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Classic Marvel illustrations rolling out

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

I’m currently working on illustrations from the 1983 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

I was hoping for a digital edition. But that doesn’t seem to be coming. So I bought the omnibus doorstopper  that was published a few months back.

(I can’t really afford a €70+ book, and I wince every time I have to force the binding flat for the scanner. Oh well.)


Like the previous big batch of 1980s Who’s Who pictures, this is notable :

  1. Because these images date all the way back to the 1980s. So they usually correspond to the oldest, worst pictures used on writeups.org. Scanned from my old comics that were badly printed on terrible paper, for publication on an Internet where images looked awful.
    Redoing them is therefore good.
  2. It also means that in many cases we’ve been waiting 36 years for a good, clean version of this art. 😺
  3. Because they were the first round of “official portraits” in a foundational series. So these pictures often remain *the* illustration for a given character’s classic look.

Working from paper doesn’t look as good as digital material. But the paper and the printing are both excellent. So with some processing the end result is hardly distinguishable from what a digital version would have been.

(Especially since so many of you insist upon reading the site using a pocket device with a minuscule screen.)

(Incidentally, writeups.org keeps “master recordings” of the pictures, in lossless .tiff and at a larger size than what we publish. In case indeterminate future devices and networks require even-more-HD pictures than what we’re currently using.)

However, going through the 550+ pages book with my ancient scanner takes more time than processing the digital reissue of DC’s Who’s Who did. The next site update will therefore be cut by half. Since I can’t work on other things while I work on this.


The pictures will be uploaded in at least two batches. One is already up – it goes up to “Jester”, for obvious reasons.

The second half will go up in two weeks or so. To avoid cycling the caches too often.

As a reminder, there’s a pictures blog of sorts for writeups.org. It’s our Pinterest board .

Not every image I work on gets pinned there – far from it. But the notable stuff gradually shows up when it’s on the site. Including the current 1983 OHOTMU work.

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