck is what triggered Logan’s departure and a CIA investigation on Creed.

Nord continued to immerse himself in espionage and wetwork as a mercenary, adopting the nickname Logan once gave him, ’maverick‘, as his nom de guerre. This period is the least well-documented of his career. Team X was apparently disbanded around 1969 and Maverick did not appear again until 1992.

The 1990s

At that time, Japanese crimelord Matsuo Tsurayaba and his allies, including former Weapon X scientist Doctor Cornelius, resurrected the Russian super-soldier Omega Red. In order to stabilise his mutant power, Omega Red required the Carbonadium Synthesizer, the device stolen from him by Team X decades earlier.

Omega Red captured Maverick’s former Team X teammate Wolverine, who had the location of the C-Synthesizer buried in his memory. They also nabbed several of Wolverine’s teammates in the X-Men.

Maverick was hired by former Team X liaison Major Arthur Barrington to prevent Omega Red from obtaining the Synthesiser. The agent tracked down another former Team X member, Sabretooth, to Omega Red’s location. With Maverick’s help, the X-Men were able to defeat the villains, and North subsequently killed Cornelius in an act of revenge.

Wolverine then gave him the C-synthesizer, which Maverick hid in a Weapon X base in Canada.

During this mission, Nord realized that neither Creed nor Logan remembered about him. They had been subjected to further memory alterations from the Weapon X project.

From Weapon X with love

Maverick was then assigned by the U.S. government to protect Aldo Ferro, a former Weapon X ally. Maverick’s fellow Team X alumni were tracking down Ferro to interrogate him. One of their number, Mastodon, had recently died when his age suppression factor was seemingly reversed. The others suspected Ferro’s involvement.

Unbeknownst to the former Weapon X agents, Ferro was the man responsible for secretly implanting them all with false memories during their time with Weapon X.

Maverick (Christopher North) with armor and weapons

Wolverine, Sabretooth, John Wraith and Silver Fox confronted Ferro and Maverick. Ferro then used his powerful psi-talent to activate pre-programmed pain memories in all Weapon X subjects, including his bodyguard Maverick. The sadistic Ferro then betrayed Maverick for no clear reason, and Maverick was told about the Weapon X age-suppression factors breaking down.

As a result, the German sided with his former teammates against Ferro. The memory manipulator was seemingly killed in the subsequent battle.

Man of a thousand missions

Barrington later sent Maverick to recover documents known as the Xavier Files, after the father of the X-Men’s telepathic founder, Professor Charles Xavier. The files were in the possession of a former colleague of Xavier’s father, Doctor Alexander Ryking, who was under the protection of the superhuman mercenary Warhawk.

During the ensuing clash, Warhawk unexpectedly exploded under Maverick’s fire, killing Ryking and seemingly destroying the files.

Maverick later had an opportunity to help the X-Men locate Wolverine in the ex-USSR. He explained to them the significance of an unofficial code name used by CIA field operatives to refer to a space launch base in Siberia.

That short, hairy Canadian bloke

At that point, Nord was on the trail of a serial killer of low-powered mutants, whom he suspected was Creed/Sabretooth. He eventually caught up with the killer, who was indeed Sabretooth, in Barcelona.

Nord was outclassed by his former colleague, who easily wounded him and fled from the church they were fighting in. But Creed practically begged to be stopped by Logan. Sabretooth was experiencing a severe psychotic episode and saw Wolverine as the only person able to take him down to stop it.

Maverick then raided the X-Mansion to kidnap Wolverine. Why he did not just knock at the door, and why he seemingly expected a hostile response, was not explained. Nord managed to take down Rogue, Gambit and Bishop using state of the art non-lethal weaponry, only to have Xavier tell him Wolverine had taken a leave of absence.

Maverick then allied with the X-Men and, at one point, the Silver Samurai to take Sabretooth down. This coalition eventually captured the psychopath and made it possible for Professor Xavier to start telepathic psychotherapy on Creed.

