Namorita of the New Warriors (Classic era) (Marvel Comics)


Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


Namorita first appeared in Sub-Mariner #50 in 1972. Throughout the 1970s, she appeared as a secondary character in this series. She also made guest appearances in various Marvel series.

She became a major character in The New Warriors Vol. 1 in July 1990, and in the 1990s Namor adventures.



  • Real Name: Namorita “Nita” Prentiss.
  • Other Aliases: Kymaera.
  • Marital Status:Single.
  • Known Relatives: Namora (Genetic mother, deceased), Talan (Father, deceased), Betty Dean-Prentiss (Foster mother, deceased), Namor (cousin), Atlantean royal family.
  • Group Affiliation:The New Warriors.
  • Base Of Operations: New York City, New Atlantis.
  • Height: 6′ Weight: 225 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde.

6′ height despite the 5’6″ listed in the Marvel Encyclopedia

The way she was drawn in The New Warriors made her taller than Nova (5’9″) and Marvel Boy (5’10”). They way she was drawn in Namor makes her way smaller than Namor (6’2″), but I consider it the way for the artist to emphasize her role as a sidekick.

Powers & Abilities

Good seed makes a good crop

Namorita was of Atlantean-Human mixed blood, like her cousin Namor or her mother Namora.


As an Atlantean, her natural element was water. She was able to:

  • Breathe underwater.
  • Swim at great speed.
  • Sustain the harsh conditions at the bottom of the oceans (cold, darkness and pressure).

Her Human ancestry enabled her to breathe outside water. The pure blooded Atlantean are lacking this feature as they suffocate when in the open air. Her primary element remained water. If she didn’t immerse for a long period, she suffered some serious weaknesses. She could die of dehydration in a few days.

Like Namor, she had a superhuman strength enabling her to lift and throw a small bus. She was very resistant and very difficult to harm. She was nearly impossible to kill when underwater. She had two pairs of small wings on her ankles enabling her to fly, though at low speed.

Higher education

She lived on the surface and was a student at the Empire State University. She had a major in environmental studies, which involved a lot of sciences and a good deal of law.

Namorita of the New Warriors (Classic era) (Marvel Comics) studying on the floor

Her Atlantean royal ancestry granted her important privileges in Atlantis and on the surface as well, like the direct family of any foreign country’s leader. Eventually, she ruled Atlantis.

She also was an executive for Oracle Inc, her cousin’s company. It granted her comfortable income. Eventually, she became CEO.

Atlantean Ritual Shell Armor

To settle a very personal feud with Sea Urchin, Namorita put on an Atlantean ritual armor.

It was made of sea shells and covered most of the body and head. It was not very protective. Its value was foremost symbolic for the Atlanteans. While wearing it, no Atlantean can back up from battle. The fight must be to victory or to the death of the bearer.


Namorita was born in Maritanis, an Atlantean colony near Antarctica, over 30 years ago. Her mother was Namora, half-Human cousin of Prince Namor.

Because of her hybrid nature, Namora was sterile. She asked the Atlantean scientist Vyrra to impregnate her with her own clone. She never told her husband, Talan, as cloning was against Atlantean law.

Namorita (Marvel Comics) at Namora's funeral

Talan died when Namorita was three, during the destruction of Maritanis by the nuclear testings of a surface nation. The survivors, including Namora and her daughter, relocated in Lemuria.

Eventually, Namora was poisoned by Llyra, her rival for the love of Merro, Lemuria’s ruler. Llyra assumed the throne of Lemuria soon after. Namorita remained in her care (and her hostage), suspecting her of Namora’s death but unable to prove it.

Fostered on the surface

When Namorita reunited with the cousin she had not seen since her infancy, she had an adolescent crush on him. He was quite fond of her courage and determination, but she was still very young, as they both aged slowly. He entrusted her welfare to his longtime surface friend, Betty Dean Prentiss.

