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Dynamite Comics digital Humble Bundle, starts at $1

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

A bunch of Dynamite Comics comics on Humble

It’s been a while, but Humble Bundle has a new comic-books-to-download offer. Well, there was another one but it was about a series I don’t know from a writer whose work ain’t for me, so posting about would have felt forced.

ANYWAY. It’s a selection of comics from Dynamite, whom I keep confusing with IDW because I’m not too young anymore. There’s :

If that sounds interesting, you should check this bundle out :

All details are there  (affiliate link).

As usual :

  • This is an affiliate link. The two parties getting a cut are the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and Writeups.org.
  • You pick a tier, depending upon how much of the bundle you want and how much you want to pay.
  • Everything is downloaded, comes DRM-free, and in multiple formats so you can read it using various software.
  • At the page linked above you have explanations about the books, and previews of the material.