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Ending test with ads

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Ongoing Adsense test, starting on the 12th of March

I am testing a new format with AdSense adverts, starting tomorrow.

I am sceptical about it, but the test will have to run for a while so I can fully see how it behaves. On long profiles, on short profiles, on desktops, on laptops, on mobile, etc..

And it seems that the system also needs to learn about the site structure. Adsense will also be fine-tuning the system.

In the meantime I am still placing shortcodes by hand as I sweep through older entries. So if/when I revert back to the older system of hand-placed adverts, no time will have been lost.

Next day edit

Ugh, it looks terrible. I’ll stick with it for a short while to see what the algorithm does, but I don’t think we’ll keep this tool.

The day after that edit

Okay, still looks terrible and injects way too many ads. I was expecting better from AdSense.

Will roll this back once I’ve had coffee.