Under Prentiss’s guidance, Namorita attended high school and college. She showed strong political commitment, soon demonstrating against the Vietnam War. It wasn’t to Betty’s taste, but she loved the girl as her own. Namorita eventually considered Betty to be her second mother and took her last name when she died.

Nita went back to Atlantis on a regular basis, like a boarding school’s pupil coming home for holidays. She also got close to Ann Christopher, their neighbor. Together, they nursed Wundarr, the man-child from the stars, who later became Aquarian.

Namorita of the New Warriors (Classic era) (Marvel Comics) exercising

Collecting many treasures from undersea wrecks, Namor built a 10 billion dollars fortune. He used it to create Oracle Inc. He expected it to provide the power to right the wrongs men were doing to the planet. He gave Namorita an executive position.

New Warriors

During a students’ visit, Nita found herself coincidentally at the site of Terrax’s rebirth. It forced her into action. A group of teen heroes soon joined her.

This group became the New Warriors. She was a prominent member. She even took leadership of the team.

For further details of her adventures with The New Warriors, please refer to their team profiles.

Namorita of the New Warriors (Classic era) (Marvel Comics) yelling and flying out of water

Namorita had a very personal grudge against Sea Urchin, who was looting Atlantean property from the seabed. Donning the ritual Atlantean shell armor, she came very close to killing him, after an initial fight during which he scalped her.

She kept close to Namor, taking an active part in his adventures. When clones of Dorma, Namor’s first love, appeared, Namorita accompanied Namor to Vyrra. She discovered that she, herself, was a clone of Namora. Though upset at Namor for hiding this truth, she recognized his wisdom of keeping it secret.

Trouble with the team

Namorita had strong political aspirations, particularly toward environmentalism. She often opposed some of her teammates with a more laissez-faire stance, mostly Dwayne Taylor and Vance Astrovik.

In the Trans-Sabal fictional nation, The New Warriors got caught in a civil war, forced to choose sides. During a Mexican stand-off between General Halladah, Araq Mezdbadah and Aqueduct, Namorita wasn’t sure what to do. Her hesitation let Aqueduct kill Halladah.

Namorita (Marvel Comics) with the New Warriors, crying (Poisoned Memories story arc)

One night, Nita drank too much and wound up sleeping with a member of the Poison Memories gang. He took advantage of his visit to her apartment to steal the personal data she had on the Warriors. Then he arranged the kidnappings of their family: Rage’s Granny Staples was murdered, Firestar’s father was shot, and Nova’s younger brother had a finger cut off.


It was the peak of her emotional turmoil: feeling guilty about the Poison Memories fallouts, feeling in love with Nova (more below).

Seeking solace in Atlantis, she was repelled by the city guards. The news had spread that Namorita has been a clone of her mother. And as such, according to the ancient Atlantean laws, Lord Vashti banned her.

This accrued emotional stress provoked an extreme physical transformation. Her skin turned blue and her body turned more animalistic. Her water based abilities got better in this physical form, but she was also more vulnerable to the Atlantean limitations.

Banned from Atlantis, too ashamed of her appearance to get back to the surface, she fled to the bottom of the Atlantic. She changed her name to Kymaera, which is the Atlantean name of the ghost-shark, a legendary aquatic animal.

Namorita (Marvel Comics) as Kymaera hugging Nova, crying reunion

Namor, who had been through some extreme transformations himself, was here to comfort her. He convinced her of his love, and of the love of her friends The New Warriors. Very uncertain, she came back to the Crash-Pad. She first met Nova, and they resumed where they had left: a passionate kiss.

Then, the rest of the team welcomed her. Afterwards, her part in The New Warriors became much less prominent.

Abduction by Undertow

During a relief mission in Rwanda, Undertow kidnapped members of the two super-teams: The New Warriors and Air Force. Nova and Cardinal’s rescue mission failed to free Kymaera and Sparrow. Undertow implanted them with a chip to control their body and part of their mind. They became their new fighting pair of Soldiers of Misfortune: Hard and Fast.

