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Humble Bundle racial equality bundle

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Only one tier

Entertainment-based bundles seem to have been an efficient way to raise funds for good causes.

And with so many people having lost jobs and income, getting a bunch of gifts when you donate makes it even more effective.

This bundle’s entire proceeds go to the NAACP (specifically their legal defence fund), the Bail Project, and Race Forward.

There’s only one tier this time – $30/€28 will get you the whole bundle. Though you can give more, I see that one guy paid $20K…

All details are there  (affiliate link).

The bundle includes some top-notch video games (Baba is you, Hyper-light Drifter, Titan Quest, FTL, Age of Wonders III, Neo Cab…), some comics (Shaft, Bitter Root…), history books and essays, some fiction, a tabletop RPG (Starfinder), an online safety guide for women… lotsa things for everyone.

This bundle is time limited. It expires on the 23rd.