Mister Majestic of the WildCATs (Wildstorm Comics) flying sideways

Mister Majestic


WildC.A.T.s was one of the most high-profile super-hero titles when Image Comics launched during the early 1990s. One of the secondary characters, Mister Majestic, was one of the Superman expy  characters of the “Image Universe” (in scare quotes since it didn’t stay an unified universe for long).

This entry describes an early version of Mister Majestic, from 1994 to 1999. Like many WildC.A.T.s characters, he started out as a generic, bland entity but later gained texture as better writers were brought aboard to develop the material.



  • Real Name: Lord Majestros of Khera.
  • Other Aliases: “Madge”.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: former member of Team One, WildCATs II, and Savant Garde.
  • Base Of Operations: North Greenland after leaving Team 1, then Halo H.Q. (WildCATs II period), then Smithsonian Institute (Savant Garde period), otherwise Mobile.
  • Height: 6’2” Weight: 205 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

Majestic is a full blood Kherubim lord of great potency. It makes him one of the most powerful beings on the Wildstorm Earth. He can fly, fire optic blasts and fight a pitched battle on the Moon against the whole StormWatch organization.

As any Kherubim, he is immortal and hard to kill, due to his superior endurance.


Like all Kherubims on Earth, “Madge” crashed there millennia ago. This was the result of a skirmish between their exploratory vessel and a Daemonite warship near Earth’s orbit. He was aboard the ship to provide a military/police asset to the exploration team.


During the evacuation, he managed to get Savant in his escape pod. But he had to leave Zealot behind while she was buying them time, containing the Daemonite boarding party.

Since then he has been grounded on our planet. Majestros feels his immense powers have to be put to defend the fragile human beings from all forms of evil, be it alien or indigenous. We know he started “fighting evil” since at least the Christians martyrs under the late Roman empire.

This role in Earth’s affairs is not unlike Superman’s in the DC Universe, except that Majestros always had a “superior race’s” attitude toward his foes.

He carried on his personal protective crusade during the ages, without making too much noise, until modern times. His interventions against crime and natural or unnatural disasters made him very popular.

During his long time on Earth, he felt his true Kherubim lord blood should in no way be tainted with Human genetics. Thus he apparently kept perfectly chaste – never having sex with a human woman, and keeping himself for Kherubim ladies (making it a short list with only Zealot and Savant. Not that *I* would mind, personally).

Team One

Some years ago, Saul Baxter, aka the Kherubim Lord Emp, confronted to a new Daemonite menace on American ground. He convinced Miles Craven, head of the emerging I.O. government security agency, to assemble a team of super powered being to contain the Daemonite threat in the US.

That was the birth of Team One, where Majestic fought along Zealot (then known as Lucy Blaize), John Colt (aka Yon colt, another great Kherubim fighter), Think Tank (aka Henry Bendix, soon to become StormWatch’s Weatherman I), Slay (aka Marc Slayton, aka Backlash), Isaiah King (father of Jackson King aka Battalion), and others.

Team One’s first mission happened as the Daemonite lord Helspont was scheming to launch a nuclear missile. When King learned this, however, he was alone and outgunned. The rest of the team tried to buy him enough time, but doing so, Majestic sacrificed John Colt, obeying the latest direct orders.

It didn’t prevented the missile’s launch, and team member Regiment had to jump on its back to disable it. This apparently cost him his ife.

After those tragic events (which might have been compounded by another, still unrevealed mistake), Majestic retired from the sight and affairs of the Human race. He settled beyond the polar circle, built a small wooden house, managed to keep the frost out of a 100 yards zone around the house and spent his time reflecting on his past mistakes.


That’s where Savant found him when she was called by Julie Kincaid (Marlowe’s right-hand person), to come to the WildCATs’ rescue before Tapestry would kill them. She convinced Majestic with the help of a small doll (apparently a memento of another perceived mistake from Majestros, presumably the one that finally led him to exile), to get back to work, at least to save Zealot.

Along with Soldier, Huntsman and Grifter, they managed to break Tapestry’s grip on the team. However, in order to do so, Zealot’s latent Kherubim lord’s ultra powers had to be activated. This brought her to nearly god-like level. Understanding it could destroy her soul, she asked to be killed.

Reluctantly, Majestic proposed to do it as fellow Kherubim lord. But Voodoo managed to exorcise her of these power, so no one died on this day. Afterward, Majestic resumed his crusade against evil on the surface of Earth.

Wildstorm Rising

During the “Wildstorm Rising” episode, Savant called him to her help again. This time, they had to win a race against the various Daemonite parties to retrieve their ancient warship, which held enough firepower to reduce Earth to rubble.

