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If you applied to join the Yahoo! Group in recent months…

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

… and didn’t receive an answer, it is highly probable that it was an accident. Imma explain.

The Yahoo! Group

The Yahoo! Group  is our community discussion space. Writeups.org is just a fancy archival site for the discussion that takes place there. We quite suggest that people interested in writeups.org content join that community.

To prevent spamming, we manually approve new members. This is why the group’s info page tells people to add a little message to the mods to show that you’re not a spammer.

So far, so good.

Things go vaguely wrong

However, with Yahoo!’s corporate misadventures, the technical procedure to approve registrations has slowly and silently fallen apart.

At first we stopped receiving the e-mail notifications that somebody wanted to join. But we still got the notifications that an application was about to expire (in fact that’s how we realised something was wrong at Yahoo!). Now it would seem that even those have discreetly vanished in recent months.

Thus, there’s a significant likelihood that we completely missed a number of applications in 2016. So if you wanted to join and were ignored despite having a little message as requested :

  1. It almost certainly was accidental
  2. We’re sorry about that
  3. You totally should reapply

In recent weeks I have set up a web browser tab where applications to join are listed, and manually check it every morning.