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Attack on Titan comics, Paradox video games bundles

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Looks like the Humble Bundle affiliate posts can be kept a two or three a month… this is good. Plus, if I publicly state satisfaction about that, Murphy’s law says that within days they’ll offer a really cool series of e-comics bundle that fit nicely with writeups.org articles. That’d be a good problem to have. 🙂

So, briefly :

Humble Bundle has a Paradox bundle up – starts at $1

Paradox video games bundle @ Humble (affiliate link).

Magicka and Cities in Motion are cool (plus, they’re on the $1 tier). They also have a good cross-section of those HUGE, grand-strategic Paradox games such as Crusader Kings II or Europa Universalis III, and the highest tier has recent galactic strategy game Stellaris.

Paradox games have *oodles* of DLCs, though. So if you end up really liking one or more of these grand strategy games, it’s a deep deep rabbit hole.

The middle tier also has Pillars of Eternity, an excellent RPG in the old-school Baldur’s Gate II spirit. There absolutely will be Pillars profiles on writeups.org. But in a long, long while because articles about games take such an outrageous amount of work to do.

Humble Bundle has an Attack on Titan Universe e-comics bundle

Attack on Titan comics bundle @ Humble (affiliate link).

For the lowest tier (a mere $1 as always) you get the first five volumes, then things get fancy. The highest tier has both the guidebook and artbook, which is the sort of things that are likely to be of special interest to WORG readers.

I’ve always regretted that we lack the manpower to do more manga and animé material. But Tom has been overhauling his old Japanese video games notes when he can, and Bryan has been thinking about new versions of his Bleach material. When he can.

And for what it’s worth…

National Parks guides by Lonely Planet @ Humble (affiliate link).

Travel guides. Good for those who travel. Even better for those who can only wish they could.

Torchlight games added for free in Humble monthlies (affiliate link).

The Humble monthly is that thing were you subscribe and you get a selection of games every month. It also comes with a stash of free games for all subscribers. And now there are both Torchlight games in said stash.

I wanted to quickly mention it because I really really like Torchlight games. We even have three sample character writeups with cool adventuresses. These are fun, well made, have great replayability, and seem to make a broad variety of people happy. Children like them and I, a crusty AARPG veteran, like ’em.

Okay, back to work… we’re less than a week away from when the next batch will begin to see publication, after all.

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