As they were fighting the Daemonite lord Hightower and another Daemonite, Mister White, was on his way with the remnants of the MERCs team, Savant asked from help from the WildCATs as well as StormWatch (who sent the hero Union).

Majestic defeated all opponents – but when Union arrived on the scene, a classic comic books misunderstanding resulted in a fight between Union and Majestic. The fight was even and when Savant came back to consciousness, she convinced them to stop. Together, they went to find the ship, found it and dug it out.

That’s when everybody else arrived on the scene : Helspont, Hightower and the WildCATS, StormWatch, Grifter and Wetworks. The battle that ensued saw the Wildstorm Heroes in a temporary alliance against the Daemonites.

Majestic went toe to toe with Helspont (again), and Defile then activated his mental control over Nautika and Sunburst, the latest of whom used the uncovered ship’s weaponry to take Majestic and Helspont down. The ship was revealed to actually be the Kherubim’s vessel and its power core was brought back to life, threatening to explode in a cataclysm of Biblical proportion.

Emp, Zealot, Void, Voodoo, Maul and Warblade climbed in and took off with it. Their goal was to fly far enough from Earth to avoid its destruction. The ship disappeared in a blaze of light, apparently killing all aboard.

The Tao disaster begins

Savant, given the task by Marlowe to keep the WildCATs’ flame alive, convinced Majestic to overcome his new found guilt in order to rebuild a new team and they started recruiting superhumans.

Though Majestic was reluctant about Savant’s weird choices for teammates, the very acute persuasive abilities of Tao made him participate without realizing he was being fooled (which would have provoked his wrath, knowing how superior he feels toward humans).

Following Savant’s lead, who, in turn, was manipulated by Tao, the WildCATs II started taking down the Troika, the cyborg HARM being their first target. Tao managed to convince Condition Red to kill the cyborg, pretty much against Majestic’s reaction to such pointless violence. Then, they took down the rest of the team during HARM’s funeral.

This raised the wrath of the villains’ community and a full fledged “Gang War” exploded between the mob and the WildCATs II. They were soon joined by some StormWatch officers when Clark’s, a bar for superhumans, was bombed.

During this period, Majestic admitted to himself he was in love with Savant, but was too proud to declare and was crushed upon learning she was involved with Tao. At this point, the original WildCATs came back from Khera, changed and divided by the experience.

The Tao disaster erupts

Voodoo quit, Marlowe took a break, Grifter responded to Deathblow’s call for help in Gamorra, and the rest of the team followed Grifter. When they reported what happened on Khera, Majestros was much more affected by the end of the eternal war with the Daemonites than by the revelation that Kheran society was rotten.

As a Kherubim lord, he was on the good end of the caste system, and apparently already knew that most other castes were practically slaves.

After the “Fire From Heaven” episode, in which the WildCATs II were not involved, both versions of the team fought in the escalating gang war. That lasted until they found out that the whole thing was orchestrated by Tao, down to the bombing of the bar that nearly cost Condition Red’s life.

To buy him time to escape, Tao released the team’s prisoners from their captivity. Majestic’s first work was to contain them – but when Tao messed with Ladytron’s inner nuclear reactor, he was also the only one able to prevent a disaster. He cleft Maxine’s body in two to isolate the reactor, and went into space with it to let it detonate.

When he came back, he was mad at Tao and reduces the plotter to ashes with his heat vision. Or so everybody thought, as it was later learned that the body was the shapeshifter Mr White’s, released by Tao and “convinced” to take his place.


Then came Crusade. This alien was bound to Earth, with the only purpose of getting rid of all Kherubim presence. He clashes with Zealot, then the whole WildCATs team, then against Union when he joined the fray. He was so persistent and resistant that none of them, even Majestic, could overcome him.

Crusade took, and took, and took again, but never stopped coming back for more. In the end, Savant, using Tao-like persuasive methods, put enough doubts in his mind to make him collapse.

As he was laying down unconscious, Zealot wanted to put him to death, but Majestic interfered. In so doing, however, he dared touch her sacred blades, making her mad – but she gave up the fight after a long stare down. Meanwhile, Savant was disgusted by her lack of vision and, confronted with the disaster resulting of her being in charge, quit everything to go back to her treasure-hunting life.

Zealot, concerned about her sister, and after reluctantly apologizing for her temper tantrum, asked Majestic to watch for her safety.

