Neron the infernal lord trading card



Neron the Hell-Lord was the main baddie of the 1995 DC Comics event Underworld Unleashed .

While it wasn’t well-received in all-quarters, it had a semi-lasting impact on many super-villains by amping their power level in exchange for their soul.

This rough set of stats was lobbed at us by a passing reader (who was that masked man ?) and heh, why not.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 15 Str: 22 Bod: 18 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 18 Wil: 20 Min: 16 Occupation: Lord Of The Underworld
Inf: 18 Aur: 20 Spi: 22 Resources {or Wealth}: 30
Init: 051 HP: 150

Enchantment: 30, Sorcery: 30, Flight: 15, Illusion: 20, Awareness: 30, Dimension Travel: 10, Aura Of Fear: 15, Force Manipulation: 30, Shape Change: 25

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Enchantment can be permanent if the target negotiates his soul with Neron.
  • Enchantment Can Bestow Powers.
  • Enchantment can be cast in lots of targets without losing APs.
  • Sorcery Does Not Deals Mystical Bashing DMG if Neron Has Souls to Feed Him in The Jar.
  • Shape Change must take a form that is common in the world that Neron is.
  • Dimension travel can only be used to go to the Underworld.

Occultist: 20, Charisma: 20.

Area Knowledge (The Underworld) ; Attractive ; Genius ; Gift Of Gab ;Iron Nerves ; Pets : lots of demons (See Who’s Who 3).

CIA : To Making Deals ; Loss Vulnerability : to a pure soul (Effect : Attributes ; Powers Skills), CIA : To pervert Pure Souls.

Candles (BODY 6, Dimension Travel 10 (can only be used to travel to underworld)), Jar of Souls (BODY 30, Spirit drain: 30 Note : Is The Source Of Neron’s Power, if the Jar of Souls is broken , the character that broke it is attacked by its spiritual drain for 3 turns ; if reduced to -SPI he is drained and the jar of souls is recreated intact.

Neron has won (without any effort) a hand to hand fight with Mongul what justifies his high physical attribute.

I’m not sure if Neron has omni power or sorcery, I look at Lucifer Morningstar and all demons in the Hell’s Hierarchy they have sorcery, so Neron should have it to …

By Bruno D. D. Cerutti Vianna.

Helper(s): Marcelo Sousa, Eric M Padua.