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Bundles – Angry Robot sci-fi novels, brawling games (incl. DC’s Injustice)

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

It’s been a while, but Humble now has two bundles that can interest some of y’all. As usual, part of the proceeds go to charity, and a smaller part to writeups.org.

Angry Robots sci-fi novels (digital download), starts at $1

Angry Robot is a recent sci-fi novels publisher, founded in 2009 in the UK. Their stuff is a bit recent for writeups.org coverage (though we have a Paratwa profile, and there’s a Paratwa novel in the first tier), but it’s well-regarded.

So, the usual deal. It’s curated, the prices are super-low, you pick the tier you want (starting at $1), and the books come in multiple digital formats. Click on the link to see the books.

Angry Robot sci-fi novels bundle .

Humble Bundle Angry Robot sci-fi novels - Abnett

Beat ’em up video games sale including Injustice

Some interesting sales of fighty, cheap video games. Among those available are Absolver (very strong reviews) and Human: Fall Flat (very popular).

Those of most interest to writeups.org readers likely are the Injustice games. Think Street Fighter but with DC characters and generally good reviews. Injustice: Gods among us Special Edition is at €5.

Beat ’em up video games sale .

Humble Bundle fighter sale

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