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Routing issues fixed

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

A matter of prefixes

For the last month there’s been work to secure and improve the site’s routing. This meant that for much of July, access to the site using atypical syntax (mostly those leaving out the wwww prefix) ran into an error message.

It’s now fixed.

(Well, you can still produce some weirdness in your browser due to cached pages and the like, but it’s fixed.)

It lasted for a while since 301 redirects isn’t something where you can try stuff at random until it works – my normal “development” approach. And some of the SSL-related issues were a bit puzzling even to the tech support guys (thanks to Paul M. who cracked the case).

As usual I’ll talk more about what’s going on backstage, how the site is improving, etc. during the “state of the WORG speech & call for donations” thrice-yearly message. There’s a list of those here  and there .