The Legacy Virus

Some time after that mission, Maverick contracted the Legacy Virus, an incurable, ghastly disease with a 100% mortality rate on mutants. This hit the long-lived Maverick hard, and he became suicidal.

After some deliberation, and as his condition rapidly worsened, Maverick decided to die viking-style at the hand of a true warrior. He arranged a fake ambush to force Wolverine to kill him, but Logan refused. Maverick had to walk away, his incurable condition continuing to slowly kill him.

Nord was then targeted by a conspiracy looking to create a remedy for the Legacy Virus using Weapon X genetic material. Being already infected, Maverick was an ideal target, but he managed to lay down enough gunfire to escape, even though the hit team was led by the killer Slayback.

In so doing, he learned that his opponents had already captured Deadpool, and he came again to the X-Mansion to enlist Wolverine to mount a rescue operation. That was :

  • In part because Deadpool was a former Weapon X subject and comrade-in-arms.
  • In part in the vague hope Deadpool’s mutated healing factor was actually a cure for the Virus.
  • In part to prove to himself that he could still fight despite his sickness.

Chasing the cure

Maverick and Wolverine managed to free Deadpool, but quickly lost him. Deadpool, however, soon mailed them some samples of his blood and tissues for the Beast to analyze, as a gift to Maverick.

The hypotheses regarding the curative powers of Deadpool’s DNA proved to be wrong. But Maverick was reenergized by the encounter and fighting along his old comrades-in-arms. Nord became determined to find a cure to the virus.

Despite his extensive contacts and experience, no lead more serious than Deadpool’s blood ever came up. Still, Maverick checked himself in one of the very few clinics accepting to provide palliative treatment to sick mutants. The doctors there tried various, heavy cocktails of prescription drugs in attempts to slow down the ravages of the virus.

This clinic was routinely besieged by anti-mutant protesters. Once, armed protesters cornered another Legacy Virus mutant victim, young Chris Bradley, in a nearby back alley. Maverick intervened and took the terrorists out before disarming the explosives they had prepared to blow up part of the clinic. Bradley helped with his electrical powers.

The other Chris

Bradley and his family soon ran into problems with a vicious anti-mutant militia, probably linked to the would-be bombers. After the assassination of Presidential candidate Graydon Creed, anti-mutants organizations stepped up their activities, and the harassment of the Bradleys escalated to arson.

Chris, a teenager, had been so impressed with Maverick’s tough guy attitude and big guns he decided to ally with him and reject the help offered by another mutant friend, Iceman.

Chris contacted Maverick in his safehouse. Though Nord, going through a phase of depression, initially rejected him, he was persuaded to help Chris when he noticed heavily-armed mutant-killers tracking the young man.

Bradley, a teenager knowing he too would die from the Virus, was determined to bond with the mercenary. Maverick kept telling him to take a walk and not to get involved with him, but was morally bound to defend Bradley from his pursuers.

Iceman and Wolverine eventually intervened and swatted the militia away from the weakened Maverick. The dying soldier decided to give Bradley what the X-Men could not — friendship in face of death. Calling on CIA contacts, he had the Bradleys relocated witness protection program-style. Maverick stayed in touch with Chris to provide moral support.


Now well into the final stages of the disease, Maverick was simultaneously found by Elena Ivanovna, who wanted to enlist him in her quest to kill Sabretooth, and Omega Red, who had learned that Nord knew the location of the C-Synthesizer. With the help of John Wraith, Maverick and Elena managed to escaped from Omega Red then take him down.

After the dust cleared, Elena decided to stay a while with Maverick to facilitate his passing. Although he thought he would die within days, Nord survived for months, perhaps due to the support of Elena. He used that time to start clearing up his caches of weapons and gear, so that they would not fall into the wrong hands.

Maverick eventually did die on Elena. She first tried to resuscitate him through CPR, then attempted to reboot his brain telepathically to revive him. This worked beyond all hope, likely due to the Weapon X genetic modifications.

Not only did Maverick revive, but 

  • His lost powers came back and further mutated.
  • Memory implants from Ferro which had scrambled his recollections of his life were destroyed.
  • He became the first and only man to ever beat the Legacy Virus, though the remission was unstable.
  • His face, hands and other mangled tissues fully healed within days of the telepathic shock.

