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Bundle of James Bond digital comics by Ellis et al.

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Humble Bundle offer starting at $1

Humble Bundle digital James Bond comics – pick a tier.

Writeups.org has a James Bond coverage that focuses on the character as an archetype. There’s the novels version (as written by Flemming), and there’s a movie version that emphasises how the character and his abilities evolve. Plus a few offshoots, like the Max Zorin profile.

A lot of Bond material is dated, but he is *the* classic super-spy. Game worlds often need such a figure, and having stats and data about how Bond ticks is useful even if a setting’s master of espionage is somebody more like Velvet Templeton.

But the digital comics in Humble’s pack is much more modern. The material is written by Warren Ellis, Andy Diggle, James Robinson, Jody Houser and Benjamin Percy for Dynamite Comics.

As usual for Humble, the bundle is organised in tiers, starting at $1. So you decide how much of it you want, pay for that and download the comics. These come in multiple file formats and are DRM-Free. And as usual for the bundles we pick, value-for-money is real high. Well, unless you don’t like James Bond.

Humble Bundle digital James Bond comics – pick a tier.

This bundle will only be live for two weeks.

James Bond comic book cover detail

Yearly subscriptions

In the case you’ve been considering an annual subscription to Humble Monthly, now is a good time. Not because I can predict what’ll be in the next monthlies –
I can’t. But because for one week (until the 23rd of November) Humble gives writeups.org an increased bounties for annual subscriptions.

If you like all sorts of video games and do not have a humongous collection of such, it’s an excellent service. But the narrower your tastes are and/or the more extensive your collection is, the less interesting it gets.

The link above has a history of what previous monthlies had. So you can get a sense of whether it fits your gaming life.