Kymaera retained her self awareness and a part of control. When she fought The New Warriors, she avoided to seriously injure them… and even helped them escape.

Under The Mad Thinker’s impulsion, Night Thrasher and Rage freed her. They arrived just in time for the final battle against Volx.

New Atlantis

The New Warriors had never officially disbanded, but they had drifted apart. Kymaera went back to Atlantis.

Morgan LeFay had raised Atlantis to the surface. The Atlantean survivors found refuge in Maritanis. As Namor was part of the throng of heroes who disappeared to defeat Onslaught, Kymaera assumed the regency. She helped transform Maritanis into New Atlantis, a new capital city for the realm of Atlantis. She did so using her personal wealth, which nearly bankrupted her.

Namorita (Marvel Comics) ruling New Atlantis throne

She had to face some kind of civil unrest. Atlanteans were defecting to the Lemurian realm of Prince Llyron (the son of Llyra, who poisoned Namora). An ambitious Atlantean politician named Keerg took advantage of the economic weakness of Atlantis and usurped Kymaera’s position. He immediately made business deals with surface companies. Their unscrupulous policies threatened the ocean’s depths.

Namor eventually came back. It bolstered loyalist Atlanteans to overthrow the usurper and free Kymaera. Keerg’s business partner panicked. He made a sour deal with The Wrecking Crew, who had unfinished business with Namor. They took control of his operation. He called for Tony Stark’s help.

That’s how Iron Man got involved in these Atlantean power plays. The Wrecking Crew assaulted New Atlantis. Iron Man teamed with Kymaera and Namor to defend it.

In the aftermath, Namor reclaimed his Atlantean throne. Kymaera was free of her royal responsibilities and went back to the surface.

Further mutations

Her physical condition evolved again. First her blue skin began to crack and ooze and turn gray. Then, it peeled off like a snake’s skin, and she emerged with a new pink skin and the gorgeous body she had before. She changed her name back to Namorita. This further mutation granted her new abilities, related to underwater creatures: camouflage, acid and paralyzing poison secretion.

She had been doing some police duties for Atlantis when Speedball contacted her to reform The New Warriors. Though reluctantly, mainly because of Nova, she joined. Without The Taylor Foundation to support them, and with Namorita broke after rebuilding New Atlantis, she turned to her cousin for financial support.

Because it was important to her, Namor consented to break his vow of isolationism toward surface ventures.

Namorita (Marvel Comics) with the white costume

This New Warriors incarnation had two main adventures:

  • They defeated Joe Silvermane’s high-tech arms smuggling operation.
  • They helped Night Thrasher prevent The Hand from stealing Danny Rand’s Iron Fist power.

Namor had created a triumvirate to rule Atlantis in his absence, as he joined The Defenders again. Namorita was the royal family part, and thus stayed in Atlantis. She commissioned a joint venture with the surface, to study teleportation technology. She took part in the experimentation, which blew up in her face, and turned her skin blue again (but just the skin this time).

Finale: going with a bang

Night Thrasher reassembled The New Warriors: he, Speedball, Nova, Namorita, and a newbie called Microbe. Namorita agreed to joined because she was getting bored by her Atlantean princess’s life. Her skin was still blue and she had Atlantean tribal tattoos.

Dwayne came with a business plan: he had sold The New Warriors broadcast rights to a television company. Namorita was really not fond of that idea. It turned The New Warriors’ actions into a reality show circus. They had to bow to the production’s demands and legal entanglements… all things that Namorita despised at the peak of her political activism. Speedball was delighted to be on television.

Until they did one show too many.

Namorita (Marvel Comics) body-blocks Nitro singled

Under Speedball’s (mis)guidance, they had cornered four highly wanted super-villains, among them the explosive Nitro. Speedball launched a very ill-prepared assault, but a very TV-bankable one. Namorita singled out Nitro, expecting to impress him into submission. She didn’t… He exploded with the full might of his power…

Namorita, standing one foot from his face, got vaporized. And in a sense, she was better dead because…

This explosion took place in Stamford, Connecticut, and left over 600 dead… and started the first Marvel Civil War .

