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Dark Souls III + DLC + lots: $12

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Looks like it’s February

Looks like we can have a decent pace with affiliate announcements. Five new or upgraded articles, one announcement. I’d prefer more comics and fewer games in the mix, but Humble are primarily gaming folks.


Daaaaark Soouuulllsss

Humble Monthly bundle with DS3+DLC and others – For PCs – $12 – Affiliate link.

The bundle that’ll unlock at the end of the month will have Dark Souls III, plus the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. Plus a bunch of other games, but them’ll be a surprise. Based on previous monthlies, most such surprise games will be quite good.

Dark Souls is a rather good, and rather important video game series. The environmental storytelling, atmosphere, architecture, combat, etc. are brilliant. It can be difficult, but that’s why there’s a million tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere.

FWIW, the Ariandel DLC alone is currently $15 on Steam.


As a reminder, the Humble Monthly program is a subscription to a monthly pack of game, with a headliner announced one month ahead. Yes, you can subscribe for just one month then cancel.

It’s a good one if you like all sorts of games and don’t have an *enormous* collection of such. If you only like a few types of games and/or have 800+ games on Steam, it’s less attractive. Though I have 700+ games and I don’t think I’d get a significant number of duplicates via Humble Monthly.

You can check it out at the link, obvs. Which has an history of what previous monthlies held.

Humble Monthly bundle with DS3+DLC and others – For PCs – $12 – Affiliate link.

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