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Locke & Key / Joe-Hill-written comics digital bundle

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Bundle of Image Comics series written by Joe Hill (Locke & Key)

Back in early April I relayed more Humble Bundle offers than normal, for people stuck at home. We’re now back to the regular tight-fisted approach.

So I hesitated a bit. Since we have zero Locke & Key coverage. Or of any comics written by Joe Hill, really. But hey, it’s a popular series – and Humble doesn’t do a large number of comics a year.

All details are there  (affiliate link).

As usual :

  • This is an affiliate link. The parties getting a cut are the Book Industry Charitable Foundation and Writeups.org.
  • You pick a tier, depending upon how much of the bundle you want and how much you want to pay.
  • Everything is downloaded, comes DRM-free, and in multiple formats so you can read it using various software.
  • At the page linked above you have explanations about the books, and previews of the material.