Romantic life

From her teenage years, she had a crush on Namor. She sometimes reminded him of it as a form of teasing. He considered her more like his dear little sister.

From their first encounter, it was clear that Nita and Nova would end up together. Yet, their first kiss happened rather lately, when she was the most vulnerable, just before she left the team after the “Poisoned Memories” arc. When she came back from her voluntary exile in the oceans, they resumed this passionate relationship. Undertow’s abduction interrupted it for quite a long time.

When she underwent her most terrible physical transformations, she went to Richard for comfort. He rejected her, claiming he had enough trouble on his own. After she got back to her pink skinned condition, she was really angry at him. She immediately sought payback: she went to the place Rider was sharing with Bernie Dillon and Caps Cooper, and had wild sex with Bernie in the next room.

This anger at Nova nearly cost Speedball her presence in the second New Warriors.

Namorita (Marvel Comics) hand-kissed by the Human Torch, paparazzi

After a chance encounter with Johnny Storm, they started to date. She wanted to further get back at Nova, and he liked the provocative publicity stunt. They became the tabloids’ favorite targets and played that game well. They grew quite fond of each other. Namorita even joined him for an alternate Fantastic Four team, while the other three FF were trapped in the Negative Zone .

But they were both assuming roles that kept them apart: he as The Human Torch of the FF, she as a ruling member of Atlantis. They were still very attracted to each other. Yet, every time they tried to get back together, they ended up arguing about who should leave his responsibilities to join the other.


Namorita was a tall, gorgeous, muscular young woman. She appeared in her late teens due to her Atlantean slowed aging. Like all Atlanteans, she had pointed ears and thin, high-arched eyebrows over her big eyes. Hers were blue. Until Sea Urchin scalped her, she wore her long blond hair in a pony tail. Then she kept her hair short for a while, but eventually let it grow back.

Namorita of the New Warriors (Classic era) (Marvel Comics) smug smile face closeup

Becoming Kymaera, her skin turned blue, her eyes grew rounder and were all black, she had 4-fingered webbed hands and shark-like dorsal fins at the back of her calves. Then her blue skin peeled off and she reverted back to a human appearance. In the end, her skin turned blue again, and she had carved white Atlantean tribal tattoos over her face and body.

While in action, with The New Warriors or Namor, she always dressed in green swimsuits. Otherwise, she either dressed like any female student or with female corporate executive clothes. She had quite a sense of fashion. During her Kymaera period, she wore a combat suit made of rag-tag sea shells and fishing nets she had gathered during her voluntary exile.

Afterward, she dressed in more usual sportswear: a white sports bra with fishnets and a white sports legging. In the end, she wore a red and white one-piece swimsuit.

She was barefoot most of the time, to let her ankle wings free. On the rare formal occasions she had to wear shoes, she often ended taking them off to fly.


She bore her cousin’s deep sense of honor. She was very loyal to her cause, her friends and her teammates. But unlike Namor, she had a sense of humor. She enjoyed spending good times with her coeds or Firestar, to whom she was the closest in The New Warriors.

Namorita of the New Warriors (Classic era) (Marvel Comics) black gown flying at night skyline

Despite a bit of bravado, she felt insecure. Though she was a member of the ruling family of Atlantis, her mixed-blood made her question her place both beneath the seas and on the surface world. Learning she was a clone only made it worse.

She was short tempered. As a strong-headed woman, she despised sexist comments. As a strong-bodied woman, she made her point to any male making such comments. The changes she endured as Kymaera made her quicker to anger. Her love life was one of violent passions… and one night stands. She was completely uninhibited with her body.

She was very sensitive, and active, toward environmental issues. As Namor, she tended to take personally any environmental offense to the seas. But her involvement was not limited to that. Other subjects also concerned her, like the rain forest or industrial pollutions. But after the Trans-Sabal debacle, she dampened it.

