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Johnathan Hickman @ Image comics digital bundle

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Bundle of Image Comics series written by Johnathan Hickmann

I’m continuing to post more of these than usual, for those folks stuck at home.

The highest profile material likely is East of West (including the sort-of-sourcebook) but there are other series and one-shots.

All details are there  (affiliate link).

As usual :

  • This is an affiliate link. The parties getting a cut are the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, Traveling Stories (literacy for kids from impoverished families) and Writeups.org.
  • You pick a tier, depending upon how much of the bundle you want and how much you want to pay.
  • Everything is downloaded, comes DRM-free, and in multiple formats so you can read it using various software.
  • At the page linked above you have explanations about the books, and previews of the material.