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Short news for early May, 2016

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

So what’s up ?

  • The bulk of the teething issues for the server seem done. It’s not ideal yet – during yesterday’s peak traffic window we had about 30mn where some requests failed. But I’m continuing to make progress – for instance there’s a plugin that still spits out PHP errors, which I hope to solve this week.
  • As you *probably* noticed, the site relaunched with some new profiles. The entries are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first) on the homepage – note the pagination at the bottom. This is also the case on the search page if you just click on the orange “Search” button without entering any text.
  • Right now the bulk of the work is to spruce up our most popular entries with new features – Context sections at the beginning, text hyperlinks toward additional content, shorter sentences and paragraphs, layout and typos reviews, occasionally fixing a mediocre illustration, etc. This is chiefly aimed at newcomers to the site.
  • Once I’m fed up with said full-time sprucing up, we’ll resume throwing in new content. We do have a bit of backlog, and the bulk of the FAQ still needs to make its return.
  • The sprucing up process will continue flowing down from the most-viewed profiles to the least-viewed profiles. It is going to take many months, though. The amount of content on the site is colossal.
  • We’re also shading and finalizing our little “Worg Guy” mascot on the homepage, before making several variants for the news post, the FAQ pages, the profiles without an illustration, etc.
  • If you only occasionally come check writeups.org, note that you can subscribe to our newsletter (in the footer of every page). It’s a bare-bones monthly affair that just lists what’s new. Useless for our hardcore readers, but convenient for more casual readers.
  • If you have an adblocker, have a glance at some writeups.org profiles without it. I think it works better that way. No, I ain’t kidding. See it for yourselves.
  • As always, this is a community site. Our secret volcano base remains on Yahoo! Groups , at least as long as Yahoo!’s around.

— Sébastien, your friendly neighbourhood Worgmeister.