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The Big Sweep is a process where all articles get a Context section, hyperlinks, no overlong paragraph, a blurb (the ones you see on our Random page or our home page) no or few overlong sentences, etc.. Quality and user experience improvements.

It’s quite a grind, and it’s been going for three years. But I can now see the end of this tunnel !

Right as of this writing, out of 5932 articles, there’s 99 left to sweep. And these are the most obscure entries on the site, with far fewer readers than the average. So the odds of you getting an article that doesn’t yet have the minimal features are darn low.


That some of this articles have low readerships make me a bit sad.

In most cases, it’s fine. Frex, entries where a Player Character from an old DCH campaign has been archived for posterity. That it gets fewer views is fine, since people aren’t going to search for something they have no way of knowing about.

In some cases, it’s a shame. Frex the article about Jimmie “the Gray Seal” Dale is very good. But few people remember about this intriguing 1910s forerunner of 1930s pulp fiction heroes, so they don’t search for him or recognise his name and picture.

Or (scrolls at random) the Astonishing Blood Armadillo. Few people are going to click on a guy with that name, but it’s a pretty funny article. And stories and games about this character adventuring and maturing could be pretty cool.

Therefore !

So feel free to hit that Random page and keep clicking. Almost everything has a blurb and a Context section now, so it’s less cryptic than it was back in 2016.

And if you find an entry without one, well that’s less than one chance in 60, and dropping. 🙂