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Sale for some of the games we have character writeups for

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

There’s currently an end-of-summer sale at the Humble Store. It includes quite a few games I can recommend. But let’s stick to stuff we’ve written about on WORG. Or have written about but not published yet.

Prices are super-low, since a lot of our VG character writeups are about older games.

Less than $5, but well-made (if clearly not AAA)

The Silent Age  for about $1. Peter quite liked it when he wrote up Joe, the protagonist.

How to survive  for about $1.5. A decent zombie survival game, especially at that price. We had three writeups about it, including a Player Character and a guide.

Shadowgrounds  for less than $1. A nice top-down shooter full of angry aliens and gloomy sci-fi bases. I wrote up the protagonist and a few aliens.

Grim Fandango Remastered  for about $3. One of the big classics of adventure games. Roy wrote up several of its characters back in the days, starting with hero Manny Calavera.

Brütal Legend  for about $3. A colourful action/adventure romp with a 1980s heavy metal theme. Peter loved writing up protagonist Eddie Riggs back then.

Another World (20th anniversary edition)  for about $2. This game is *very old*, but it an Alone in the Dark were seminal and highly influential.  Roy wrote up several of the characters many years ago, including protagonist Lester Chaykin.

Titan Quest (Anniversary Edition)  for about $5. One of the great classics of hack-and-slash, and still very pretty. We have a guide, but our sample protag Sylphid Erymos is still in the publication queue.

Shardlight  for about $4. A pretty pixel art, adventure/puzzle/inventory game in a post-apoc setting. My writeup for the protagonist is on hold since I decided I had to finish the Fallout II profiles before. And, well, you’ve seen the amount of FO2 material.

Guacamelee  for about $5. A colourful fighting/platforming sidescroller in fantasy Mexico. Peter wrote up Juan el Luchador, and I might write up Tostada.

Crashlands  for about $4. A funny, personable, colourful craft-and-survive game. I need one last review of my w/u for heroine Flux Dabes before it reaches beta.

Chainsaw Warrior  for about $2.5. Roy wrote up the protagonist of the boardgame version many years ago. This is a simple game, quite luck-dependent. More of a time-waster, really.

Between $5 and $11

XCOM: Enemy Unknown pack  for about $7.5. We have many profiles about this major strategy and tactics game, with the core one being our proposed background for the XCom project.

King’s Bounty: Ultimate Edition  for about $9. Our guide is oddly popular. Tactics/strategy in a heroic fantasy setting. I also considered writing up the orc shamans therein, but decided nobody would likely care.

Borderlands: GOTY  for about $7.5. A quite successful shoot-and-loot game with a great visual identity. There are multiple WORG articles about it, the main one being about Lilith the Siren.

Borderlands 2: GOTY  for about $11. More and better of the same. For now only one of the PCs, Gaige the Mechromancer, has a profile.

Fall of the Dungeon Guardians  for about $6. A Grimrock-like old school dungeon crawler, but not as expansive as Grimrock. Our sample Player Characters, the Oubliettes, are still in the publication queue.

Hand of Fate  for about $7. No profile planned for this intriguing mixture of card deck management and Batman-style fighting. But it sure helped endure parts of the still-ongoing-will-end-in-2018 writeups.org overhaul via game breaks.

Grim Dawn  for about $10. A meaty hack-and-slash by the same guys as Titan Quest. The profile for a sample protag — Lieutenant-Repurgator Kerann Mardirossian — is almost done but I need to finish the work on melee weapons and body armour first. And continue making her profile less… long.

Victor Vran  for about $10. Flashier and less complex than Grim Dawn. Yet also stuck behind our ongoing standardisation work for low-tech weapons and armours.

I’m sure that there are others, but that’s what came up first. 🙂