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Network glitches, and next-gen writeups.org

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Network glitches

Over the last three-ish days, we’ve had outages. They vary from area to area – apparently it was particularly noticeable in Japan and SE Asia.

The good news is that I’ve identified *where* the issue happens. So I can work with our hosting support to solve it. That and a small glitch where the latest version of the homepage isn’t always available.

However, one simple explanation for the issue is “too many readers”. Hopefully it’s not that, because I can’t fix that one.

Next-gen WORG

As long as I’m holding this microphone…

The quest to find a suitable contractor for the next version of writeups.org has started. It could be short and happy. It could be a lengthy and unpleasant slog where we waste time and money we don’t really have. Roll of the dice.

Incidentally, it won’t be a huge change. But that’s a fair bit of work to have even greater legibility, better accessibility, finish the search engine work we never quite could wrap up, better fit on smartphones, etc..

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