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Dynamite Comics Humble Bundle – starts at $1

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Dynamite Comics Humble Bundle

This is a “a bit of everything” school of making bundles, this one. It has Dynamite Comics material; which has been an interesting source of newer material about older IPs.

Humble Bundle Dynamic Forces offer (affiliate link) .

Long-time WORG readers will note the Green Hornet Year One material (excellent, I based our Green Hornet profile on it), the Sienkiewicz-illustrated Shadow material, plus Xena and Ash Williams (Army of Darkness, so not the Mass Effect Ash Williams) comics.

There’s also Red Sonja and Vampirella material, but we never found the time to handle these profiles. :) Plus the Art of Atari book, which I thought was neat when I leafed through it.

Humble Bundle Dynamic Forces offer (affiliate link) .

As usual the tiers for the bundle start at $1, and all the digital comics can be downloaded in a variety of formats. Full roster, prices, etc. at the link.