At Savant’s side

Thus Majestic joined Savant, to her displeasure. But though she believed she could take care of herself, Majestros knew that she needed someone to keep her out, or at least to get her out, of trouble. During her subsequent run for a Mayan artifact, they ran into Cybernary and Cisco, who were looking for the same artifact for more mercantile reasons. They both attracted unwanted attention.

First, Sheba followed them out of curiosity, then they found themselves surrounded by Tapestry’s goons. Savant used the artifact to flee. They arrived in an alternate dimension, where magic was much more prevalent than in ours. In this dimension, Tapestry ruled as supreme dictator.

The Cathrina (Cybernary before she becomes a hunter-killer) of this dimension led a rebellious guerilla. She had sent the mask to the WildStorm Earth to attract otherdimensional  champions.

This scheme was successful, as Majestic, in this dimension, was a great rebel leader who had already been killed by Tapestry. WildStorm’s Earth Majestros walked a mile in his alternate’s shoes and led the rebellion to victory. He did so even though Savant objected, as she was more willing to get out of here ASAP.

Savant Garde

So was born Savant Garde, as the people who fought along Majestic (Sheba, Disperse, Cybernary, Cisco and Miranda) had nowhere else to go other than sticking with Savant. When Cybernary’s secondary personality as Kaizen Gamorra’s daughter kicked in, Majestic helped Savant to bring her back, always smoothing down her revengeful mood.

In a short episode after the WildCATs came back from their time traveling, after Max Cash’s death and just before the team’s dissolution, Grifter personally asked Madge to keep in touch as a reserve member. While Ladytron was not fond of the idea, feeling he was out of place, Madge was more shocked by the idea of being a second rate hero.

This all ended with the revelation that Tao didn’t die at the Gang War’s conclusion.

Majestic then flew alone, in his own series, but I lost track of him.

Mid-2000s addendum

Recently, during a wild storm that threatened to rupture time, Majestic dropped out of the Wildstorm universe and ended up in the DC Universe’s Earth. The first person he rescued there from the storm — Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane — was also the only one who believed his assessment that Metropolis’ extratemporal technology was prompting time to reassert itself properly.

Most others, including the Eradicator, assumed that Majestic was somehow responsible for the storm. Even when he was proved right his brusque manners didn’t earn him any friends.

Unable to return to the Wildstorm universe, Majestic now operates on Earth, and has decided to resolve Earth’s problems. His methods certainly lack the compassion of Superman’s though, and tension is certain to occur.


Majestic is a handsome, very well built man.


The most important thing in his personality is his ego the size of a skyscraper. He knows he’s a Kherubim lord of full blood, and likes the other to know it as well. He knows he has immense powers and wants to use them for the protection of the feeble mankind.

So superior he thinks he is, that he refuse to mix with human stock. For all his time on Earth, he never got involved with a human woman. Though he has a lady killing physique, he refuses to take advantage of it.

So proud is he that he doesn’t allow any of his feeling to show up. He loves Kenesha, and being charged by Zealot to keep a watchful eye on her makes him comfortable. But he always keep a high attitude. Though he doesn’t agree with her methods or motivations, and they often argue over it, he still loves her the most.


“Peace humans ! I’m MISTER MAJESTIC !”

“I am what I am, Soldier. I do what I must.”

“That’s MISTER Majestic to you cowards !”

DC Universe History

Majestic would be a Superman wannabe, with equivalent powers but less humility.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Mister Majestic

Dex: 10 Str: 20 Bod: 18 Motivation: Upholding the Good
Int: 09 Wil: 09 Min: 09 Occupation: Protector
Inf: 08 Aur: 12 Spi: 11 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 037 HP: 080

Energy Blast (eyebeams): 15, Flight: 15, Invulnerability*: 18, Sealed System: 16, Superspeed*: 10

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Energy Blast is Lethal (-1).
  • Superspeed does not include increased movement (-2).

Gadgetry: 12, Scientist: 09

Attractive, Genius, Immortal, Insta-Change, Popularity, Scholar (Kheran history and culture, Daemonites).

WildCATS (Low), WildCATs II (High), Savant Garde (High), Savant (High), Union (Low).

Exile (Forced), Guilt, CIH (Daemonites), SIA (Savant).

Design notes

If you’re using Sidekick or BOH:SE, the Sealed system can be lowered to 12, since it has a +4 Bonus under those editions of the rules. This writeup also follows the “Superman has a DEX of 10 and occasionally uses his Superspeed to amp it” theory.

By Nicolas Lemaçon.

Source of Character: Images Comics (Wildstorm Universe).

Helper(s): Chris Gordon, Jackson, Perry aka Knightsky, Sébastien Andrivet, Hartley C. Holmberg.