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Big pack of Judge Dredd digital comics, starting at $1

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

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We did our Judge Dredd coverage early in the life of the community. After all, many of us call the savage wilds of Europe home. We got :

These profiles are a bit old, but they hold the line in Mega-City. And the Dredd mythos is so large I quite doubt we’ll ever be able to dive in with more modern and thorough material. Unless, of course, new volunteers arise from the community .

So don’t wait for us and grab some Dredd comics :

Humble Bundle Judge Dredd digital comics by IDW and 2000AD .

You may know the drill by now :

  1. It’s all downloadable, it’s all multi-format.
  2. It’s structured in tiers so you can pick how much of the pack you want.
  3. The smallest tier is about $1.
  4. Part of the money goes to Doctors Without Borders, and a smaller part goes to Writeups.org.