A new lease on life

However, Maverick and Elena were soon captured by crimelord Ivan Pushkin, with whom both had clashed before.

Using the drugged Elena’s powers to implant Aldo Ferro-style false memories and make Maverick highly receptive to his suggestions, Pushkin fed Nord lies. He convinced him that the former Team X case officer, Major Barrington, was the one responsible for the death of Ginetta Barsalini Nord.

Maverick immediately accepted a mission to kill Barrington, who was to testify during a trial where Pushkin would be seriously incriminated. However, one of Maverick’s contacts, Isabel Ferguson, rescued Elena Ivanovna, and Maverick broke the conditioning as he was confronting Barrington.

Barrington was killed by another of Pushkin’s men. But Maverick later accessed Pushkin’s files and determined that Barrington had never been involved in the Barsalini deception.

Elena soon started a relationship with Maverick, though Christoph’s trust issues made it hard to handle.

Friends and loved ones

After a spat with Nord, Elena finally decided to try to kill Sabretooth, a practically suicidal endeavour. Maverick narrowly managed to save her, but she was left in a coma. Ivanovna’s condition greatly worried Nord, who feared that she might not recover.

Ivanovna being in a coma also meant that the psi-link she had established with Nord was weakened. That link turned out to play an important role in stabilising his remission.

Maverick also continued to be Chris Bradley’s best friend. He defended him against an assault from the Friends of Humanity and spending what time he could afford with him.

Маленькие трагедии

Maverick continued to clash with Ivan Pushkin, aka Ivan the Terrible. Pushkin thus sent the world-class ex-KGB assassin, the Confessor, after him. The Confessor defeated Maverick for the second time, and delivered him to Pushkin’s Russian estate.

Pushkin then was in the middle of a complex operation to amass a then resell a huge stock of weaponry, ranging from small arms to weapons of mass destruction and anthrax cultures. Nord allied with another prisoner, a young man named Krassno Granitsky who was struggling to be the new Red Guardian.

Despite the interference of Omega Red (whom Pushkin had hired as muscle), Maverick managed to foil the deal, and Granitsky destroyed the anthrax. However, Pushkin’s agent Scythe gouged out Maverick’s left eye. The German operative was left stranded and badly wounded, high in the Alps and cauterizing his eye with his bare hands.

No man escapes Weapon X

Maverick eventually recovered and made his way back to the US. Later on he inevitably found himself caught in a major change in the intelligence world — the relaunch of the Weapon X organisation. Hungry for superhuman agents, thy seemed keen on reconstituting the old star CIA death squad – Team X.

They captured Wolverine and started promising him they would rebuilt his memories. They surgically enhanced Sabretooth and gave him a new Adamantium -laced skeleton. They hired John Wraith. Wraith contacted Maverick to tell him the Team X train would soon be rolling again, but Maverick refused to be a part of that.

Sabretooth jumped him at that point, determined to bring him the the new Weapon X headquarters. Although Maverick fought brutally and gave an impressive performance against the more-powerful-than-ever Sabretooth, he was eventually defeated.

Sabretooth punched through Nord’s chest and drop him from a building. John Wraith was also apparently killed by Sabretooth. Hovering on death’s gate, Maverick was dragged to the main Weapon X medical center.

With only minutes left to live, Maverick reluctantly joined in order to survive. He was genetically modified to become Agent Zero.


Maverick has a noticeable, but not heavy, German accent.


Maverick consistently gives the impression of a professional, hardened commando. While he dislikes killing and feels guilty about it, he never hesitates to do it whenever necessary, which happens fairly often in his line of work.

If he has to neutralise guards he will shoot them dead and not knock them out, despite knowing full well his conscience will make him bitterly regret this afterwards. He will not kill defenceless targets, though — such as opponents he has managed to beat up into near-unconsciousness.

Though he’s pragmatic, he’s also extremely loyal toward his comrades in arms, even if they are vicious murderers like Creed. Nord will take huge risks to protect them.