She might have still deeply felt the concerns, but she wasn’t expressing them anymore

As regent of Atlantis, she tried to be an enlightened ruler.

Namor and Namorita had always been close, even sharing a kind of bond. Even after she proved herself with The New Warriors, he was still overprotective of her. Despite pretending it was a past adolescent crush, she has always found him attractive.


“You’re not gonna rescue my cousin while little Nita sits at home darning socks, little lady ! I’m a real live sub-mariner, too, you know !”

“Besides, if I don’t hit the pool twice a day I’ll shrivel up and die and the room will smell like old sushi !”

Nova: “Look out, babe !”
Namorita: “Why did Terrax scream like that? And why did that punk risk suicide by calling me babe ?”

Namorita of the New Warriors (Classic era) (Marvel Comics) angrily punching wooden beams

(During an investigation committee after Trans-Sabal’s interference)
General Standish: “You don’t respect us very much, do you, Miss Prentiss ?”
Namorita: “No, do you respect me very much General Standish ?”
General Standish: “You have done very little to earn it, young lady.”
Namorita: “And you… and all your kind… have done very little to earn mine… old man.”

Nita: “So get your butt in here, and maybe we can do something to heat up the water.”
Richard: “I didn’t bring a bathing suit.”
Nita: “Well, since Vance is moving in next week, we won’t get much chance to do this again… So. Fair’s fair… You come in without a bathing suit… And maybe we’ll see about taking mine off as well…”

Namorita: “I thought you loved me, but you weren’t there for me when I needed you. If I want empty love, I can get it from anybody…” (Grabs Bernie Dillon by his neck tie and drags him to the bedroom)
Namorita: “You’ll do. Come with me.”
Bernie: “Yes ma’am! Be gentle”.

Nova: “So, like, what’s with you guys having new costumes.”
Namorita: “I just got tired of looking like a walking Sports illustrated  cover.”

Namorita of the New Warriors (Classic era) (Marvel Comics) swimming with dolphins

Aegis: “What ? Those clones aren’t people, Nita. If we let Genocide get away, she could hurt someone that really matters !”
Namorita: “I’M A CLONE ! And I matter ! We’re here to protect people… All people.”

Namorita: “We should give the press something to really talk about. I have to attend a benefit dinner tonight, for an environmental charity I support. I could use a date.”
Johnny Storm (attracting the attention of the tabloids’ photographers): “Yo, bud. Feast your eyes on this.”
Johnny (hand-kissing her): “Miss Prentiss, I’d be delighted to be your escort.”
Namorita: “Excellent. Pick me up at six o’clock.”

“This is a joint venture between Dr Carter and Atlantis, Johnny… A chance to show that our kingdom is not some backwater, but as technologically advanced as Wakanda, the United States or anyplace else.”

“I don’t want to be the Fantastic Four’s fifth wheel again. The one everyone only knows as The Human Torch’s girlfriend. […] Well, I’m not going to give up my life to be swallowed by yours ! I’m not the little mermaid, growing legs so she can be with her prince !”

Namorita (Marvel Comics) splitting with the Human Torch

Nita: “Are we too much alike Johnny… or too different ?”
Johnny Storm: Both, maybe. Like… matter and anti-matter. I see you. I want you. We get close.”
Nita: “Boom”
Johnny: “Every time.”

Namorita: “On your feet, Nitro, and don’t try any of your stupid explosions because that’s only going to make me hit you harder.”
Nitro: “Namorita, right ? Aren’t you The Sub-Mariner’s cousin or something ? Well, I’m afraid we’re not bargain basement losers you guys are used to, baby… You’re playing with the big boys now.” (BOOOOM !)

DC Universe History

In the DC Universe, she would replace Aquagirl (Tula), the daughter of Aquaman’s step-sister, Deborah Perkins (Deep Blue). She’s the foster granddaughter of Neptune Perkins.

