Ms. Marvel – a guide to Ms. Marvels

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There are many characters named “Ms. Marvel”, and I guess it can be confusing to people who aren’t experts. So here’s an orientation (Wikipedia would say “disambiguation”) page for your convenience.

Carol Danvers – the big big chronological series

Carol Danvers operated as Ms. Marvel for a long time, though she’s also gone by “Binary”, “Warbird” and others before becoming “Captain Marvel”. Here is our main series of profiles about her.

Carol Danvers (Earliest) (Marvel Comics) in a flight suit, gloved hand raised Discussion of the continuity, the historical context, her place as an early lady pilot in the military, etc..

Carol Danvers (Earliest) (Marvel Comics) in a black jumpsuit Carol during her youth, before becoming Ms. Marvel, as a hotshot USAF pilot and a spy.

Carol Danvers (Marvel Comics) (Captain Marvel ally) Carol, still before becoming Ms. Marvel, as a diminished NASA security chief and Captain Marvel supporting cast.

Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) during the 1970s, landing Carol during her “year one” early career as Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel comics (Caroil Danvers) with the original black costume Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) during the 1980s, with the black leotard and lightning bolt symbol.

Binary (Carol Danvers) (Ms. Marvel Comics) from the Master Edition handbook Carol Danvers as the cosmically-powered Binary.

Ms. Marvel comics as Warbird, in flight Carol Danvers as Warbird (part #1, 1998/2000.

Kamala Khan

This is the Ms. Marvel of the 2010s – 16-year-old Kamala Khan from New Jersey. The best-known one after Carol Danvers.

Ms. Marvel comics (Kamala Khan) glowing giant fists Kamala in her earliest career, as she discovers her powers and sets up her Ms. Marvel identity.

Ms. Marvel comics (Kamala Khan) yelling hands on hips Kamala still during her early career, but already more experienced and confident.

Sharon Ventura

Sharon Ventura used the Ms. Marvel name during the 1980s, though her career was more tragic than successful. She also went as She-Thing at points. These are very old profiles, though there’s a request to modernize them.

Ms. Marvel Comics (Sharon Ventura) (Early) Sharon during her early career, before becoming the She-Thing.

She-Thing (Fantastic Four) (Sharon Ventura) by RonnieThunderbolts 1/2 Sharon as the She-Thing.

Karla Sofen

Karla Sofen (a.k.a. Moonstone, a.k.a. Meteorite) briefly used the Ms. Marvel identity and costume as one of the “Dark Avengers”.

Moonstone / Meteorite of the Thunderbolts (Marvel Comics) as Ms. Marvel of the Dark Avengers by Deodato Karla has a series of profile too, but here’s the one covering the era where she goes by Ms. Marvel.

Mary Marvel

DC Comics’s Mary Marvel can be confused with Ms. Marvel, but there’s no relation aside from the somewhat similar names.

Mary Marvel flying over a white background, by Middleton Mary Marvel, another close ally of Captain Marvel. Quick, old notes.