He will always give the impression of a tough, confident, take-charge man in order to demoralize enemies, even if he actually is having doubts.

A rough life

Living in a world of death and deceit, and still being traumatized by what happened with his wife, Nord has issues with trusting people. He tends to systematically assume that folks are going to backstab and oppose him.

He had, in particular, difficulties in trusting even Elena, being haunted by Ginetta. He refused to use his positive relationships, such as Chris and Elena, as crutches. He may have deliberately kept his relationship with close allies such as Wolverine full of tension and clashes because he didn’t feel that he could afford true friendship.

The long-lived Maverick occasionally makes outdated references. For instance he once used a comparison from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  to explain something to Elena, who wasn’t even born when the movie came out (and grew up in Siberia anyway).

He also prefers old-fashioned, typically German alcohols, foods, songs, etc. when he feels blue, though those can be difficult to find abroad.

Who lives a life of danger

Nord is a solid tactician, and is very used to working with or against superhumans. When operating along with Elena, he swiftly integrated all the new possibilities her telepathy opened up in his tactics, and used those creatively.

For an idealist who spent decades fighting against Communist agents, the modern Maverick harbours no detectable trace of hostility toward Russians. In fact he routinely works with them, and sleeps with the daughter of a super-cosmonaut.


“Maverick to central. This is going sour fast, Major. Logan doesn’t know what the hell’s happening to him. I’m gonna remix this party a bit !”

“Sorry ma’am — improvisation is the order of the day.”

“Command security is clear.”

“You’re so eager to mambo with Maverick ? Fine. I lead.”

“I’ve got your back, Deadpool. These morons haven’t figured out who they’re fighting yet…”

“You think I nearly died getting there just so you could finish me off ?”

“Go with your parents, kid. Get out of here. These gentlemen and I need to discuss the inappropriate use of explosives and nicknames.”

“Not a pretty sight, eh ? I’m in the final stages of a Legacy Virus infection. Some days I can’t even get up. The booze helps some, but mostly it’s just a world of pain. How am I supposed to help anyone ? And what kind of help do you want ? Revenge ? Honey, when you are looking at the reaper dead in the eye, revenge doesn’t seem so important. It seems like a… waste.”

(Shortly before the detonation of a Paveway bomb ) “Put your hands over your ears and open your mouth.”

“My apologies for the rough treatment on your teammate — but she left herself wide open for that. There are no rules here. This is no game.”

(To Elena) “Let’s face it. My life is a mess — filled with so many lies and half-truth that I can’t even tell what’s right from wrong anymore. Dredging up the whole Ginetta business has me rattled. I feel… vulnerable, and I don’t like it.”


Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 07 Str: 04 Bod: 05 Motivation: Mercenary
Int: 07 Wil: 06 Min: 06 Occupation: Special agent
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 021 HP: 050

Damage absorption (to STR, Heat Vision): 12, Heat vision: 00

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Damage Absorption does not work against most forms of Killing Combat (including blades, bullets, neck-breaking manoeuvres and the like) and generally works only on blunt attacks such as punches, collisions, falls, kicks, concussive beams, explosions, etc. Note the Blunting effect of his body armour, though.
  • The duration of the Damage Absorption enhancement to STR is only a third the APs — that means a maximum of 12/3=4 APs, or one minute (16 Phases).
  • The APs of Absorbed damage redistributed to STR or Heat vision can never be above the APs of Damage Absorption (ie, no more than 12 APs). I assume this is the way the Power is supposed to work, but this is not very clear.
  • Damage absorption has a R# of 04. If he rolls below, things will seems fine but he will involuntarily release heat from his hands within the next ten Phases (GM’s call) — or perhaps even a blast or an explosion. This is due to the sequelae of the Legacy infection.

