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To Canadian and British Amazon customers come good news

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

As you know, writeups.org is an Amazon affiliate. These are the “Writeups.org and Amazon.com recommend…” boxes in the right-hand column of profiles. The ones that usually present the main books/films/games/whatever wherein the character being discussed appears.

These links are to Amazon.com. But we’re now using an Amazon script that redirects people with a Canadian or British IP address toward, respectively, Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.uk. *Normally*, it finds the book/film/game/whatever we were pointing toward.

(I say “normally” since the tech still seems to be in beta. It seems fairly reliable for Amazon.ca, but a bit temperamental for Amazon.co.uk. I’m sure it’ll improve over time, though.)

Links to Amazon also appear in a few texts (with a   icon to warn people it’s a commercial link) and in programmatic “shop related products” boxes in the right-hand column of most entries.

Amazon affiliation

Being an affiliate means that, when you click on a “Writeups.org and Amazon.com recommend…” link and buy something — anything — Amazon gives us a few cents. It costs you nothing – Amazon just pays us for having brought you there.

So, obviously, we encourage regular Amazon.com customers to do their shopping after clicking on one such link. And now, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk customers can do the same. So that’s, err, amazing.

Affiliate kickbacks are about half our ads-derived income. I uncharacteristically like it, since :

  1. Even if nobody ever bought anything, it’s still a good source of images to show the covers of the comics, the movie posters or other visuals about the story.
  2. I do the links by hand, so I’m sure there’s no crap being displayed.
  3. It’s *actually* useful for people not familiar with the book/movie/game/whatever and who think it looks interesting.
  4. It’s a good place to recommend more in-depth material about the setting or issues in the story (such as history books).
  5. The programmatic “shop related products” boxes sometimes produce really good information. For instance, that there’s now a new, much cheaper trade paperback edition of the story.
  6. And sometimes we just pitch goofy stuff such as plushies, or the “shop related product” algorithm gets something hilariously wrong.


Keep that in mind if you shop at Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.uk. The Amazon links on writeups.org are now useful both to us, and to you.

I would imagine that more Amazon storefronts in Anglophone countries will eventually get added to the program. We’ll let you know then.