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Indie heroes comics — Humble Bundle (edit – and video games)

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Indie Heroes bundle

I *might* be procrastinating a little bit here, yeah. I’m revving up for the second part of our big Grim Dawn profile, since there’s a lot of illustrations to do. Those take a while, especially now that we have the click-to-embiggen thing for some illustrations.

So anyway, Humble Bundle has a pack of digital multi-formats comics to download.

See the full details here (affiliate link) 

What drew my attention is the tier that unlocks at $1 (yes, a whole dollar). I loved Brereton’s Nocturnals books back in the day, and we have four Nocturnals character writeups, though they are getting long in the tooth.

And the tier also has the big Scary Godmother book by Jill Thompson. These are Halloween-themed stories for small children. The kind you can read to them at bedtime while they look at Thompson’s art.

The rest is less to my personal tastes, as I have a mild allergy to Palmiotti. And though I appreciate what Lemire is going for, he has a tendency to fall flat for me. But these are certain writers who have a lot of fans and review well. And there’s also material by Jeff Parker, van Lente, Pak, Seeley, Pulido…

See the full details here (affiliate link) 

Oh, and some video games sales

Just a quick mention, since I have no *personal* recommendation about them. Though both the Vampire CRPG and Alpha Protocol are (flawed) classics that’ll get writeups.org material at some point.

Activision vidja games sales (affiliate link). Lotsa shooty. 

Sega vidja games sales (affiliate link) 

Oh, and the next Humble Monthly

The Humble Monthly program is a subscription that nets you a pack of video games every month. Some are announced beforehand, some are surprises. The quality is generally good, unless you hate numerous, entire genres of games with a passion.

You can subscribe at any point. The pack that gets released in April will have Deus Ex: Manking Divided, DOG EATER 2 Rage Burst and Mafia II (with DLC), plus the surprises.

More details about the Humble Monthly program .