Acrobatics (Climbing): 05, Animal handling (Horses): 04, Charisma (Intimidation, interrogation): 05, Gadgetry (Identify gadgets): 05, Martial artist: 06, Medicine (First aid): 05, Military science (Demolition): 04, Military science (Camouflage, cartography): 07, Scientist (Computers, research): 05, Thief (Security systems, stealth): 06, Vehicles (Air, land): 05, Weaponry (Firearms, infantry weapons): 08

Expertise (CIA operations during the Cold War, general espionage/mercenary lore), Language (German, Italian, Japanese, Russian), Sharp Eye, Schtick (Paired firearms), Slowed Aging.

Mercenary scene (Low), X-Men (Low), Wolverine (High), other Weapon X subjects (including John Wraith and Deadpool, Low), CIA (Low), US military intelligence agencies (Low), CSIS (Canadian Intelligence, Low), Executive Elite (and thus Bashur aka Commcast aka Black Box) (Low), Elena Ivanova (High), Isabel Ferguson (High), MI-6 (Low), Bundesnachrichtendienst (aka BND, German Intelligence, Low), Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (aka BfZ, German Counter-Intelligence, Low), Dr. James Keller (Handicapped Navy physician attached to the SEAL units, High), Gregor Kokoschka (ex-KGB cartographer, Low).

Dependent (Chris Bradley), MIA toward Loyalty toward his comrade-in-arms, Misc.: Legacy Virus (see below). Near the end of that era, he briefly acquired a MPR (Missing one eye), but he apparently soon had it replaced with a cybernetic implant, since no MPR was apparent in the following appearances.