See, it goes like this :
Family true for Aquaman, Nepture Perkins, Tsunami et al

She’d be the leader of an unit in the Atlantean army called the Drift.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 06 Str: 13 Bod: 10 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 05 Wil: 04 Min: 04 Occupation: Student, Corporate executive, Regent of Atlantis
Inf: 05 Aur: 05 Spi: 06 Wealth: 008
Init: 016 [017] HP: 040

Cold Immunity: 02, Flight: 04, Invulnerability: 010*, Speak with animals: 05*, Swimming: 05, Ultra Vision: 06, Water Freedom: 07

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Flight is granted by tiny wings on her ankles. Flying indoor is not an issue, but her wings could be targeted and thus her flying disabled. It requires a -2CS trick shot (0).
  • Invulnerability only when underwater (-1).
  • Speak with animals is limited to sea-life (-1).

Animal Handling (sea creatures)*: 05, Detective (Law): 03, Scientist: 03, Weaponry (Melee)*: 06

ATLANTEAN ARMOR [BODY 06 /SPI/ 08, Skin Armor: 02, Charisma (Intimidation): 06, Serious Rage, Real Full Armor, Misc. Drawback : /SPI/, Charisma and Rage for Atlanteans only (see Power and Abilities above)].

Attractive, Connoisseur, Languages (Atlantean, Lemurian), Local Hero (Environmentalist community), Rich Family (Namor), Rich Friend (Atlantis), Slowed Aging, Scholar (oceanology), Expertise (ecology).

Namor (High), Atlantis Royal family (High), Triton (Low), Aquarian (Low), The Fantastic Four (Low).

Authority Figure (Atlantean ruling member), Public ID, Distinct Appearance (height, ears, winged feet), Eclipsed (Namor), Minor Rage, MIA (Nova), Atlantean limitations (see below).


During her Kymaera period, her stats were a bit different.

  • Powers: Swimming 06, Ultra-vision 07, Water freedom 09.
  • Drawbacks: Creepy Appearance (instead of Distinct), Serious Rage (instead of Minor), add Guilt (Poison Memories).

Late Namorita

When she mutated back from Kymaera, she developed extra powers:
Acid (No Range, No AV) 06, Invisibility (Works while unconscious) 06, Paralysis 05

She no longer had Oracle Inc income, she dropped to Wealth: 004.

Her Drawbacks/Connections changed:

  • Connections: add The Human Torch (High).
  • Drawbacks: remove MIA (Nova), add MIA (The Human Torch).

Atlantean features

Characters with Atlantean ancestry (Andromeda, Namor, Namora, Orka…) share some common features.

Water mammals

The Atlanteans body is adapted to live underwater, and sustain the hard environment of the depth (pressure, cold, darkness). They have gills allowing them to breath underwater. They are natural swimmers. They have an average 150 years life span. Atlanteans have the following Powers/Advantages/Drawbacks:

  • Cold Immunity (BC5, FC4), Swimming (BC5, FC2), Ultra-Vision (BC10, FC1), Water Freedom (BC5, FC3).
  • Slowed Aging (5HP).
  • Distinct Appearance (blue skin and pointed ears, -10/15HP).

The average Atlantean has STR 06 BODY 05, Cold Immunity: 01, Swimming: 04, Ultra-Vision: 04, Water Freedom: 05.

Outside water

All Atlanteans also share the following Drawbacks/Limitations while outside of water.

Regular Atlanteans can’t breath outside water. They suffer from suffocation just like an air breather would below water. When they need to go to the open air, they carry helmets containing a supply of water to breath from. Consider it as Catastrophic Physical Restriction=50HP.

(Note that mixed blood Human/Atlanteans like Namor, Namora and Namorita don’t share this limitation. They can breath both above and below water.)

Atlanteans are much stronger under water. Outside water, they suffer a Power Loss of -2 AP to each Str and Bod. An Atlantean with less than Bod 3 falls unconscious if out of water. Consider it a -2AP Power loss on 2 FC6 Attributes for a common condition=6HP.

