Mazinger Z in Argentina photorealistic art

Mazinger Z


First, the main illustration by José Manuel Liébana. It’s cool.

Second, Mazinger Z (マジンガーZ) was an early, influential mecha  story. Both the animé  and the manga  were released in late 1972. It established quite a bit of groundwork for piloted giant robot stories, and was well-regarded in Japan. One of the sequels, UFO Robot Grendizer, was also important for the international spread of animé.

The following are shorter, older notes primarily about game stats for the robot.


  • Height: 60’
    Weight: 20 tons.



Scientists Dr. Kabuto and Dr. Hell discovered the remains of an ancient civilization, the Mikenese Empire, during an archaeological expedition to the Aegean Sea . They also discovered the remains of the Empire’s secret weapons, giant robots which they had used to guard their homeland.

Dr. Hell planned to use these robots to take over the Earth. Thus, he ordered them to kill the rest of the expedition to keep his goals secret. But Kabuto escaped and returned to Japan.

Working at the Photon Research Institute Kabuto used a new element, Japanium, discovered in Mount Fuji. He combined that with a new form of energy, Photo-Atomic energy, to develop an incredibly strong Alloy Z. With this he then constructed a heavily armed giant robot of his own, dubbed… Mazinger Z!

Mazinger-Z and related characters and foes

Dr. Hell sent his first assistant, Baron Ashura, to kill Dr. Kabuto. The attempt was a success. Yet Dr. Kabuto was able to inform his grandson, Koji, of Mazinger’s existence. Koji was to use Mazinger to combat Dr. Hell and his associates.

Koji went to the Dr. Yumi’s Energy Institute. Dr. Yumi was an assistant to Dr. Kabuto and had made a robot of his own called Aphrodite A. Aphrodite (and later Diana) was piloted by his daughter Sayaka. While it also had weapons, it was primarily a peacetime giant robot.

Dr. Hell responded to his new enemies by building his own female-bodied version of Mazinger, the Minerva X. At this point, the heroic robot started to show signs of having developed its own independent mind. It appeared to fall in love with its feminine foe. After being forced to kill Minerva to prevent it killing Sayaka and Diana, Mazinger went into mourning for its downed foe.

In spite of this, Mazinger Z was finally victorious over Dr. Hell.

DC Universe History

The remains Kabuto and Hell discovered were, surely, of Atlantean origin. Perhaps related to the Millennium Giants.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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MAZINGER Z [/DEX/ 07 /STR/ 15 /BODY/ 09 (19), INT 02 WIL 02 MIN 02 SPI: 07, Acid: 14, Anatomical Division: 14, Sharpness (STR): 04, Digging: 08, Full Vision: 06, Growth: 10, Heat Vision (I): 10, Heat Vision (II): 19, Ice Production: 10, Projectile Weapons: 10, Sealed Systems: 11, Super Breath: 12, Swimming: 05, Water Freedom: 05, R#03, HP Cost: 770 HPs. Bonuses & Limitations :

  • Acid Only Affects Metal.
  • Anatomical Division: Only hands may Separate, Parts have Flight.
  • Growth: Power Always On, APs figured in Characteristics.
  • Digging, Heat Vision (II), Ice Production and Projectile Weapons all have Catastrophic Power Burnout (R#: 5).
  • Projectile Weapons has Area Effect when impacting the ground].

Jet Scrander [BODY 09, Sharpness: 07, Cling: 11, Flight: 13, Projectile Weapons: 09, Hardened Defenses, R#02, HP Cost: 147. Bonuses & Limitations: Cling: only to attach itself to Mazinger’s back (-1) ; Projectile Weapons has a Catastrophic Power Burnout and the Dart Bonus].

Design Notes

Didn’t add STR to the Scrander as it can’t be used as Vehicle without Mazinger. Added some mental and mystical stats as, in the end, Mazinger started to develop some individual mind and was capable of feeling pity and love.

By KalEl el Vigilante.

Helper(s): Eric Lagendorff, Marcello, , , Sébastien Andrivet.