  • MAVERICK ARMOUR [BODY 08, Blunting: 08, Flame immunity: 02, Flash (steady illumination only): 03, Radio communications: 12, Sealed systems: 05, Shade: 02, Skin armour: 02, Thermal vision: 04, Note: Skin armour works on energy attacks, explosions, blades and bullets but NOT against blunt attacks, Drawback: Real armour.
    This suit of armour seems to be derived from the one he wore in Team X, except with much heavier plating and numerous improvements from Ferguson ; it included a transparent, heavily armoured gas mask (usually retracted in the faceplate) and a small reserve of air.]
  • Futuristic heavy assault rifle w/dual ammo clips [BODY 05, Projectile weapons: 07, Ammo: 16, Telescopic vision: 02, Advantage: Autofire, Note: can use the suit’s Thermal vision through the rifle’s Telescopic vision], w/rail-on grenade launcher [BODY 04, Range: 06, Ammo: 03. This short launcher can be loaded with any of his grenades, in any order].
    Apparently, Maverick only rails in the grenade launcher and/or the dart launcher (below) if he has a clear plan that requires them ; he does not appear to have them railed on ’just in case‘, presumably because they add quite a bit of weight to an already very heavy rifle.
  • Another weapon system that can be railed onto the rifle is a tranquilizer darts launcher designed to deal with super-tough metahumans ; three darts from this weapon were described as being able to ’put five elephants to sleep‘. Since he never used it against Sabretooth, it is likely that the drug is optimized for instant release throughout the system, and easily defeated by regenerative powers. Note that he has enough rail space to have both the dart and grenade launchers on, as well as the normal scope.
    Dart launcher [BODY 04, Projectile weapon (Bashing): 05, Sharpness (Projectile Weapons): 07, Poison touch (Bashing): 12, Ammo: 08, Bonus: Dart Bonus, Projectile weapons and Poison touch are Combined (but Projectile weapons must inflict pre-LDD RAPs ; on the other hand the Dart Bonus applies to both), Drawback: Dart Bonus can only be used if the shooter has 6+APs in Weaponry (firearms) or similar, Limitation: Regeneration acts as Systemic antidote against Poison Touch, and any Systemic Antidote is doubled.]
  • Maverick occasionally wields a pair of High-Capacity Machine Pistols instead of his rifle (x2) [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 05, Ammo: 12, Advantage: Autofire].
  • He was twice seen using Leptons Accelerator Heavy Pistols instead of the Machine Pistols (x2) [BODY 04, Energy blast: 06, R#03].
  • Futuristic combat pistol [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 05, Ammo: 14].
  • Incendiary grenades (x2) [BODY 03, Flame Project (No Range, Explosive Radius): 08, R#2, Grenade Drawback. Note that, with the Maverick armour’s RV against incendiary attacks, it is feasible for him to detonate one of those grenades at his feet and survive the deflagration unscathed.]
  • Offensive grenades (x2) [BODY 04, EV 07 (Area of Effect 0 APs), Grenade drawback].
  • Smoke grenades (x4) [BODY 03, Fog: 06, R#2, Grenade Drawback. The smoke does not interfere with his suit’s Thermal Vision.]
  • Neural gas grenades (x2) [BODY 03, Fog: 05, Poison touch: 06, R#2, Bonus: Fog and Poison Touch are Combined (with Poison Touch being active throughout the Fog), Drawback: Grenade Drawback. Maverick carries several forms of ’neural gas’ grenade, and can thus decide whether the effect is Killing or Bashing as normal. Not that the smoke looks exactly like the one of his normal smoke grenades.]
  • Breaching charge (x2) [BODY 02, EV 12 (area of effect 0 APs), Misc.: Take a full Phase to set up, Grenade Drawback. This shaped demolition charge can be used with minimal training in demolition, and is used to punch a man-sized hole through thick, reinforced walls.]
  • Scent suppression kit [BODY 02, Ammo: 04. This device was used to erase any scent he may have left in an ambush spot, to prevent dogs or individuals with a superhuman sense of smell from tracking him. This is likely a spray loaded with a cocktail of chemicals, and tracking by scent starting from an emplacement that has been sprayed is Pushing the Limit.]
  • Telescoping wand [BODY 01, Stretching: 01. This is a very lightweight wand (like the ones used in presentations before laser pointer) which can telescope for several meters and ends with a hook. It is pretty useful to press buttons, grab keyrings, etc. that are a few feet away]
  • “Chatterbox” [BODY 03, Radio communications (very encrypted): 12, Thief (Stealth): 08, R#2, Limitation: Thief (Stealth) only against interception/eavesdropping. This Ferguson-built cellphone can piggyback on pretty much any cell station and runs proprietary encryption algorithms. Obviously, encryption is only possible if the other person has a Ferguson-built phone.]
  • In some of his safehouses, he had a Skycycle.
  • During the confrontation with Sabretooth in the sewers to save Elena, Maverick used two special-purpose weapon systems that had been hastily assembled by Ferguson. Given how quickly they were assembled, both were likely based on earlier designs:
    • Maverick gauntlets were equipped with multiple Launchers shooting a barrage of pencil-sized and -shaped projectiles ; those would embed themselves in their target then start delivering brutal, regular electrical shocks, keeping down even a regenerating and superhumanly durable target. Unfortunately for Maverick, Sabretooth had recently gotten significantly tougher.
      Launchers [BODY 03, Projectile weapons: 05, Sharpness (projectile weapon): 04, Lightning (No Range, Continuing Damage): 08, Limitation: Projectile weapons and Lightning are Combined (but Projectile weapons must inflict pre-LDD RAPs), Lightning can ride the Range of the Projectile Weapons].
    • Maverick also sported a Booster Field — likely based on gear that was developed for him in the 1970s, when he had his classic powers. The Booster Field is a backpack that fits on the armour and looks a bit like a jetpack, since it has a large cylinder on each side. It amplifies all impacts Maverick receives tenfold for absorption purposes.
      Booster field [BODY 03, Power reserve (STR): 03, Limitation: APs of STR from Power Reserve can only be engaged if a similar number of RAPs from Damage Absorption are currently available].
    • He also seemed to have an additional AIR RESERVE [BODY 02, Sealed Systems: 08, Note: Can only be used to replace the normal Sealed systems of the Maverick suit.]

The man from C.E.L.L. S.I.X.

During his early career as a “freedom fighter”, Nord had one less AP in all of his Attributes (except for his STR and BODY) and Skills. He also had but a shadow of his future powers — Skin armour: 02 and Invulnerability: 05, both of which only applied against blunt impacts larger than a man’s hand.

