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For those about to spend on Amazon…

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Capitalism, oh !

The run-up to this Black Friday thing seems underway. In fact I think I’m late, but since I barely every buy anything that’s not food or books…

As a reminder, Amazon throws a few cents our way whenever somebody buy something after clicking on one of our “Amazon.com & Writeups.org Recommend” links. It entirely comes from their pocket, not yours. Since they don’t really care about profit margins, just conquering the world in Cthulhu’s name.

It works even if, say, we were recommending the *one* proper reprint of this one X-Men story that’s important for this one character, and what you ended up buying was an indoors smoke-less grill. Which is apparently a thing that exists.

It works on on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.uk.

So you can consider clicking on one such recommendation before going on a spree. To help with our bills, bills, bills (hosting, firewall, that paid WordPress administration tool I’ll eventually need to deal with WORG articles that are too long, etc.).

Here are the current daily pre-Black-Friday offers on Amazon .


In the margin I’ve put the things *I* bought from Amazon recently. So this page has some pictures on it, yes ?

For once the “Recommend” part is not technically correct, since I haven’t read all of them yet. But they’re highly reviewed genre stuff and will likely get writeups.org articles in… many, many months.

(If “capitalism, oh !” seems familiar but you can’t place it, it’s a Recettear reference.)