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Humble Bundle winter sale, 2018

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Humble Bundle winter sale, 2018

I’ll admit it, this is in good part because I thought that the illustration for the sale was cute. But the sale makes a fairly good showing on my IsThereAnyDeal.com alerts as well.

I won’t partake since I just burned a bit of money on Bioware Points for future Mass Effect and Dragon Age writeups.org work. But for those of you who didn’t recently have to buy ’em stoopid Bioware points:

Humble Bundle 2018 winter sale (writeups.org affiliate link) 

It’s a thousands-of-things sale. A few highlights :

Cute illustration for the 2018 Humble Bundle winter sale

Currently fashionable stuff

They Are Billions (only 10%, it’s quite recent), Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Destiny 2, ARK, Rainbow 6 Siege…

Stuff that deserved to sell even better

Prey (2017), Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Little Nightmares, VA-11 Hall-A, Owlboy, Tacoma, Wolfenstein

Writeups.org favs

Grim Dawn (3-part writeup comin’ up), Stardew Valley, Titan Quest Ragnärok, ShadowRun complete, DooM classic complete, Fallout 2, Submerged, Never Alone, Child of Light…

And the Humble Monthly

If you’re interested in the Humble Monthly gravy train, the headliner for the next month is Civilisation VI.

Humble Monthly – Civilisation VI and others for $12 

If you’re not familiar with the Humble Monthly packs of games, it’s explained at the link.

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