(Namorita drops to Str 11/Bod 8.)

Abilities loss
If they stay outside water for too long, they further lose their abilities. They suffer a Gradual Loss Vulnerability to: all Powers, Dex, Str and Bod. They lose AP at the rate of -1 AP every 8 hours (Time=13 AP). It stops when they reach the following lower limits: Powers are 0 AP, Dex is reduced by -1 AP, Str is reduced by -6 AP or reach 0 AP, Bod is reduced by -5 AP or reach 1 AP (both are further reductions from the weakness above).

Consider it a Gradual Loss Vulnerability (All Powers+Physical Attributes) for a common substance but with a longer time span (13AP instead of 4AP)=50HP.

Death by dehydration
If they stay outside of water even longer, they risk to die from dehydration. When the Gradual Vulnerability has reduced their Bod to the lower limit, it becomes a Fatal Vulnerability. They now lose -1 Bod for every 2 hours (Time=11 AP) further spent outside of water. The Gradual Loss Vulnerability continues to reduce the other stats. If Bod reaches 0, they die.

Consider it a Fatal Vulnerability to an uncommon condition, with a longer time span (11AP instead of 4AP)=50HP.

Attack vulnerability
Atlantean are particularly vulnerable to attacks based on dehydration. Such attacks have a -2 CS bonus on OV/RV. Attack vulnerability -2 CS to OV/RV against a rare attack form=10HP.

Heat vulnerability
Flame or heat based attacks increase the dehydration effects on Atlanteans. When they are hit by such attacks, the EV of the attack is added to the time spent outside water for the purpose of the Gradual Loss and Fatal Vulnerabilities. Consider it a Miscellaneous Drawback=25HP.

Players designing Atlantean characters consider it a 185 HP bonus.

Design Notes

  • Eclipsed Drawback detailed in New Rules File – Drawbacks.
  • Atlantean Drawbacks and Limitations based on Namor’s writeup.
  • Gradual Loss vulnerability set at 3 times a day. The statement in the quotes section above makes it sound right: to be that critical to dip twice a day, the loss period has to be shorter than 12h (but the 2h period of Namor’s writeup seems too short). She never looked that weak, except during the rocket flight to the moon.
  • Fatal vulnerability mainly set as a reminder that she can die when not immersed for a very long time.
  • Both are mostly speculative. I want to make them count as real Drawbacks if players want to make Atlantean characters, but I want to avoid them having to constantly adjust their stats: 8h can be the duration of a gaming session, 2h is like the duration of a scene.
  • An Atlantean player character has a base HP bonus of 165 (out of water drawbacks and the Base Costs of the basic Atlantean power pack).

Game Stats — DC Adventures RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Namorita — Averaged PL10.4

11 (13) 08 (09) 02 01 04 02 01 02


The life aquatic ● 9 points ● Descriptor: Homo mermanus
– Immunity 2 (Environmental cold, underwater suffocation).
– Swimming 5.
– Senses 1 (Darkvision).
– Enhanced Advantage (Favoured Environement (Underwater)).

The avenging granddaughter ● 14 points ● Descriptor: “Sub-mariner” hybrid
– Enhanced Strength 2, Enhanced Stamina 1 (Both Limited 1 to being immersed or soaking wet).
– Flight 3, Quirk (Binding her lil’ ankle wings nullifies Flight).
– Comprehend 1 (Speak and understand, sea creatures only).
– Healed by sea water — Enhanced Advantage (Diehard) and Regeneration 1, both Limited (when immersed in water).
– Feature 1 (Ages very slowly).


Armour of wrath ● 8 points (Removable) ● Descriptor: Body armour, underwater materials, cultural symbol
– Protection 4.
– Enhanced Will 5 (Quirk – only if the wearer is culturally Atlantean).
– Enhanced Skill (Intimidation, 4 Ranks) (Quirk – only on subjects who are culturally Atlantean).
– Enhanced Advantage (Startle).

