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Mega-Flex enhancer cola (from Nightwing) (DC Comics)

Mega-Flex strength drug

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Powers and Abilities

Mega-Flex is an anabolic compound with extraordinary effects. It somehow increases the muscle mass and muscle definition of the user over mere minutes, to the level of an experienced amateur body builder – or of a steroids user. As can be suspected these are not normal muscle fibres. A Mega-Flex drinker will acquire visibly super-human strength, and can destroy most ordinary objects with their bare hands.

A can of Mega-Flex seems to produce effects for maybe 60-90mn – this is difficult to say, since most cops using it were drinking caffeinated beverages all day long. If the drinker undergoes heavy exertion — such as fighting — a dose can run out within a few minutes, provided the person has not drunk it just before the fight.

For regular drinkers, having the effects wear off is unpleasant. Having the effects wear off as a result of exertion is much worse – in such circumstances regular drinkers will feel nauseous, will have difficulties to breathe, and may even experience cardiac arrhythmia. Trying to continue being physically active would likely result in vomiting and respiratory distress, and perhaps cardiac pain.

Under the effect of Mega-Flex, users become aggressive, prone to physical violence, much more likely to kill in anger, and seem to have diminished attention to details – for instance they don’t quite seem to find their mindset and musculature remarkable — as part of the addiction. They will escalate the least provocation — real or imagined — to assault and manhandling.

Medium-term Mega-Flex use promotes the development of muscle mass, at the cost painful side-effects and kidney damage.

Doctor Masao intended to find ways to moderate the secondary effects of Mega-Flex.

Since the effects of the product are physically impossible, it may have an alien origin – it is possible that the compound might be traceable all the way back to Apokolips and the Religion of Crime.


“Mega-Flex” is a caffeinated, sugary soda sold in 33cl metal cans. The can is decorated in a way evocative of a both Coca Cola™ and an energy drink.

Mega-Flex is also an experimental serum designed to confer temporary super-strength. Mega-Flex was created by chemist Masao Takashi, who wanted to outshine his father – a chemist behind several popular and successful medications, most of which are actually placebos.

Dr. Masao developed his compound illegally, in a hidden lab. The first field tests were done on unwitting subjects – hundreds if not thousands of cans were sold or given to pubs, specifically targeting police bars in Blüdhaven. Presumably Dr. Masao wanted subjects in decent health and with health insurance, but he also seemed to genuinely want to give the police an edge through transitory super-strength.

Dozens of cops — if not more — became addicted to Mega-Flex, usually when the coffee machine in their precinct house broke down and they needed a new source of caffeine. Soon Blüdhaven experienced incidents with super-strong, very aggressive police – and these policemen started suffering from health problems.

Nightwing — then serving on the force as Richard Grayson — tracked Takashi down and told him to stop distributing the serum. Thinking about how his father would react to the news, the doctor went postal and drank a large gulp of his own serum, trying to kill Nightwing using his temporary super-strength. His blows couldn’t connect with the agile Nightwing though, and all he managed was to wreck his own lab.

Dr. Masao was arrested by the BPD ; the Mega-Flex compound was never seen again to my knowledge.


Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Can of Mega-Flex

[/DEX/ 04 /STR/ 06 /BODY/ 05, Minor Rage, Minor Physical Restriction (Health Issues), Power Loss (Cannot augment any stat by more than 03 APs – persons with low or average Physical Attributes may thus have lower enhanced scores)]

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Can of Mega Flex

[Enhanced Fighting 1, Enhanced Strength 4, Enhanced Stamina 3, Quirk 3 (induces health problems, induces aggression and instability, effects run out as the subject exerts themselves].

Mega Flex is a PL5 Device and cannot enhance any Ability past 5.

By Sébastien Andrivet

Source of Character: DC Universe (Nightwing v1 #78-79)

Helper(s): Ethan Roe, William Chamberlin, Darci

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