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Bundle of games I can’t play yet, which is frustrating

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

That one’s even better than usual

The latest Humble Bundle video games… bundle is particularly good, so I have to mention it. But through some sort of stochastic perversity (yes, these are words) it’s also loaded with games I yearn to play but can’t yet.

Details at Humble Bundle (affiliate link) 

It has Broken Sword 5, all three Shadowrun RPGs, Age of Wonders III, Wasteland 2, Torments: Tide of Numenera… There’s only one game I’m not directly familiar with and thus can’t firmly recommend.

As usual these are all Steam keys (plus DRM-free options when they exist, and Linux versions of most games). As usual, the bundle is available in three tiers that start at “pay what you want”. Note that many of these games have DLC, prequels, sequels that aren’t part of the bundle. But, heh, at this price…

To my dismay

I intent to write profiles about almost all of these games – assuming there are cool units in Age of Wonder III worth a capsule monster profile. And I kinda have to write up Nicole Collard from Broken Sword.

So this is a bit frustrating, since doing video profiles moves so. Slowly. It has been years and I’m still not done with a handful of Bioware classics such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age or the incoming Baldur’s Gate articles.

Oh well. Y’all enjoy ’em games while I toil thanklessly. 🙂

Details at Humble Bundle (affiliate link)