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If you’re shopping on Amazon Prime Day

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

I just realised that said Amazon Prime thing starts on the 15th. Personally I’m not a fan due to work conditions and wages issues. But if you *do* shop on Amazon Prime day (say, it’s the only way you can afford something), please use this link to the Amazon home page :

Amazon.com homepage with writeups.org .

Same affiliate mechanics than our “Writeups.org and Amazon.com recommend” links. That is, AMZ shaves a few cents off their margin and sends them to us instead.

The Amazon links on writeups.org started as a good way to show which comic books a character is from, by displaying the TPB covers. But they ended up significant income stream.

I mean, not in the absolute – I’m not sure we’re above $1/day from those yet. But since we operate long-term and on a sub-shoestring budget, it ends up being a good chunk of the money when we hire contractors to improve the site.