This allowed him to survive several falls from tall buildings, and possibly some car crashes. His full powers blossomed during the Team X days, possibly due to DNA engineering using Wolverine’s genetic material.

The man from T.E.A.M. X

Maverick supposedly lost his kinetic absorption powers sometimes after Team X disbanded. I guess he is supposed to have lost them in the mid-1980s.

There are serious continuity issues with this, however, since during his encounter with Warhawk he both laments the loss of his powers… and seems to use them (surviving a sucker punch from behind by Warhawk, then punching him back with obviously super-human strength).

Later, when rescuing Deadpool along with Wolverine, he clearly has his powers (they in fact save his life several times), though they are diminished by the disease. Yet, some time later, he clearly states that he had lost them for years.

A possible No-Prize explanation is that he never lost his powers. Memory implants from Aldo Ferro only made him think that he had, and included mind blocks preventing him from realising their existence even as he reflexively used them.

This No-Prize explanation is even more useful when one remembers that Sabretooth, during his late 1970s and early 1980s appearances, didn’t have any clear superhuman powers. Positing that Ferro made them forget about their powers for some nefarious reason thus elegantly solves two separate sets of continuity issues.

Anyway, during the period Maverick can use his powers, use the following:

Damage absorption (to STR): 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Damage Absorption does not work against most forms of Killing Combat (including blades, bullets, neck-breaking maneuvers and the like) and generally works only on blunt attacks such as punches, collisions, falls, kicks, concussive beams, explosions, etc. Note the Blunting effect of his body armour, though.
  • The duration of the Damage Absorption enhancement to STR is only half the APs — that means a maximum of 6/2=3 APs, or 32 seconds (8 Phases).
  • The APs of Absorbed damage redistributed to STR or Heat vision can never be above the APs of Damage Absorption (i.e., no more than 06 APs. I assume this is the way the Power is supposed to work, but this is not very clear).

Shake the disease

After he caught the Legacy Virus, Maverick was considerably diminished. His body had a R# of 03 — whenever he rolled a 3 or below on any physical action, he would experience violent, bloody coughing and wracking pain reducing all of his Attributes, Powers and Skills to 0, from which he had to Recover normally.

Those fits usually resulted in unconsciousness (GM’s call).

His Damage Absorption, as described in the ’The man from Team X” section above, was permanently cut in half, to 03 APs, and became unable to feed his STR. Maverick also experienced regular bursts of pain and wracking coughs that did not reduce his Attributes, Powers or Skills in such a severe way, “only” lowering his AVs to 0 for a Phase – this happens if he rolls a 4 or a 5 on any action (even, at one point, on an Intimidation attempt).

This is partly due to the virus, and partly due to the heavy medication cocktails he has been prescribed to slow down the damage.

The general amount of pain, discomfort and psychological distress he was in gave him a permanent -1CS penalty to all of his AVs as soon as he became seriously infected. The Legacy Virus also started disfiguring him, giving him a Distinct Appearance and making him nearly always wear his faceplate or, failing that, wrapping the upper half of his face in cloth – for instance while sleeping.

Even after he was revived by Elena, his remission was unstable and the virus would occasionally make his revitalized, enhanced powers act up. After she slipped into a coma, Maverick’s body had a R# of 03 again, but a “breakdown” would only occur if the action involved significant physical exertion, and only reduced his AVs to 0 for a Phase.

He no longer had the permanent -1CS penalty or the Distinct Appearance — but at one point his power inflicted third degree burns to his hands.

Broken mirrors

Maverick does not, technically, have the Unluck Drawback. There are no clear instances of him inexplicably failing at something, or the like. However, it certainly has small-u unluck — as you can see throughout the history, the number of terrible things that happen to him is rather impressive, and the Fates really seem to dislike him.

Thus, while he does not have Unluck and gets to roll his dice normally, GMs should keep in mind that bad things should regularly befall to Maverick in order to be faithful to the character. Of course, he does get HPs from those Subplots, but said Subplots are so harsh that he keeps burning those HPs just to survive.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Various X-titles and his own series.

Helper(s): Roy Cowan.

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