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Beware the fallout, part 2

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Fallout 2 arc at an end

This here update batch sees the end of our Fallout 2 material, with the profile for our sample Chosen One as its spine. This was a new format of sorts, with light dramatisation and the profiles delivered as episodes.

IMO it’s a good format and I’ll do something similar for our Baldur’s Gate material (remember – months-long grind means I play video games to take breaks). The main issue, as the Fallout 2 arc exemplified, is that it’s a *lot* of content on a single theme, and for a good while too.

Thus with the Chosen One, that was two solid months with most of the stuff being Fallout stuff. So the episodes could be published not too far apart so people could follow the story/sample FO2 playthrough. Not the best for those people who don’t like Fallout 2/only want comic book content.

Server load

As another random remark, I’ve stepped up security management to reduce the server load from attacks (we took several big waves recently, *supposedly* from the PRC). In late March or early April we’ll also likely do a hosting switch. Same price, same hosting service , but it’ll be their newer and faster infrastructure.

This and minor improvements (particularly in Jetpack’s load) are intended to diminish the number of moments in the day when the search engine conks out due to excessive server load. That’s when the search page displays no content at all. Yes, reloading the page once or twice works… but it shouldn’t have to.