Combat Advantages

All-Out Attack, Close Attack 5, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Move-by Action, Power Attack.

Other Advantages

Attractive, Benefit 1 (Atlantean royal), Benefit 3 (Millionaire), Connected, Diehard (Underwater), Favoured Environement (Underwater), Languages (Atlantean, Lemurian).


Athletics 1 (+14), Deception 1 (+3), Expertise (Sea animals lore and handling) 6 (+8), Expertise (Environmental law) 4 (+6), Expertise (General science) 4 (+6), Expertise (Oceanology) 8 (+10), Expertise (Ecology) 6 (+8), Insight 3 (+4), Perception 4 (+5), Persuasion 1 (+3).


Initiative +2
Unarmed +9, Close, Damage 11 (13 if sufficiently wet)


Dodge 10 Fortitude 11/12**
Parry 10 Toughness 08*/10/11***
Will 06

* Without Defensive Roll
** When immersed
*** With defensive roll and when immersed/soaking wet.


  • Large and in charge Namorita has a fiery, uncompromising nature and wants to change the world.
  • My kingdom for a seahorse Being an atlantean royal has its advantages, but it’s a never-ending source of trouble.
  • In your face Namorita is a minor public figure and celeb, and has a distinctive and striking (though still disguisable) appearance.
  • Intense Namorita gets worked up when she fights, and has something of a temper problem. These may lead to excessive violence. This goes triple when she wears that special cultural armour, which means she’s forbidden from backing down.
  • A ride on the human rocket Namorita is somewhat irrationally attracted toward Nova (Richard Rider).
  • Imperius Rex! When she is acting as a Namor supporting character, Namorita is markedly less capable. She won’t spend Hero Points, and a penalty of 3 to all her rolls sounds about right.

Hydration complications

Like most Atlanteans, she gets weaker the longer she’s not immersed. Every 8 hours or so (12 Ranks of Time), Namorita loses a Rank of Strength and Stamina. Every 10 hours or so, she loses a Rank of Fighting and Flight. Her lowest possible values through this dehydration process are Strength 4, Stamina minus 1, Fighting 2, Flight 0.

Once her Stamina has become negative, Namorita begins dying of severe dehydration.

Furthermore, her Fortitude defense is halved against dehydration-based attacks. And the Damage Rank of heat- and flame-based attacks is added to the Ranks of time she has spent outside of water to calculate dehydration as above.

Powers Levels

  • Trade-off areas. Attack/Effect PL 11, Dodge/Toughness PL 10, Parry/Toughness PL 11, Fort/Will PL 9
  • Points total 152 Abilities 62, Defences 22, Skills 19, Powers 22, Devices 8, Advantages 18. Equiv. PL 11.

As Kymaera

During her Kymaera era, she has :

  • One more Rank in Swimming in her “The Life Aquatic” Power.
  • Additional Effects in her “The Avenging Granddaughter” Power – Enhanced Fighting 2, Enhanced Agility 2 (both Limited 1 to when underwater).
  • Her “In Your Face” and “Intense” Complications worsen due to her blue skin, inhuman features and woresening temper.
  • She has an additional Complication due to her subplot with the Poison Memories, that may lead to (figurative) self-flagellation, indecision and guilt trips.

Late era

During her late era as Namorita, she loses her Benefit 3 (Billionaire), and her Complication about being attracted to Richard Rider is replaced by being attracted toward Johnny Storm.

She also gains an additional Power :
Strange additional mutations ● 12 points ● Descriptor: Mutant
– Secretions — Corrosive Damage 4
– Secretions — Affliction 6 (Hindered, Immobile, Paralysed)
– Chameleon skin — Blending Visual Concealment, Feature (keeps working even if she’s unconscious)

By Nicolas Lemaçon.

Source of Character: Marvel Comics (New Warriors v1-3, Namor The Sub-Mariner #1-50, Civil War 1).

Helper(s): Darci, Sébastien Andrivet.

Writeup completed on the 31th of May, 2017.