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Deluxe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe now an omnibus

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

While preparing a writeups.org entry (will be up in a few hours, I still have the illustrations to do) I noticed that the Deluxe edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe as been reedited as a monster omnibus a few days ago.

This definitely warrants a small post here.

  1. If you’re a regular on writeups.org, the odds of you loving the OHOTMU as well are pretty dang high.
  2. I really liked the similar reedition of the previous, 1983 Handbook. You might remember the dozens and dozens of illustrations it allowed me to redo to much better standards during the Summer of 2020.

It’s a 1,400 pages, 7.7 pounds hardback monster with everything. I *assume* that the quality of the paper and printing will be as solid as with the previous omnibus. I was enthusiastic about that, because it makes scanning and processing yield much better results.

It ain’t cheap though. I know I will have to prep a bit to make sure I can afford it.

I suggest that you get it on Amazon here . Not out of any abiding love for Amazon, but because we get a cut as an affiliate (in the US, Canada and UK).